Instructions For Using Facebook Ads For Onlyfans Properly

If you want to use Facebook Ads for Onlyfans, you need to pay attention to Facebook’s rules and terms. In this article, I will show you how to run Facebook Ads for Onlyfans properly. It includes a few rules from Facebook, and valuable experiences, so you can run ads without being penalized. You can also learn how to optimize advertising for Onlyfans through this article.

Facebook Ads for OnlyFans

Facebook Ads for OnlyFans

Prepare Steps Before Running Facebook Ads For Onlyfans 

As for using Facebook Ads for OF, you will not be able to use AdTargeting to clearly show you basic information about your customers. So what should you do? My advice here is to use Facebook Groups to find information.

Join Facebook Groups

Join Facebook Groups

You can join Facebook Groups to start learning about customers who are interested in OF. In my opinion, these groups contain a lot of members and they are also willing to spend large amounts of money on buying and selling photos on this platform.

To be able to save the demographic information of these people to serve running Facebook Ads, you can post some entertaining videos related to the photo album you want to sell. Next, you can go to Ads Manager to see them in the toolkit to target people who have viewed your videos.

Running Facebook Ads For Onlyfans Properly

Onlyfans, also abbreviated as OF, is an extremely sensitive platform for advertising. Normally, content creators on this platform want their channels to be known by many people. To do this, you can use Facebook Ads. Follow the first part of this article to learn how to run Facebook Ads for Onlyfans properly.

Use multiple ad accounts

If you use your personal Facebook account to start advertising for Onlyfans, this is not wrong. However, it comes with disadvantages that you would not want. When it comes to advertising for sensitive platforms like Onlyfans, Facebook has extremely strict terms to control content. Your Facebook account has a very high rate of being locked or suspended. Therefore, you should choose to create a new account to run Facebook ads.

Use multiple ad accounts

Use multiple ad accounts

Another reason is that sometimes you don’t want to let your family and friends know that you are doing business on this platform. Using a new account helps you keep your Onlyfans and personal business activities secret. You wouldn’t want relatives or neighbors to affect your business, right?

Target Facebook groups

As I shared above, you can find out demographic information about customers who are interested in your services through Facebook Groups. Next, you can target people who have interacted with your video. Here’s a quick guide on how you can target people in Facebook Groups:

Step 1: Access Ads Manager and select “Audience”.

click audiences 1

Step 1

Step 2: Select “Create a Custom Audience” -> Select Meta sources: “Video” -> Select “Next”.

click create a custom audience click video then next

Step 2

Step 3: Click “Choose a content type” -> Choose one of the Engagement options here.

click choose a content type then choose engagement options

Step 3

Step 4: Click “Choose videos” -> Click “Facebook page” -> Click to choose a Facebook page that you have posted your video before.

click choose videos then choose facebook page

Step 4

Step 5: Choose an “Audience name” and “Description”. Then click “Create audience”. It’s done.

write audience name then click create audience

Step 5

Besides, targeting Facebook Groups more specifically and another method that can complement this technique have been shared by me in the article “Specific Steps To Target Facebook Groups With Ads 2024“. Please refer to that article to better understand this technique.

Pay attention to Facebook’s policy

Facebook’s terms are one of the important things you must pay attention to. It does not allow you to use sensitive images and videos. Inappropriate text content will also be removed and penalized. You need to be careful when running Facebook Ads for Onlyfans if you don’t want to spend too much time and money on it.

Pay attention to Facebook policy

Pay attention to Facebook’s policy

OF is a sensitive platform, and it will also encounter difficulties when running Facebook Ads for Onlyfans. You should learn and try not to violate Facebook’s terms. Although this is not too difficult, it is also an important part that you need to pay special attention to.

Optimize Facebook Ads For Onlyfans

To run Facebook Ads for Onlyfans effectively, you need to regularly monitor and optimize your ads. Because Facebook’s terms are extremely strict when it comes to this type of content, you have to be careful to include the right content. Please follow the content below to learn how to optimize your ads and improve performance.

Do not use sensitive images 

For people who use Onlyfans, they want to search for sensitive images and this is not accepted by Facebook. You need to create content that Facebook allows and also be clever to attract the audience. Not using sensitive images is my sincerest advice. 

Do not use sensitive images

Do not use sensitive images

Although this may seem difficult, you can come up with other ways or visuals to attract new viewers such as eye-catching animated videos, some incentives for new subscribers, or ads. Announcing the specific theme of the new photo album.

Optimize CTA

To run Facebook Ads for Onlyfans with the best performance, you need to use the right calls to action. The wrong CTA can get you in trouble and your audience won’t take action on your ad. Some CTAs containing sensitive language will also cause your advertising to be paused, or the worst scenario is that your advertising account will be suspended.

Optimize CTA

Optimize CTA

Try to use CTAs appropriately so your viewers don’t feel annoyed. Combine with reasonable content to make customers feel curious and want to take action with your ads. To direct customers to OF’s personal page, you will also need to have a few tools to measure the effectiveness of CTAs, which could be Facebook Ads Creative Compass.

Optimize advertising costs

There are many methods to optimize advertising costs. In this article, I will show you 2 basic ways to do this. For the first method, you use Facebook Ads to deploy a few campaigns with a low budget (about $1-5). Slowly measure and optimize advertising components, including cost optimization. After a period of testing and finding potential customers, you can increase your budget and run ads with a large budget. In this section, if you really want your ads to run with an unlimited budget, I recommend you refer to the Facebook Agency Ad Account rent service.

Optimize advertising costs

Optimize advertising costs

The second way involves the Facebook Ads A/B testing tool. For this tool, you can apply testing 2 ad samples with the same budget. This tool will show you which ads perform better. From there, you can calculate and choose an advertising model with good performance at a reasonable price. Optimizing your advertising is crucial to help your next campaigns run as expected without too high a cost. Pay special attention to this.


Using Facebook Ads for Onlyfans is not difficult. However, to advertise most effectively, you should spend time to learning new knowledge to improve the quality of Facebook Ads. If you have any questions related to advertising on Facebook, please immediately contact GDT Agency’s team of advertising experts for timely answers:

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