Running Facebook Ads For Financial Advisors: 5+ Tips For You

Today, there are many ways for financial advisors to reach new clients. But if you want to start online advertising for your purposes, you should use Facebook Ads. In today’s article, I will give some advice and tips so you can run Facebook Ads for financial advisors effectively.

Facebook Ads for Financial Advisors

Facebook Ads for Financial Advisors

Running Facebook Ads For Financial Advisors

If you want to run Facebook ads for financial advisors effectively in 2024, the first thing you need to do is build a suitable strategy to attract target customers. To be able to do this, follow the content I share below.

Build advertising strategy

Some financial companies and financial advisors only care about the services and products they have. They believe that all they need is some advertising images and videos along with paying a large amount of money for Facebook Ads and everything will be done. That’s a mistake.

Build advertising strategy

Build advertising strategy

Currently, advertising on Facebook is becoming more diverse with many new features, campaigns, and advertising goals that also need to be suitable for customers with financial needs. You need to build a suitable strategy for each step to attract them.

In this step, you need to learn or run some test advertising campaigns. From there, we know the basic information and needs of customers in the area. Who are they? What is their basic demographic information? What types of ads will get them to take action? What financial problems are they facing? Once you are confident and understand all the customer’s needs and information, continue with the next step.

Test ad samples

Why do you need to test different ad designs? This is one of the important steps that you should not skip. You need to test many combinations to find the right balance between advertising components to make it most effective. Including advertising content, advertising objectives, ad types, media files, CTAs,…

There are many different combinations and only a few versions will have a strong effect on customers. After testing and finding suitable ad templates, you should save them to continue using them again with a different budget. From there you can optimize Facebook Ads for financial advisors.

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Focus on attacking customer problems

Customers have financial needs and want a company to solve their problems. If you can solve customers’ problems, you must show this in your ads. You should focus on using ads to attack your customers’ problems. They will definitely feel interested and start accessing the company’s services. Or if you do well in this part, some customers who really need urgent financial advice will be able to act right away on your ads.

Focus on attacking customer problems

Focus on attacking customer problems

Make customers curious

Your target customers need to be curious about your financial company. They must ask themselves questions about the services your company provides. Use short or long video content that contains content that makes them feel curious. The first glances need to attract the viewer’s attention. Gradually make them more curious, wanting to know more about the services your company is providing.

Target accurately

You can’t target everyone who has financial need. You need to be selective about your target audience so that customers in need can see your ads. It could be young people who need financial advice, or elderly people who need advice about Final Expense Insurance. In short, you should carefully research your target audience and create ads that precisely target those audiences.

Optimize advertising costs

For your ads to work best, you always have to find ways to optimize the costs of each campaign. If the ad campaign is doing really well, is there any way you can make it cheaper? For ads that cost too much to display, you also need to carefully consider the conditions to decide whether to continue advertising.

Optimize advertising costs

Optimize advertising costs

You also need to use tools to measure performance and optimize campaigns. One of the good tools you can refer to is Facebook Ads Creative Compass.

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Advantages Of Using Facebook Ads For Financial Advisors

I want to reaffirm one thing if you are still wondering. That is why Facebook ads are extremely suitable for financial advisors. Especially in case you already have a suitable strategy to develop online advertising channels.

Currently, the number of Facebook users is very large, their needs are also very diverse, finance is one of the basic needs. So using Facebook Ads will have certain advantages.

Besides the diverse campaigns and advertising types, I shared above. Facebook Ads are also extremely good for measuring marketing metrics. It provides you with a set of tools to help you measure multiple campaigns, combine metrics for statistics, and compare and contrast results. And what you need to do is continue to learn more knowledge related to Facebook advertising to optimize until it reaches maximum performance.

Above is all the content that I wants to share to help you clearly understand how to run Facebook ads for financial advisors. If you have questions related to advertising or advertising account, contact GDT Agency:

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