Why Should I Run Affiliate Marketing TikTok Ads In 2024?

This article focuses on helping you analyze Affiliate Marketing TikTok Ads so you understand some basic to in-depth things about it. If you don’t really understand TikTok Ads Affiliate, or are considering using TikTok Ads for Affiliate Marketing, you can read this article of mine to make the final decision.

Affiliate Marketing TikTok Ads

Affiliate Marketing TikTok Ads

What Is Affiliate Marketing TikTok Ads?

Essentially, Affiliate Marketing TikTok Ads leverage the power of short-form video on the platform to promote products and services and earn commissions on sales. You can use paid advertising on TikTok to promote featured videos related to products/services. Then attach the link directly to the video, comment, or TikTok profile to generate profit.

What is Affiliate Marketing TikTok Ads

What is Affiliate Marketing TikTok Ads?

More specifically, TikTok Shop is currently growing strongly with significant potential. Also because of this, Affiliate Marketing TikTok Ads will now have extremely large development potential. In 2024, with the increasing popularity and effectiveness of KOC/KOL, TikTok Ads Affiliate Marketing is an extremely hot trend and receiving a lot of attention from advertisers and marketers.

How Affiliate Marketing TikTok Ads Work?

In the next part of the article, I will focus on analyzing how Affiliate Marketing TikTok Ads works. If you want to understand more about it, here’s how it works:

  • Promote content creators: TikTok creators use TikTok to create engaging videos that showcase or review products or services. It can also be entertainment videos, supplementing knowledge, daily life, etc. Directly related to the product/service for sale.
  • Include affiliate links: In the video description, pinned comments, their TikTok profile, creators can include affiliate links to earn money. These links track viewer clicks and purchases.
  • Viewers click and buy: If viewers on TikTok are interested, they will click on the affiliate link that takes them to the advertiser’s website. It can be a link to an e-commerce platform, landing page or sales website.
  • Commission earned: If the viewer makes a purchase through that link, the creator earns a commission from the advertiser.

How Affiliate Marketing TikTok Ads work

How Affiliate Marketing TikTok Ads work?

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Why Should I Run TikTok Ads For Affiliate Marketing?

In the next content, I will analyze some of the main advantages of running TikTok Ads for Affiliate Marketing. If you still don’t understand or are considering using TikTok Ads Affiliate, please continue following.

Custom targeted advertising

TikTok Ads allow creators to promote products to the right audience to increase the chances of conversions (sales). If you have run a few affiliate marketing campaigns before but were not effective, you should focus on understanding how to run TikTok Ads effectively to improve the quality of Affiliate Marketing.

Custom targeted advertising

Custom targeted advertising

Interesting content

Short-form videos can be highly engaging, capturing viewers’ attention and influencing purchasing decisions. For TikTok, creativity is unlimited, you can create a lot of different content to advertise. It can be entertainment, specialized knowledge, life, dance videos with trending music, specific product reviews, etc.

With such a diversity of content, using TikTok Ads for Affiliate Marketing is worth considering.

Leading video platform

Currently, TikTok is the trend of 2024, you can develop your online business model extremely quickly with TikTok. It is user-friendly, time-saving, and many other things that make it popular with audiences all over the world.

Leading video platform

Leading video platform

It is very visual because videos always have an advantage over regular images in terms of visuality and audience trust in advertising. So if you do it well, you can also gain trust from customers leading to increased conversions and profit generation.

Large user base

TikTok boasts a huge user base, giving creators a large potential audience for their promotions. Not only that, the number of users on TikTok is increasing over time and increasing the age diversity of users.

Why is this an advantage? Simply because you can use TikTok Ads for specific custom targeting, you can also reach customers whose demographic information actually matches your product/service. . Isn’t that great?

Affiliate Marketing With Google Ads And TikTok Ads: Which One Is Better?

I have received a lot of questions related to choosing the right paid advertising platform for Affiliates, here are TikTok Ads and Google Ads. Choosing the right advertising platform for Affiliate Marketing is an important decision that affects campaign effectiveness. Below is a comparison of Google Ads and TikTok Ads that I compiled based on criteria suitable for Affiliate Marketing:

Reach your target audience

Google Ads: Enables detailed targeting based on demographics, interests, behavior, etc., helping to reach high-potential audiences.

TikTok Ads: Targeting based on demographics, interests, behavior and video trends, suitable for young, dynamic audiences.

Reach your target audience

Reach your target audience

Ad format

Google Ads: Provides a variety of ad formats such as text, images, videos, etc., suitable for many advertising goals.

TikTok Ads: Focus on short video ads, attract attention and create good viral effects.

Advertising costs

Google Ads: Competitive cost, depends on many factors such as keywords, level of competition, etc.

TikTok Ads: Costs are relatively lower than Google Ads, especially for trend-targeted campaigns.

Advertising costs

Advertising costs

Ability to measure performance effectively

Google Ads: Provides many detailed analysis tools to help track campaign effectiveness and optimize spending.

TikTok Ads: Provides basic performance analytics tools, being developed to meet advertiser needs.

Overall of this comparison

Both Google Ads and TikTok Ads have their own advantages for Affiliate Marketing so you can choose. Choosing which platform is more suitable is up to you, but pay attention to some important things below depending on:

  • Campaign goal: Google Ads is suitable for driving traffic and conversions, while TikTok Ads focuses on brand awareness and virality.
  • Target audience: Google Ads is suitable for all audiences, TikTok Ads is effective for young audiences.
  • Budget: Google Ads is suitable for large campaigns, TikTok Ads is suitable for small campaigns.

Overall of this comparison

Overall of this comparison


Running Affiliate Marketing TikTok Ads requires you to take the time to learn a lot of important knowledge related to advertising optimization. Of course, you can also improve this by reading more information, knowledge, or consulting with experts. Or you also can refer our service, TikTok Agency Account Rent from us, this service will bring to you some exclusive features, it can help you a lot to optimize your ads. Or if you need suggestions from paid advertising experts, please contact GDT Agency via the information below:


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