What Are Cloaking TikTok Ads? Should I Do That Trick?

I have received a lot of questions about Cloaking TikTok Ads. What is this technique that makes advertisers on TikTok feel so attracted? Is it really worth your attention and use? Read this entire article to get the most accurate answer about TikTok Ads Cloaking.

Cloaking TikTok Ads

Cloaking TikTok Ads

What Are Cloaking TikTok Ads?

Basically, Cloaking TikTok Ads is a technique of using two different versions of ads that are often used by dark advertisers. More specifically, it is as follows:

Version displayed to users: Usually an attractive ad that attracts attention. But often these ads will contain elements that cause strong emotions in viewers and may violate TikTok’s advertising policies.

What are Cloaking TikTok Ads

What are Cloaking TikTok Ads?

Display version for TikTok Ads system: Usually an ad containing full information, complying with TikTok regulations.

However, Cloaking TikTok Ads is a violation of TikTok’s policies. So this is just information for you to learn and does not encourage you to do this.

Purpose Of Cloaking TikTok Ads

Purpose of Cloaking TikTok Ads

Purpose of Cloaking TikTok Ads

In the next part, I will explain to you clearly about Cloaking TikTok Ads. If you really want to read it, continue reading the content below:

  • Evade TikTok’s terms: Basically, dark advertisers want to use this trick to display prohibited or restricted advertising content. Besides, they can target other sensitive audiences.
  • Increase click-through rate (CTR): This technique can show more attractive content to users and keep them focused and clicking to find out what the content is about. Besides, this technique can also hide the true information of the campaign and deceive competitors.

Consequences Of Cloaking TikTok Ads

For the next content, I really want to reiterate that Cloaking TikTok Ads is a violation of TikTok’s advertising policies as well as policies for uploaded videos. If you still intentionally do this technique, here are the consequences it leaves behind:

  • Disabled ad campaign: TikTok may not review your ad or cause your ad to be interrupted. In some worse situations, TikTok may detect and block your advertising account.
  • Loss of brand reputation: Users may feel deceived and lose trust in your brand. And as you know, trust is something that cannot be bought with money.

Consequences of Cloaking TikTok Ads

Consequences of Cloaking TikTok Ads

Therefore, instead of Cloaking TikTok Ads, you should comply and clearly understand the contents of TikTok’s advertising policy. To develop ads on TikTok, you can refer to the TikTok Agency Account For Rent service from GDT Agency. With this type of account, you can promote a few special items without worrying about limits or bans from the platform.

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Expert Tips For You

As an advertising expert with more than 6 years of experience in the field of optimizing paid advertising on many platforms. In my opinion, any action that violates TikTok’s advertising terms is inappropriate. You can follow some of my tips below to grow your TikTok ads without Cloaking TikTok Ads.

Replace Cloaking with a safe method

Instead of Cloaking TikTok Ads, you can completely take the time to learn how to convey advertising messages to customers without using content that violates policies.

Replace cloaking with a safe method

Replace cloaking with a safe method

The most important thing for advertising content is still to convey the right story and speak to customers’ thoughts. Besides, if you clearly show that you understand your problem and have a solution, you can completely create a great advantage to advertise more effectively.

Comply with TikTok advertising regulations

You need to create quality advertising content that is suitable for your target audience. You also need to use TikTok’s official advertising tools and not hidden tools or features or techniques. Any violation can cost a lot, maybe a lot of money, maybe a permanent ban.

Comply with TikTok advertising regulations

Comply with TikTok advertising regulations

Update the latest advertising trends and terms

Regarding this content, you need to grasp the latest advertising trends on TikTok. Besides, you must also update changes in advertising policies and flexibly adjust campaigns to suit new trends as well as the latest advertising terms.

Update the lastest advertising trends and policies

Update the lastest advertising trends and policies

More specifically, reading and understanding the latest knowledge and advertising terms is also very important. For this part, you can refer to my TikTok Ads Blog. I have shared a lot of useful knowledge related to optimizing paid advertising on TikTok for you to refer to and learn from.


In summary, you need to clearly understand the latest advertising terms from TikTok, and should not use Cloaking TikTok Ads to avoid violating the advertising terms and receiving unexpected bans. If during the advertising process, you encounter complicated problems such as account suspension, advertising interruption, etc. You can contact GDT Agency through the contact below. We are always ready to support you at all times.

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