What Is The Current Average CTR For Facebook Ads In 2024?

If you are a business or individual looking to use Facebook Ads, learning about the average CTR for Facebook Ads is extremely important. Why? Frankly, this is one of the important metrics that every advertiser operating on Facebook must understand clearly. In this article, I will clearly analyze the definition of Facebook Ads CTR, the average CTR of Facebook Ads, good CTR on Facebook Ads, and guide on how to increase Facebook Ads CTR.

What is the current average CTR for Facebook Ads

What is the current average CTR for Facebook Ads?

What Is Average CTR For Facebook Ads?

At the beginning of the article will be some definitions of CTR, average Facebook CTR, and current average Click Through Rate Facebook Ads in 2024. Stay tuned.

Facebook Advertising CTR definition

CTR is the acronym for Click-Through Rate and is a metric that represents the click-through rate calculated based on the formula below:

Facebook Advertising CTR definition

Formula for calculating CTR

Where “Clicks” is the number of users who click on your ad. And “Impressions” is the number of people who see your ad displayed. For example, if the number of times a user clicks on your ad is 11 times, your ad is displayed to 1000 people, then your CTR is 1.1%.

Facebook Ads average CTR 

Currently, there are no exact figures about this. However according to WorldStream, in 2024, the average CTR for Facebook Ads is around 0.9%. If you want to make it easier to understand, it is 9 clicks corresponding to 1000 impressions. 

Facebook Ads average CTR definition

Facebook Ads average CTR 

Current average Click Through Rate Facebook Ads

As I shared above, CTR for Facebook Ads is around 0.9%, if you optimize your ads and achieve a CTR metric higher than 0.9%, then congratulations, you are doing very well with Facebook ads. However, it is impossible to evaluate a successful advertising campaign based on these indicators alone.

Current average Click Through Rate Facebook Ads

Current average Click Through Rate Facebook Ads

While using Facebook Ads, you should pay attention to all advertising indicators. For CTR, you need to know specific methods to optimize it. I will share these specific methods later in the article.

What Is A Good CTR For A Facebook Ad?

What is a good Click Through Rate For Facebook Ads? To answer this question, I want to clarify one issue: Average Facebook CTR or average Facebook Ad CTR varies depending on many factors. It changes with each advertising campaign, each audience’s different interests, each case and each individual audience, especially depending on the advertising display location and measurement process.

What is a good CTR for a Facebook Ad

What is a good CTR for a Facebook Ad?

Normally, for Facebook ads, a good Click Through Rate Facebook Ads is set at 0.9%. Actually, there isn’t any specific number that can show what a good indicator is for CTR. The average CTR will vary by industry, depending on whether the product/service you are providing is expensive, high-end, or popular at a good price.

If you have understood all of the above content, you must clearly understand one important thing: all advertisers today are doing everything they can to improve CTR. Therefore, you need to monitor the average CTR Facebook metric of each industry, product, and service, determine what level your competitors are at and try to optimize your ads and increase this metric in your next advertising campaign.

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How To Increase CTR Facebook Ads? 

In the next part of the article, I will guide you through a few methods to increase Click Through Rate on Facebook Ads. It includes some specific instructions on using Facebook Ads features so you can clearly understand how to do it.

Research your customers carefully

If your ad is shown to the wrong audience, it won’t receive any clicks. Sometimes that means the campaign’s targeting is wrong. The reason is that you may have chosen the wrong interest, the wrong location or the wrong targeting criteria. Therefore, for the following Facebook Ads campaigns, you need to analyze the audience more specifically and in detail.

Research your customers carefully

Research your customers carefully

Tips to increase CTR

This is the key to boosting CTR. Offer compelling deals, tailor messages to specific audiences and keywords. Ensure images/videos are truly engaging for platforms prioritizing visuals. Additionally, these methods can enhance ad effectiveness and CTR:

4 Tips to increase CTR

4 Tips to increase CTR

  • Use limited offers: You can create an irresistible offer by offering something for free or at a discount. With the fear of missing out, it will stimulate viewers to click. Thanks to that, CTR will increase and Conversion Rate will also likely increase. This is extremely effective, typically advertising campaigns for services such as auto repair Facebook Ads, auto detailing Facebook Ads, chiropractic Facebook Ads, Facebook Ads for salons, etc.
  • Exciting CTA Button: Use urgent call-to-action buttons in your ads by offering limited-time discounts or rush deals. The exact end time must be announced if the purchase offer ends early. This creates a feeling of “product scarcity” that will help you have good CTR for Facebook Ads.
  • Test different Ad Formats: Take advantage of all the features on Facebook Ads, which can be different Ad Formats. When testing different Ad Format, you can create a competitive advantage by allowing phone numbers, reviews from customers, location maps on ads. 
  •  Rent Facebook Agency Ad Account: This type of account is provided as a rental with low service fees from us. This type of account is not limited to advertising budget, advertising industry, and many advantages that can help you make a difference compared to competitors in the same industry.

Use A/B Testing to optimize performance

While using Facebook Ads, you will certainly wonder how to optimize advertising performance and improve Facebook Ads click rate. I will suggest a simple Facebook Ads tool to help you increase average CTR for Facebook Ads: A/B Testing.

A/B Testing is a free Facebook Ads tool whose main purpose is to compare the performance of two different ads. In my opinion, you should use 2 different types of ads with the same budget to know for the same amount of money, which ad’s average CTR for Facebook Ads and performance is higher, and then save the ad. with a higher quality score to increase your advertising budget or continue to compare with other ads to further optimize anatomy of a Facebook Ad and ad performance.

Step 1: To start, make sure your 2 ads have been published. Then, go to Meta Ads Manager and click on the symbol as shown below:

Step 1 1

Step 1

Step 2: The menu below appears, click the “Get Started” button:

step 2

Step 2

Next, tick the box “Select two existing ads” if you want to compare 2 existing ads, tick the box “Make a copy of an ad” if you want to create a new Ad Copy to compare with 1 existing ad. your available.

Step 2 Tick the box

Step 2: Tick the box

Then click “Next”.

Step 3: When selecting “Select two existing ads”, the menu below will appear, you need to select 2 Ad Sets and click “Next” to start performing A/B Testing.


In this article on the topic of the current average CTR for Facebook Ads in 2024, I have explained and given specific instructions so you can clearly understand the concepts of average CTR for Facebook Ads, and also give you some methods to increase this metric to improving advertising performance. If you have questions related to your Facebook advertising account, do not hesitate to contact GDT Agency to receive timely help:

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