Best Type Of Effective Facebook Ads For Contractors In 2024

Since its launch, Facebook Ads has always been an extremely effective advertising platform for any type of business. For businesses that are contractors, Facebook Ads also proves to be extremely effective and saves advertising costs. Follow the article below of me to understand the BEST type and campaign to run Facebook Ads for contractors.

Facebook Ads for contractors

Facebook Ads for contractors

BEST Type Of Facebook Ads For Contractors 2024

First, we want to share with you about the types of advertising that contractors should use. It really works if you want to grow your business long-term through Facebook Ads. New potential customers will also appear if you use these campaigns properly. Please pay attention.

Facebook Lead Ads for contractors

This type of advertising has been around since 2015, and although it has been around for a long time, this type of advertising has never disappointed advertisers. To talk about the suitability of this type of advertising for contractors. In my personal experience, it is extremely suitable and convenient.

Users can leave contact information for you. And what they need is a consultation call. It will be convenient because they don’t need to click and switch to another page. But you have also obtained the necessary information. The important thing here is that you should save this valuable information. You can advise customers so they can meet face-to-face and view the property. Or if the customer is not sure to buy, you can save this information for the next advertising campaign.

Facebook Carousel Ads for contractors

For brand awareness advertising campaigns. You will need lots of images or videos that depict important content for customers. There is nothing more reasonable than choosing Carousel Ads in this case.

Carousel Ads for contractors

Carousel Ads for contractors

For Facebook Carousel Ads, you can integrate multiple images and videos in one advertisement. It will create a series of media files that make potential customers curious and then click. The more useful information you provide, the higher the rate of customers taking action. That depends on your creativity as well as your understanding of the market and customers.

Features Video Ads for contractors

What could be better if customers could admire videos related to some of the construction items your business has built? If those videos are beautiful and suit their taste, they will say “Wow, Spectacular!!”. And they will take action on your Facebook ads.

At present, after the stressful Covid-19 epidemic. Social network users really care and spend time on short videos. This is a great opportunity for contractors to take advantage of to boost revenue with Features Video Ads. You will see a lot of video ideas and content that you can use to advertise and grow your business.

The important thing you need to keep in mind is the content of these videos must be truly engaging, especially in the first 5 seconds and throughout the video to keep viewers staying with the ad. Besides, the video quality must also be high. If you want to learn more about some things to keep in mind when using Facebook Ads for contractors, read this article: Facebook Ads For Construction Companies.

BEST Campaign To Run Facebook Ads For Contractors 2024

If the first part of the article has shared attractive and suitable advertising types for contractors. Then in the next part, we want to share with you Facebook Ads for contractors campaigns. Besides, I will explain carefully why you should use these campaigns to improve marketing efficiency for real estate sales.

Contractor Facebook Ads brand awareness

Brand awareness advertising is always an important part if you want to grow in the long run. Think about it, if they don’t know about your brand, are they willing to spend large amounts of money on real estate projects? The important thing about these campaigns is that they can enhance your brand image, and your business image in the eyes of customers.

That is, of course, when you do well with promotional content. Some of your competitors are also promoting such campaigns, so the level of competition is quite high. You should also balance your advertising costs so that you don’t have to spend too much on Facebook Ads without getting any results.

The main goal of these awareness campaigns is to make customers who do not know about your brand aware of the activities of the business. Those can be products and services that your construction business is providing. Or the main activities of members and personnel in the enterprise. Customers need to know well so that they can see and understand the business and brand that you are building. To run effective Facebook Ads brand awareness, refer Facebook Agency Account For Rent service from us.

Recruitment Facebook Advertising

Currently, the demand for job search is increasing, especially the demand for job search on social networking sites. Facebook is no exception. If you have quality recruitment ads, it will also help people who are looking for work find you. Potential customers will also know that your business is attracting job seekers.

Recruitment Facebook Ads

Recruitment Facebook Ads

Construction workers today are also used to using social networks. They also have a lot of demand for jobs related to their construction industry. If you have periodic recruitment ads and attract a lot of people, you will also receive a lot of interactions and messages, which is extremely useful because Facebook also evaluates Fanpage based on these indicators.

Remarketing Campaign Facebook Ads

For Contractor Facebook Ads to be most effective, you should not miss old customers who have not yet taken action. They may not have taken action yet for some personal, financial, or family reasons, etc. Regardless of the reason, you should wait a certain amount of time and retarget this customer audience.

A remarketing campaign only works effectively when you have new ideas and new advertising content that targets customer weaknesses. If they are old customers and see your old ads. They won’t pay attention and skip the ad immediately. Therefore, you should try to learn and create new advertising content to suit customers in the remarketing campaign. To better run remarketing campaign for contractor Facebook Ads.


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