Guide On How To Use Audience Expansion Google Ads 2024

Audience Expansion Google Ads is particularly important in your paid advertising efforts on Google. Why is that? The most specific answer lies in this article. I will focus on analyzing in the most detailed way possible so that you can understand and apply Audience Expansion directly to your Google Ads campaigns for effectiveness and revenue growth. So stay tuned.

Audience Expansion Google Ads

Audience Expansion Google Ads

What Is Audience Expansion Google Ads?

Audience Expansion Google Ads (or Google Ads Audience Expansion) is a feature that helps you reach additional new users who are likely to be interested in your ads, alongside the audience lists you have selected.

What is Audience Expansion Google Ads

What is Audience Expansion Google Ads?

Audience Expansion Google Ads is particularly effective when you have multiple products or when you want to advertise supplementary products alongside your main product. This feature sometimes serves as an effective suggestion for advertisers who are struggling to find new audience segments.

How Does Audience Expansion Google Ads Work?

After reading the definition of Audience Expansion in Google Ads, many people may be curious about how it works. I have analyzed the workings of Audience Expansion in Google Ads below for you to understand right now:

  • Google Ads utilizes data about users in your current campaigns, such as interests, behaviors, and demographics.
  • Based on this data, Google will identify new user groups that are similar to the audience you have selected.
  • Your ads will then be displayed to both the original audience you selected and these newly expanded user groups.

Note: Audience Expansion in Google Ads does not target completely new audience groups; instead, it focuses on users who are likely to respond similarly to the audience you have selected.

Advantages Of Using Audience Expansion Google Ads

I will share the best features of Audience Expansion in Google Ads right below, and I hope that after reading it, you will know whether you should use Audience Expansion in Google Ads or not. So stay tuned.

Advantages Audience Expansion Google Ads

Advantages Audience Expansion Google Ads

  • Reaching a broader potential audience: Audience Expansion helps you display ads to more people who are likely to be interested in your products or services, potentially leading to increased impressions and interactions with your ads.
  • Increasing conversion rates: By targeting users with similar characteristics to your original audience, you can increase the likelihood of desired conversions (e.g., purchases, sign-ups) from your campaigns.
  • Maintaining stable bidding prices: Audience Expansion typically operates within the bidding range you’ve set, helping you control advertising costs.

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Considerations When Using Audience Expansion in Google Ads

In the next part of this article, I will share some considerations when using Audience Expansion in Google Ads. You can read it to gain more experience in optimizing your advertising if you intend to use Audience Expansion in Google Ads:

Monitoring performance

Monitor the performance of your campaign after enabling Audience Expansion to see if it brings positive results. Based on my experience with Google Ads, you can try running with a small budget of around $5-10 for the entire campaign. If the metrics are good, you can definitely increase the budget to achieve greater profits.

Monitoring performance

Monitoring performance

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Adjusting campaigns

During the process of running Google Ads for Audience Expansion, there may be various situations that arise. Sometimes the metrics may not be as good as expected. If necessary, you can turn off Audience Expansion or adjust other campaign settings to improve performance.

Adjusting campaigns

Adjusting campaigns

Combining with other Targeting options

You can use Audience Expansion in conjunction with other targeting options in Google Ads Audiences to further refine your target audience.

Next, I will include in this note 2 limitations of Audience Expansion Google Ads for you to understand this feature better:

Control limitations

You cannot fully control the specific users added to the expanded audience. The expanded audiences are very large, and sometimes users with the intention to purchase your product but do not generate conversions may appear.

Control limitations

Control limitations

So what should I do? Simply, you can keep track of those customers who haven’t converted but interacted with your ads, continue optimizing other aspects such as landing pages, ad content, etc. Then retarget them to convince them once again to convert.

Unexpected results

In some cases, the expanded audience may not entirely align with your product or service, resulting in budget waste. When this situation occurs, I advise you to turn off the ads to avoid spending too much money and not achieving the expected conversions.


In conclusion, I would like to offer one final piece of advice for you. Running Google Ads or using Audience Expansion Google Ads requires you to dedicate time to thoroughly understand and optimize every aspect of advertising (not just Audience). The more time and effort you invest in learning about Google Ads, the more valuable experience you will gain to use in future advertising campaigns. If you want your ads to achieve maximum performance and generate high revenue and profit, please contact GDT Agency for timely support.

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