Facebook Ads Services – Best Strategy To Upsales

Facebook Ads service is being fully exploited by sellers because it is an easy-to-use platform and easily reaches all types of customer files. So what are the advantages of using Facebook Ads service?

Why Should I Use The Facebook Ads Service?

Facebook is currently the most used free social network in Vietnam and around the world. In Vietnam, there are nearly 76 million people, accounting for more than 70% of the country’s population. With such a huge number of users, this is a “playground” to help businesses and sellers approach customers more easily.

Facebook ads are capable of intensive targeting and can reach the right target audience. Thereby saving marketing costs, increasing online brand recognition. This is the key to helping businesses grow sales.

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Facebook Ads Service helps businesses collect customer data, which may include new and potential customer contact information, to drive conversions at each stage of purchase. It also helps businesses make remarketing more convenient.

With the ability to transmit information at a fast and accurate speed, facebook advertising services are highly effective in assisting businesses that deliver advertising messages to their potential customers.

Advantages When Using Facebook Advertising Service

Why is Facebook still the best advertising platform these days? The reason is Facebook Advertising Service feature these following advantages:

  • The number of Facebook users is large with diverse ages
  • Advertising information is distributed and displayed to customers naturally and easily
  • Facebook Ads service has no budget limit, businesses can adjust the budget according to their needs.
  • The ability to interact between customers and great sellers.
  • Always targeting potential customers who are in need of services.
  • High flexibility and reasonable Ad delivery

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GDT Agency – A Reputable Facebook Ads Service Provider For Businesses

As a professional Facebook Agency Account For Rent Service provider, GDT Agency has become the first choice for corporate and individual customers in the field of Online Marketing in Vietnam or around the world.

Benefits of using GDT Agency’s Facebook Advertising Service

  • Optimizing advertising campaigns quickly helps save costs and achieve revenue beyond expectations.
  • Increase brand awareness for your business
  • Create optimally targeted advertising campaigns with the right file of potential customers
  • Create fanpage prestige, promote customer buying behavior
  • Generate potential customer data for your business and products

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Some popular types of ads on the Facebook platform and their characteristics

In order to choose the Facebook advertising service and the appropriate form of advertising, sellers should learn some basic types of advertising as follows:

Video ads: A type of ad that displays moving images and sound to introduce products and services or spread brand videos on Facebook. This is an extremely effective form of advertising because of its attractiveness and high viewership.

Carousel: Carousel allows the ad to display 2 or more photos/videos. Where each image or video will have a title, link, description and a call-to-action message depending on the purpose. To scroll through a carousel card, viewers will swipe on a mobile device or click an arrow on a desktop screen.

Advertisement in the form of articles on Page: This is one of the most used forms of advertising by sellers. Boosted Page Posts allows you to promote a post published on Fanpage to reach more people. The purpose of this type of advertising is to increase interaction for posts such as comments, likes, shares, etc.

Messenger message advertising: This type of Advertising is quite popular among the current Facebook advertising types. Ads will appear on the customer’s message board, when they are interested and click “Send message”, the ad will directly appear in the user’s mailbox. Then the seller and customer can exchange immediately.

And there are many other types of advertising in the Facebook Advertising Service for businesses depending on different purposes. At GDT Agency, advertising professionals with diverse experiences will help your business’ revenue skyrocket. Immediately contact GDT Agency for further advice and advertising strategy according to this contact:

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Henry Duy
Henry Duy

Mr. Henry Duy is the CEO of GDT Agency (7 years of experience in the marketing, specifically in paid advertising). He has expertise in managing and optimizing numerous high-budget paid advertising campaigns for businesses.