Simple Guide On How To Delete TikTok Ad Account In 2024

Are you wanting to delete TikTok Ad account? Whether you want to pause your ads or switch to a new strategy, deleting your TikTok ad account can be done easily with the specific steps I’ll share in this content. This article will provide detailed step-by-step instructions for deleting your TikTok ad account in 2024, ensuring you do it correctly and quickly. So let’s take a look.

how to Delete TikTok Ad Account

Delete TikTok Ad Account

How To Delete TikTok Ad Account?

The first part of the article will focus on guiding you through simple steps (including images) so you can understand the guide on how to delete TikTok Ads Account. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s get to the first step:

Step 1: Access TikTok Ads Manager

To delete TikTok Ad Account, the first thing you need to do is access TikTok Ads Manager via the link: After accessing this link, you need to log in.

Once logged in, access TikTok Ads Manager as shown below:

Access TikTok Ads Manager

Access TikTok Ads Manager

Step 2: Access “Account Setup”

For step 2, what you need to do is click on “Tools”. A menu as shown below will appear:

Access "Account setup"

Access “Account setup”

As you can see, the menu offers a lot of options for editing your ad account. Click “Account setup” and proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Close TikTok Ads Account

In this step, you need to click on the “More actions” -> “Close Account and Refund” box. If you don’t understand clearly, the image below will give you the most realistic view of this step:

Click Close Account and Refund

Click “Close Account and Refund”

Then, the “Confirm account deactivation” window will appear. Next, you should carefully read the blue notification line. If you are sure about deleting the TikTok Ad Account, click the “Confirm” button.

Click Confirm

Click “Confirm”

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Notes When Delete TikTok Ad Account

The notes about delete TikTok Ad Account below will help you understand this clearly. Actually, when you want to delete TikTok Ad Account, you need to pay attention to some important related things. It could be:

Money in TikTok ad account

The budget in your TikTok advertising account will be refunded to you. It will be sent directly to the bank card you registered with during the TikTok ad payments setup process.

Money in TikTok ad account

Money in TikTok ad account

As for the refund time, usually TikTok will need some time to verify your request to delete the TikTok Ad Account and confirm the amount of money to refund to you. Normally it will take them about 1 week to confirm and complete the refund procedure. However, according to TikTok Refund Policy, you need to wait up to 60 days to receive a refund.

Account deletion is permanent 

Deleting a TikTok Ad Account is permanent. You have no way or method to recover your account after confirming deletion of TikTok Ad Account. Therefore, you need to be careful and sure about deleting TikTok Ad Account before following the account deletion steps I shared above.

Account deletion is permanent

Account deletion is permanent

If you have some information in your ad account that needs to be restored, you’ll need to contact TikTok Ads support.

Contact TikTok support if you need

During the process of deleting your TikTok Ad Account, if there are any serious problems related to your account or the amount of money in your advertising account. Or if you simply want a quick refund to your card so you can continue advertising with your new account, you should contact TikTok’s support team.

Contact TikTok support if you need

Contact TikTok support if you need

Basically, TikTok’s support team in the region will always answer or handle these types of issues. Another note for you is that you need to send these requests to TikTok as soon as possible so that they can provide a timely and quick handling method.


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