How Do I Know My Facebook Ads Manager Down Or Suspended?

While using Facebook Ads Manager, you will sometimes encounter some errors related to your account. It could be Facebook Ads Manager down or suspended. Or there could be other errors that you need to know to fix promptly, you don’t want to waste time and money because of these errors. In today’s article, I will share with you how to check the status of your Facebook advertising account. Besides, there are some harmful effects if you do not solve this problem quickly.

Facebook Ads Manager Down

Facebook Ads Manager Down

Guide To Check Facebook Ads Manager Down Or Suspended

At the beginning of this article, I will show you how to check the operating status of Facebook’s components, features, and tools.

Use Metastatus to check

First, you access Facebook’s Metastatus. In this page, it contains the activity status lines of important components. You can see which parts are working well, and which parts are having problems, and click on each part to check. The following is the Metastatus screen:

Metastatus screen

Metastatus screen

As you can see, it tells you the operating status of Ads Manager, Facebook and Instagramshops, Meta Business Suite,… The status “No known issues” means this component is working normally, without problems. error. Click on “Ads Manager” to check more closely the components of Ads Manager to see if Facebook Ads Manager is down or suspended. The image below will appear:

Ads manager status

Ads manager status

As you can see, if all three components, Ads Creation and Editing, Ads Delivery, and Ads Reporting, have the status “No known issues“, it means they all work normally. If any component has a problem, it will display a “!” and warn you. Very easy to detect Facebook Ads Manager Down status.

Read the news on Facebook groups

Occasionally, Facebook will have new updates to launch new tools and features. Some Facebook groups will discuss it before the update happens. If you are interested in this and want to know clearly about Facebook Ads Manager down, you need to join these groups to read information and news about it.

If you are proactive, you can post questions for people to answer about issues related to Facebook Ads Manager. Sometimes, you don’t need to ask, but people in the group will share and ask and answer about the issues you need. Everything is very open and contains a lot of important information that you need to learn and read regularly.

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Terminate Facebook Ads Manager Down Or Suspended Status

Sometimes, account-related problems will make you uncomfortable or waste time and money. These problems can come to you at any time and can negatively affect you with many different effects.

To put an end to the problems that can drive you crazy, you need a reputable, premium advertising account. Currently, we provides Facebook advertising account rental services. Agency accounts have a high reputation, so they receive special priorities from Facebook. You can freely advertise without having to deal with complicated problems like a regular account. Choose Facebook Ads Account for rent today so you don’t miss out on the latest offers and features.

Harmful Effects Of Facebook Ads Manager Down

If you are a professional advertiser, you will feel confident and handle this situation easily. But if you have no experience advertising on Facebook, it will be a disaster because it can cost you a lot of money and time.

If you are advertising with a large budget, problems with your account that prevent you from advertising will cause the budget in your advertising account to freeze. The worst situation can cause you to lose all the money in your account. If you don’t take timely measures, you will go crazy. For effective ad measure, you should know the way to get help from agency’s expert, refer my content about how to add agency to Facebook Ad account to understand some steps to do that. 

Next, this situation can happen in a bad direction, so you will have to waste time finding a solution. Sometimes it makes you fall into a vicious cycle of getting your account back and getting your advertising budget back. You must contact multiple support parties, experts, or the support team from Facebook.


I hope that the content I share today about Facebook Ads Manager down or suspended will help you gain more experience in checking the status of your advertising account. If you have questions about your Facebook advertising account, don’t hesitate to contact GDT Agency. Our team of advertising experts is always ready to help you promptly and accurately.

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