Specific Guide On How To Run Amazon Google Shopping Ads

This article focuses on analyzing how to run Amazon Google Shopping Ads. It includes the basic steps as well as some advanced tricks for you to advertise and display your products on Amazon on Google Shopping. If you’re truly interested in running Amazon Product on Google Shopping Ads, make sure to read the entire article. This exclusive piece is shared from the paid advertising expert at GDT Agency.

amazon google shopping ads

Amazon Google Shopping Ads

Understanding Amazon Google Shopping Ads

The first thing before you want to run Amazon Google Shopping Ads is to understand how these platforms operate. Currently, all Amazon Google Shopping Ads managed by Amazon, they have the right to customize suitable products and suggest them to people searching for keywords on Google. So you cannot directly manage the display of Amazon products on Google Shopping.

Understanding Amazon Google Shopping Ads

Understanding Amazon Google Shopping Ads

So how can I advertise my Amazon Products on Google Shopping? The answer is you need to use GMC (Google Merchant Center).

Understanding GMC (Google Merchant Center)

To start, I want to explain to you about the current method of displaying products on Google, mainly through the GMC (Google Merchant Center) feed. So what is GMC and why does it determine the display of those products on Google?

Understanding GMC

Understanding GMC

Essentially, Google Merchant Center is a tool provided by Google that allows businesses to upload their product data for use in Google Shopping campaigns and other Google services. It serves as a centralized hub where sellers can submit, manage, and optimize the product information they want to display across various Google platforms, including Google Shopping, Google Ads, and other Google services.

Therefore, to use Amazon Google Shopping Ads, you are required to join Google Merchant Center, which includes the need to have a website aggregating products on Amazon, and you need to verify ownership rights with that website. For specifics on how to do this, please continue reading the content below.

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How To Run Amazon Google Shopping Ads?

To run Amazon Google Shopping Ads, you can carefully read the content below. I will analyze from basic steps like setting up a Google Ads account to more crucial steps such as uploading products and managing ads effectively.

Create a Google Account

If you don’t have a Google Account, register for one. You can access the link here to get started:

If you already have an account, you can use your existing login information and proceed to the next step.

Access Google Merchant Center

Visit the Google Merchant Center website ( and sign in with your Google Account. To begin the linking process, please follow the next steps outlined below.

Access GMC

Access GMC

Set up your Merchant Center account

Click on the “+” sign to create a new Merchant Center account.

Enter your business information, including business name and country of sale.

Select your business type (online store or local).

Verify and confirm ownership of your website

Verify and claim ownership of your website. This involves adding a specific HTML tag or uploading a verification file to your website. Follow the instructions provided by Google during the verification process.

Set up shipping information and provide tax details

Configure your shipping settings by specifying the regions you ship to, shipping prices, and delivery times. Additionally, you’ll need to declare and provide some tax verification information based on your business model and location.

Create a data feed

Prepare your data feed containing detailed information about your products. This includes titles, descriptions, prices, images, availability, and other relevant product attributes.

Choose the appropriate file format (e.g., XML, CSV) and structure your data feed according to Google’s specifications.

Upload your data feed

Upload your data feed to Google Merchant Center. You can do this manually or set up scheduled fetches if your product information frequently changes.

Upload your data feed

Upload your data feed

After uploading your data feed, review any errors or issues reported by Google. Address and resolve any errors to ensure that your product listings are accurate and meet Google’s requirements.

Link Google Merchant Center with Google Ads

If you’re planning to run Google Shopping campaigns, link your Google Merchant Center account to your Google Ads account. This allows you to use your product data to run Google Ads for Amazon.

Submit your products for Google’s review

Once everything is set up and your data feed is error-free, submit your products for review. Google will verify that your product listings comply with their policies.

Start advertising

After the above setup steps, you’ll need to wait for a few days (typically 5-7 days) for Google to receive and approve your products for advertising on Google Shopping.

Start advertising

Start advertising

Next, you can proceed to run Google Shopping Ads like any other Google Ads campaigns. Here’s a piece of advice for you at this stage: if you want your advertising to be optimized for the highest performance, you should Rent Google Ads Agency Account from GDT Agency.

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Wrap Up

In conclusion, I want to emphasize that advertising your Amazon products on Google Shopping is possible but requires you to invest time in understanding and setting up GMC. If you truly want to run Amazon Google Shopping Ads, read this entire article. Or if you have issues regarding advertising accounts, contact GDT Agency for timely assistance.

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