Reason For Facebook Ads Circumventing Systems Notice Appear

When you see the message “your account violated the circumventing system’s policy”. This means that Facebook has detected that you are engaging in activities that are contrary to the advertising terms. Or your ad is trying to dodge advertising terms. Through the article below, I will list a few reasons for Facebook Ads circumventing systems. A few quick solutions from us should also get you through this.

Facebook Ads circumventing systems

Facebook Ads circumventing systems

Reason For “Facebook Ads Circumventing Systems”

At the beginning of the article, we will show you some content that can cause you to receive “Facebook Ads Circumventing System” notifications. Pay attention for this.

Shuffle sentence structure

Let’s say you want to advertise Nike shoes, but you don’t want to be penalized by Facebook, so you write your ad with the word “NIke” or the word “Nike” with a smaller “i”. This is definitely against policy.

Any strange characters to circumvent Facebook’s terms are not accepted except emojis. You can use emojis to make your ads stand out in Newsfeed. This is completely valid. However, you should avoid shuffling the word structure to avoid being penalized by Facebook.

Redirect users too many times to the landing page

If you’re trying to redirect users to too many different URLs, there’s a high chance you’ll get banned by Facebook or have your account suspended.

Redirect users too many times

Redirect users too many times

Facebook’s bot works to scan all advertising content. Also the landing pages. If you make users redirect multiple times to different domains. It will think that you are masking the malicious URL. And, naturally, you get fined. You’re better off not using redirects on landing pages or any URLs when you don’t need them.

Repeated policy violation

The basic thing you need to know is that Facebook will not be able to ignore policy violations. You can violate several times request an appeal and then get your ad account back. But over a while, your repeated violations of Facebook’s regulations, rules, and policies will put your advertising account at a dangerous level.

If you violate 2 3 different types of policies, there is still some hope of getting your Facebook Ads account and ad account money back. But if you violate ONE kind of policy for the 3rd or 4th time, your ad account is done.

We recommend that you follow Facebook’s advertising policies. Be honest and follow the policies if you want to develop long-term on this platform.

Create a new account and continue to violate

If you try to create new accounts and continue to use ads that violate Facebook’s terms and policies. You continue to find and use new and unconventional methods for violating terms. Then you will continue to spend more time and money on this.

Currently, Facebook in general and Facebook Ads in particular are extremely developed in terms of algorithms. If you’re trying to say “I can ignore all Facebook Ads terms and policies”. Then that is not possible. Maybe it will help in the short term. Very short, of course. But if you want to grow strong and go further in the field of online business and advertising, then you cannot do so.

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How To Solve Facebook Ads Circumventing Systems?

The first is that if you can still access your ad account, you need to remove all ads that violate Facebook policies. If you are confident that the Facebook Bot has misunderstood your content.

How to solve

How to solve Facebook Ads circumventing systems?

Please contact Facebook’s support team to present information such as your business, business website, products, or services that your business is providing,… The more information with high transparency, the higher your chances of getting your account back.

In short, it’s always important that you comply with Facebook’s advertising terms and policies. If you are still looking for other ways because you know for sure that the product cannot pass Facebook’s censorship steps, read the last part of this article.

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