Is Google Ads Account Free? Create Google Ads Account Free

Although Google Ads has existed since 2000, its influence is still insane today. Knowing the important things around your Google Ads account, create Google Ads Account free, features, and experience in running ads will be essential to entering the increasingly competitive digital marketing race. Follow the article to understand the Google Ads account best.

Create Google Ads Account free

Create Google Ads Account free

Question About Create Google Ads Account Free

The first part of the article will answer a few questions about creating a free Google Ads account. You need to follow along to understand and resolve a few situations while creating an ad account.

How To Sign Up For Google Ads?

A few years ago, when Google Ads had not changed its new name, users often asked: “How To Open Google Adwords Account?” or “How To Create Google Ads Account Free?”. The old name of Google Ads is Google Adwords. On July 24, 2018, when Google finalized the ad-supported feature set, it was renamed Google Ads. And since then, people have been asking questions like: “How do I get a Google Ads account?”.

How To Sign Up For Google Ads

How To Sign Up For Google Ads?

Creating this account is very simple, what you need to prepare in advance is your phone number, basic business information, and the product you want to run ads. Next is to create a Gmail – or Google account to start creating advertising accounts on this platform.

Is Google Ads Account Free?

Currently, creating a Google Ads account is totally free. But to start advertising on this platform, you need a reasonable budget, basic knowledge from basic to advanced. In short, creating an account, it’s completely free, but to use it, you will have to worry about spending money. 

How to Create Google Ads Account free?

To create Google Ads account free, you access the link:, then follow the instructions as shown in the image.

How to Create Google Ads Account free

How to Create Google Ads Account free?

How to manage multiple Google Ads accounts for free?

Extremely simple! You can manage multiple Google Ads accounts, Google Ads MCC accounts, and Google Ads Agency Accounts, on the same Google account. You just need to share admin rights for your Google Ads account in your Google Ads account settings.

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Question About Google Ads Account Features

What ad features does Google Ads currently have?

After create Google Ads Account free, you should know about ad account’s feature. Currently, Google Ads is providing the following main features to match advertising goals:

  • Sales Goal: This goal aims to engage with customers who are on the verge of making a purchase decision. To achieve this, utilize search, display, and shopping campaign types within the sales goal category.
  • Leads Goal: To foster ongoing participation from ideal customers, encourage them to sign up for more information, such as newsletters, or provide their contact details. This goal encompasses search, display, shopping, and video campaign types.
  • Website Traffic Goal: Increase the overall flow of potential customers to your website by focusing on search, display, shopping, and video campaign types.
  • Brand Awareness Goal: Introduce your product to a new market or promote new products and services. For brand awareness, utilize display or video campaigns.
  • App Promotion Goal: If your objective is to prompt customers to install your mobile app, the app promotion goal is the way to go. Utilize the universal app campaign type for this purpose.

What ad features does Google Ads currently have

What ad features does Google Ads currently have?

How many types of Google Ads accounts are there? What are their features?

The most popular and most used Google Ads account types today are: Regular account, MCC account, Agency Account. For a more thorough explanation, I’ll talk about these types of Google Ads accounts:

  • Regular account: free, providing full basic features for those who want to advertise products on the platform, such as display advertising, search advertising, …
  • Google Ads MCC account: This is a Google Ads manager account, this is an account that can manage many other Google Ads accounts, can also manage other MCC accounts. The most prominent feature of MCC is invoice consolidation which makes it very easy to pay for multiple ad campaigns.
  • Google Ads Agency Account: This is an extremely optimized account form in terms of features, it can run a variety of products and services, optimize advertising budget, high reputation and security,…

How to get the best features from Google Ads?

To create Google Ads account free or get an Google Ads Agency Account from Google, you must register and pass some specific requirements to become a Google Partner. The downside is that Google’s tests and requirements will cost you a lot of time and effort. To make it simpler, you can choose to Rent Google Ads Account from GDT Agency.

The advantage of the Agency account is that the account is extremely durable, can run a variety of products, optimize the advertising campaign budget, and receive a promotional code of $383. Contact GDT Agency immediately to not miss any offers.


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