#5 Steps To Run Facebook Ads For Airbnb Listing Properly

If you have an attractive Airbnb listing with images and information about your home rental, you should use Facebook Ads for Airbnb Listing. Why? The reason is Facebook Ads gives you great tools to target customers who are interested in Airbnb and are willing to spend to experience your service. The article below will guide you through 5 steps to run Facebook Ads for Airbnb Listing properly.

steps to run Facebook Ads for Airbnb Listing

Facebook Ads for Airbnb Listing

Learn About Target Customers To Use Facebook Ads For Airbnb Listing

At the beginning of the article, I will share the reason why you must learn about your target customers before using Facebook Ads for Airbnb Listing. Besides, there will be some basic information about customers who need Airbnb.

The reason you need to find out your target customers

In every Facebook Ads campaign, learning about target customers is extremely important that you cannot ignore. Because if you don’t understand your customers, you will waste your advertising resources because your customers don’t want to see that advertising content.

The reason you need to find out your target customers

The reason you need to find out your target customers

The important thing I want to emphasize here is: You must carefully learn about customer information to create ads that match that information.


According to AdTargeting, people using Facebook have a huge demand for Airbnb. Most are people between the ages of 25-34 and 35-44. People in this age group are extremely interested in traveling. In particular, they are extremely interested in the Airbnb platform because of its diversity in choosing places to stay when traveling.


Discuss the preferences of people in need of Airbnb. This is one of the diverse options because the platform provides filters for many different types of homestays and rental houses. In my opinion, you should target depending on the type of Airbnb home you are renting. It can be: traveling to famous cities, small houses, yachts, luxury villas, product photography studios, A-frame houses, houses with beautiful views, etc.



If you want to learn more about your target customers, you can use Facebook’s A/B Testing tool or a few low-budget test ad campaigns. You will receive a list of specific information about customers who are interested in your Fanpage and house rental service.

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Create Fanpage And Maintain Posts

To use Facebook Ads effectively and save money, you need to build a reputable Fanpage and post regularly on it. Content that can attract attention and increase audience interaction can be entertainment content or sharing booking knowledge. If you do this well, sometimes organic conversions will appear, and it will help you save a lot of advertising costs, up to several dollars per conversion.

Create fanpage and maintain posts

Create fanpage and maintain posts

The next important thing is that you control the frequency of posts on Fanpage. Posting regularly will increase the number of audiences reaching your Fanpage. You can also use ads to increase interaction to get new audiences to reach your Fanpage.

Determine Advertising Content

You need to determine what advertising content you intend to use. This content must be appropriate to the age and interests of the audience as you learned before. Sometimes you also need to refer to new advertising ideas or trends on social media platforms.

Determine advertsing content

Determine advertsing content

Advertising for promotions will be one of the important content that you cannot ignore. In this section, I will suggest you 3 special ideas for you to use: seasonal promotions, special holidays, and promotional combo packages when traveling with relatives.

  • Seasonal promotions: Summer is the right time for you to advertise beach houses. It is suitable if you own houses for rent on Airbnb right on the beach. Winter will be extremely suitable if you own an A-frame house with cozy, pleasant, and comfortable architecture. Take advantage of the weather and seasons to create creative ads.
  • Special holiday promotions: Special holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas are suitable occasions for you to create new promotional advertising content. Demand for Airbnb is especially high during this time. It’s better to redecorate the room to match the holiday and create ads with that theme.
  • Promotional combo packages when traveling with relatives: If you own a rental property on Airbnb, creating promotional combo ads for customers when traveling with relatives will be very reasonable.

Promotional combo packages when traveling with relatives

Promotional combo packages when traveling with relatives

Promotions can be direct discount coupons when booking online, discounts when using additional food services, and discounts when using additional massage services, discounts for the next booking, etc. You can create attractive ads based on the type of promotion you publish.

Determine Advertising Costs

For this step, you need to determine the amount of money you plan to spend on advertising campaigns. You also need to calculate the estimated costs in case of bad situations that can happen, such as interrupted advertising or suspended advertising accounts. Besides, you also need to prepare specific reports for Facebook Ads costs to be able to manage specific and clear data. This is also great for optimizing future advertising.

Determine advertsing costs

Determine advertsing costs

In this section, Facebook Ads allows you to choose one of two options: Daily Budget or Budget for the entire advertising campaign. As follows:

  • Daily budget: Facebook will deliver your ads according to the spend you set, but it’s not fixed. For example, if you set a daily budget of $10, today your ad will spend $11, and tomorrow it will spend $9. But it will always maintain an average of $10/day.
  • Entire ad campaign budget: When you set a budget for your entire campaign, Facebook will distribute the budget equally over the number of days your ad campaign is visible.

Reading through, it seems that these two options are similar in calculation. But please note, in certain cases, choosing a Budget for the entire campaign can sometimes be difficult to control if you do not monitor your advertising campaign regularly. So please follow the next part of the article to better understand how to track, measure, and optimize advertising campaigns.

Don’t Forget To Monitor, Measure And Optimize

Next, I will share with you some experiences in tracking, measuring, and optimizing advertising. I also share very specifically some of the best methods and solutions so you can optimize Facebook Ads for Airbnb Listing.

Dont forget to monitor measure and optimize

Don’t forget to monitor measure and optimize


Campaign monitoring involves reviewing advertising campaign performance every day to detect and resolve problems that arise, if any. Especially in promotional advertising campaigns, monitoring trend charts to recognize changes in interaction and conversion is extremely important. You also need to regularly check and adjust your advertising budget appropriately. For example, reduce the budget or turn off low-performing advertising campaigns and increase the budget for high-performing advertising campaigns.


Measuring advertising effectiveness means checking your advertising performance and evaluating its effectiveness. Measuring the effectiveness of your advertising is crucial if you want your advertising to be optimized. It’s best to create a Facebook Pixel and add it to your Airbnb Listing website. It would be really good at measuring conversions.

Optimize Facebook Ads for Airbnb Listing

Optimize Facebook Ads for Airbnb Listing

Optimize Facebook Ads for Airbnb Listing

Advertising optimization includes many parts, such as bid optimization, campaign budget optimization, and advertising component optimization. I will analyze each part carefully so you can understand clearly:

  • Optimize ad components: You can use Facebook Ads Compass to test and optimize each ad component. If you are willing to pay for Facebook Ad Structure optimization tools, it’s even better. But in general, take the time to optimize your ad elements to improve performance.
  • For bid optimization: You can use Facebook’s automated tool, Bid Optimization, to automatically optimize your auction strategy and costs for your advertising goals.
  • Optimize advertising campaign budget: The best solution that I want to propose to you is Rent Facebook Ads Account – Fee From 0.5%. With service from GDT Agency, you can optimize your budget with the latest features such as: large spending limit, unlimited advertising budget, no errors during payment, etc.


If you incorporate the knowledge in this article into the process of running Facebook Ads for Airbnb Listing. It will be able to create many new conversions. Facebook Ads is a powerful tool and requires you to take the time to research new knowledge combined with regular use of Facebook Ads. If you have questions related to Facebook Ads, don’t hesitate to contact me:

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