Can I Stop Annoying TikTok Ads? 5 Simple Method For You

Annoying TikTok Ads always make you feel tired and angry. If it contains harmful content, you will feel extremely tired if you see it appear a second time. Why do those types of ads always appear? How to make it stop? Please focus on following the content of this article to understand clearly.

Annoying TikTok Ads

Annoying TikTok Ads

Why Do I Always See Annoying TikTok Ads?

Why do i always see annoying TikTok Ads

Why do i always see annoying TikTok Ads?

There are a few reasons why you might keep seeing annoying ads from TikTok:

  • TikTok Algorithm: TikTok’s algorithm is designed to surface content that users are most likely to engage with. This means TikTok will show you ads based on your interests, behavior, and browsing data.
  • Targeting choices: Advertisers can target their ads to specific audiences based on factors such as age, gender, location and interests. If you’re in an advertiser’s target group, you’ll likely see their ads more often.
  • Ad frequency: TikTok allows advertisers to set limits on the number of times their ads are shown to each user per day. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll only see an ad at a time. If you’re in the target group of multiple advertisers, you may see the same ad multiple times a day.

How To Stop Annoying TikTok Ads?

To limit these annoying ads from TikTok, I have compiled a few important tips and methods below. If you need it, you can read this entire next section.

Report Irrelevant Ads

While there’s no direct “block” option, you can report irrelevant ads. Tap the arrow on the ad, then “Report” and select the appropriate reason (irrelevant, misleading, etc.).

Report irrelevant ads

Report irrelevant ads

This helps TikTok personalize ads better in the future. It mainly reduces ads with similar content and helps you no longer see ads of that type.

Turn Off Ad Personalization

Go to “Settings and privacy” -> “Settings” -> “Personalization and data” > “See fewer targeted ads”. This essentially causes TikTok to stop suggesting ads that you often see. If you really don’t want to continue seeing ads from brands that have appeared on TikTok, you can do this to limit them.

Turn off ad personalization

Turn off ad personalization

Ad Blocker (Android Only)

Certain Android apps like AdGuard or DNS filtering services can block ads at the system level, including TikTok ads. However, these may affect the app’s functionality and require some technical setup, which also directly affects your video viewing experience on TikTok.

Ad Blocker

Ad Blocker

Consider subscribing to TikTok Premium (if available in your area). It removes ads and offers additional features. If you can afford this service and really don’t want to see any of the suggested ads, you can sign up for TikTok Premium on a monthly basis, or on a 1-year subscription.


Paid subscription

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Important Notes That You Must Not Ignore About Annoying TikTok Ads

In the next content, you can continue to follow to understand some things related to the algorithm and how TikTok recommends annoying ads to you.

Important notes

Important notes

  • Avoid interacting with ads: Clicking or interacting with ads reinforces them to the algorithm. If you see an ad you don’t like, just scroll past it.
  • Limit viewing time: Shorter viewing sessions may limit ad frequency. For annoying ads, you can quickly skip them.
  • Restrict content from TikTok profile: You can go directly to the page that suggested annoying ads to you and restrict that profile so that it does not suggest new ads to you. But this is a negative way so you should not use it too much.


In short, seeing Annoing TikTok Ads is understandable because TikTok’s algorithm is not really accurate in some cases. It may suggest poor quality ads and make you feel frustrated. However, you can limit those ads by following the specific ways in this article. Besides, I want to introduce to you an effective advertising solution which is TikTok Agency Ad Account Rental Service. Or if you need to resolve some issues related to TikTok Ads, you can also contact GDT Agency directly. We are always ready to assist you.

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