What Are Affinity Audiences Google Ads? How To Target Them?

This article focuses on explaining the definition, functionality, and usage of Affinity Audiences in Google Ads. If you are using Google Ads to advertise products/services, or even aiming to increase brand awareness, you cannot afford to miss this article. I will endeavor to analyze all the most important aspects related to Affinity Audience Google Ads.

Affinity Audiences Google Ads

Affinity Audiences Google Ads

What Are Affinity Audiences Google Ads?

To explain what is affinity audience Google Ads, I will show you some basic thing, it’s like a definition for this term. So Affinity Audiences Google Ads is a feature to target people with specific interests, passions, or behaviors. This way, you can display your ads to people who are likely to be interested in your products/services. Beside that, you also can use this feature to find some new Audience Lists. 

What are Affinity Audiences Google Ads

What are Affinity Audiences Google Ads?

Operation Of Affinity Audience Google Ads

Google utilizes information regarding user activities on the web and across various applications, along with demographic data, to classify them into different interest groups.

Operation of Affinity Audience Google Ads

Operation of Affinity Audience Google Ads

For instance, Google may categorize users who frequently visit car-related websites, watch car videos, or read articles about new car models as “Auto Enthusiasts”.

When you select an Affinity Audience, your advertisements will be displayed to individuals within that group as they browse the web on various websites.

How to Target Affinity Audiences in Google Ads?

In this content section, I will focus on guiding you on how to target Affinity Audiences Google Ads. If you are curious about how to create Affinity Audiences Google Ads, here is the answer:

Access your Google Ads account

To begin, access your Google Ads account. We will focus on the tools within Google Ads to start creating Custom Affinity Audiences Google Ads.

Access Google Ads

Access Google Ads

Access Audience Manager

Follow the steps as depicted in the images below. Click on “Traffic” -> “Shared library” -> “Audience manager”.

click tools shared library audience manager

Access Audience Manager

Create Custom Segments

To create custom segments, you need to continue by clicking on “Custom Segments” -> Click on the blue plus sign as shown in the image below.

Click Custom Segments then click blue plus button

Click “Custom Segments” then click blue plus button

Choose Affinity Audiences

A window will appear, where you need to name the Segments, and then you can enter into the “Add interests or purchase Intentions” box. As shown in the image below, I used “Auto Enthusiasts” and received information in the right column. You can also continue to enter additional interests or intentions to complete the selection of Affinity Audiences.

Choose segment name then Add interests or purchase intentions

Choose segment name then “Add interests or purchase intentions”

Final, press “Save” to save the Custom Affinity Audiences Google Ads for future use.

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Advantages Of Running Google Ads Affinity Audience

In this near-final section of the article, I will analyze some of the advantages of running Google Ads Affinity Audience. If you find it intriguing, you can start accessing Google Ads and create your Google Ads Affinity Audience List and begin using it.

Reach Highly Interested Individuals

Because you are targeting individuals who have shown interest in relevant topics, the likelihood of them paying attention to your ads is higher. This is particularly crucial for advertisers because the higher the interest level in the product, the higher the likelihood of customers purchasing the product.

Reach highly interested individuals

Reach highly interested individuals

Can be combined with Agency Account

Utilizing Google Agency Account For Rent and running Google Ads Custom Affinity Audiences could be an entirely different starting point for you. This premium advertising account contains all the essence and extremely competitive capabilities for you.

Use Google Agency Account

Use Google Agency Account

As you can see, during the use of your personal Google Ads account, you may encounter many difficulties. Your account may face unpleasant issues such as:

  • Account suspension without clear reasons
  • Ads stuck in the review process
  • Significant increases in bid prices, CPM, CPC
  • Budget constraints making ad scaling difficult

All of the aforementioned challenging issues will completely cease when you use the advertising account rental service from GDT Agency. To know specifically what that entails, please contact us to receive the most accurate information and pricing.

Wide reach

Affinity Audiences offer various interest-based classification lists, helping you reach a wide range of potential audiences. Utilizing Affinity Audiences in Google Ads Audiences allows you to target customers from multiple websites, platforms, as long as they have needs or search keywords related to your products/services.

Wide reach

Wide reach

Increase Brand Awareness

Displaying ads to relevant individuals helps elevate awareness of your brand. If you aim for long-term business success, not just advertising trendy products but also building a strong, enduring brand, targeting Google Ads affinity audiences is highly logical.

Increase Brand Awareness

Increase Brand Awareness

Running Google Ads affinity audiences with the ad objective set to brand awareness can be very effective in this case. These customers not only focus on your products but also are interested in your brand, authentic brand information, brand stories, and reviews from other buyers. If you can achieve these aspects, that would be fantastic.


In conclusion, I want you to understand that targeting Affinity Audiences Google Ads is extremely sensible given the high competition in Google Ads. The better you understand potential customers and have good techniques, the greater your chances of profiting from paid advertising. Additionally, if you have any questions related to advertising, advertising accounts, please feel free to contact GDT Agency for timely support.

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