What Is Audience Overlap Google Ads? How To Quick Solve?

During the entire process of using Google Ads, bad cases can happen, which can be Audience Overlap Google Ads. The presence of overlapping audiences can negatively affect the entire process and make your efforts in vain. Read my entire article to understand Audience Overlap in Google Ads.

Audience Overlap Google Ads

Audience Overlap Google Ads

What Is Audience Overlap Google Ads?

For those who lack knowledge about this term. Google Ads Audience Overlap refers to the situation when the same users are included in multiple audience segments that you target within your campaigns. If you still feel confused, I will list and analyze a few reasons below for you to understand:

  • Targeting similar Demographics: If you define your audience segments based on general demographics like age and location, you’ll likely encounter overlap between segments. For example, an audience segment targeting “women aged 25-34” might overlap with another segment targeting “professionals in their 30s”.
  • Targeting similar Interests: Your segments built around similar interests can also overlap. For example, an audience interested in “cooking” might also be interested in “healthy recipes”.
  • Use Customer Lists: If you upload a Customer List in your Google Ads that contains some of the same contacts, those users will be counted in both segments, and you will inevitably encounter overlap audiences.

What is Audience Overlap Google Ads

What is Audience Overlap Google Ads?

Audience Overlap in Google Ads can happen for both audience or subjective reasons. But what I want you to pay attention to here is that it will affect your ad optimization efforts. In some worse cases, you may be faced with spending your entire budget without getting any conversions at all. That’s very bad, isn’t it?

Why You Must Concern About Audience Overlap Google Ads?

While some overlap is inevitable, too much overlap can lead to inefficiencies in your campaigns. During the process of using Google Ads, I also encountered this problem (actually, it only gives me headaches sometimes). But even so, it will lead to some unpredictable consequences:

  • Wasted budget: You may have to pay to show your ad to the same people multiple times, essentially bidding against yourself.
  • Lower conversion rates: Because your audience is already familiar with your brand (through previous ad impressions), multiple exposures may not be effective in driving conversions.
  • False reporting: Your campaign data may be inflated, showing a higher reach than the actual number of unique users you’re reaching.

Why you must concern about Audience Overlap Google Ads

Why you must concern about Audience Overlap Google Ads?

So how can this situation not happen? Or if it happens, how to deal with the damage and control Audience Overlap? Please follow the next part of this article to find out the answer.

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How To Solve Audience Overlap Google Ads?

In this content, I want to focus on providing specific solutions so you can resolve the overlapping situation. If you are really stuck by Google Ads Account problems, I mean not just audience overlap, then you need to Rent Google Agency Ad Account. This account will definitely be the most comprehensive solution for you.

Use the Audience Overlap Tool

Google Ads offers a built-in “Audience Overlap” tool to help you visualize the overlap between your audience segments. You can find it by navigating to “Tools & Settings” -> “Shared Library” -> “Audiences”.

Refine your targeting

Once you’ve identified overlap, consider refining your targeting to make your segments more distinct. For example, if you discover audiences that overlap in age, you can divide them into two different segments to use.

Refine your targeting

Refine your targeting

Exclude overlapping audiences

You can exclude specific segments from one another to ensure you’re not targeting the same users multiple times. I shared about how to Exclude Google Ads Audience in a previous article, you can refer to it.

Create more granular segments

Instead of using broad demographics for targeting, I recommend you consider creating more specific Google Ads Audience Segments based on user behavior, purchase intent, or website visits.

Create more granular segments

Create more granular segments

This can also be easily built or researched based on your Google Analytics metrics. If you use Google Analytics for a long time, it will not be difficult to get such information.

Advice From Experts To Avoid Audience Overlap Google Ads

In the almost final part of this article, you need to continue watching to understand some of the experiences to avoid audience overlap. Here are some tips for you:

Plan your audience segments in advance

Before launching your campaign, consider how different segments may overlap and how to minimize that. This requires you to specifically analyze the Audience Segment and the specific criteria within.

Advice from experts to avoid overlaps

Advice from experts to avoid overlaps

Use a mix of audience types

Combine demographic targeting, interest targeting, and custom audiences to create more precise segments. However, combining audiences also requires specific analysis to combine appropriately and effectively.

Monitor performance regularly

Monitor your campaign reports to identify any unwanted overlaps affecting performance. In the process of monitoring advertising performance, you need to detect some unusual points in ad campaigns. From there, come up with the fastest solution so that major risks do not appear.


In general, Audience Overlap Google Ads will negatively affect you if you do not have a specific plan to build a Custom Audience List or do not manage your campaign diligently. However, all advertising or advertising account problems will be resolved by GDT Agency experts. If you are having difficulty optimizing your ads, you can contact us through the following contact:

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