Why You Must Create Facebook Ads Funnel For E-commerce?

For the E-commerce, it is a large market and requires a lot of investment in advertising to achieve success. In today’s article, let’s find out with me the reason you MUST create Facebook Ads Funnel for E-commerce. Besides, there are the basic steps for you to create Facebook Ads Funnel for E-commerce. Let’s go.

Facebook Ads Funnel for E-commerce

Facebook Ads Funnel for E-commerce

Why You MUST Create Facebook Ads Funnel For E-commerce?

At the beginning of this article, I will share with you the reason that you MUST Create Facebook Ads Funnel for e-commerce. Stay tuned

Reach target customers

If you have ever seen or seen ads from the same brand multiple times in one day. You will feel that it is very familiar. And gradually feel curious about that brand. That’s the first part of Facebook Ads Funnel: Top of the Funnel (TOFU).

The most important part of this section is related to influencing customers and getting a funnel of people to see your ads. Think about it, if there was no familiarity, interest, or curiosity, would they be interested in your advertising, products, or services?

This is important when today, there are too many brands on e-commerce platforms competing with each other. You must create advertising campaigns to lead new, unfamiliar customers to your brand at the Top of the Funnel.

Increased interest

You must use Facebook Ads campaigns to improve your brand image in the eyes of customers. This is the Middle of the Funnel (MOFU). This will be highly effective when targeting customers who have already seen your ads.

The idea here is to continue posting advertisements and content related to the products and services you are providing. The goal is for customers to better understand the brand’s business. Besides, using high-quality images, and videos and integrating interesting content to attract customers. If they feel that this brand has genuine products or services, or that it solves the problems they are facing, you have succeeded.

And the next thing to do is get to the bottom of the funnel.

Create conversion orders

It’s really difficult if you have created a strong social network boom, or special interest from customers but have not brought profits in sales. Facebook Ads Funnel will help you have a perfect process for bringing viewers to the final step of this process, which is making purchases, and creating conversion orders with ads with Call to action (CTA). This is the Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU).

Create conversion orders

Create conversion orders

People who see your ad may be considering or already planning to make a purchase. But sometimes they don’t take action on your ad right away. Facebook Ads give you effective tools to solve this problem. For example, a remarketing campaign can help you get more sales from in-considerate customers.

In short, using Facebook Ads will be very effective if you research carefully and know how to balance your budget for it. 

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Guide To Create Facebook Ads Funnel For E-commerce

Next, I will share how to create Facebook Ads Funnel for E-commerce. You can start creating simple to advanced Facebook Ads funnel for e-commerce to promote your e-commerce website from here. Let’s start.

Link E-commerce website to Facebook Ads

Go to the Facebook pixel setup page and follow Facebook’s instructions. After completing the steps shown in the image below, you can start tracking ad viewers and analyzing metrics related to them.

Facebook pixel set up page

Facebook pixel set up page

Pay attention to conversion tracking to capture the ads that work well and the ads that don’t. From there, optimize to improve advertising performance.

Create suitable advertising campaigns

To create a suitable advertising campaign for your customers, the first thing you need to do is customize your ad audience. You can rely on the demographic information of customers who have visited the website. You can also find new customer insights.

Next, you create advertising campaigns in 3 parts as I guided in the first part of this article. You need to pay attention to the goals of the parts in the funnel model to make the advertising effective. For better quality of advertising campaign, you should refer Facebook Agency Account For Rent from us.

Retargeting and Look-a-like audiences

Retargeting is one of the special parts and I always enjoy it in the advertising process. I’ve found that shoppers are extremely excited about a brand’s products, but sometimes they just don’t make a purchase. This is not something to worry about because they have many reasons. They want to compare the quality and price with other products, they are waiting for promotions and discounts, they are waiting for a special version of this product,…

No matter what, you always need to pay attention to, collect statistics, and analyze the information of these customers. From there, deploy remarketing Facebook Ads to increase their desire to buy. For better retargeting and look-a-like campaign, you need to upgrade your ad account, to do that, refer this content to learn how to add agency to Facebook Ad account.

Retargeting and Look-a-like audiences

Retargeting and Look-a-like audiences

Look-a-like audiences are customers who have not yet approached your ads, but they have demographic information and interests that overlap with customers who have interacted or acted on your ads. Friend. For such customers, you need to create new and more creative advertising campaigns, thereby bringing them into Facebook Ads Funnel for E-commerce.


Above are my shared knowledge about “Why you MUST Create Facebook Ads Funnel for E-commerce?“. Hopefully, you will gain new knowledge to effectively use Facebbook Ads Funnel for E-commerce and get many converted orders. In addition, we also provide Facebook Agency Account For Rent service. This is a high-end account type that is certain that when you use it, you will be surprised at the groundbreaking features it possesses. If you are interested in it, contact GDT Agency RIGHT NOW:

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