What Is The Result Of Fake Google Ads? How To Detect, Report?

In the digital marketing century, fake Google Ads can lead to severe repercussions for businesses and users alike. From financial losses to damaged reputations, understanding the consequences of fraudulent ads is crucial. This article delves into the impact of fake Google Ads and provides valuable insights on detecting and reporting such malicious activities to protect your online presence and maintain a safe advertising environment.

Fake Google Ads

 Fake Google Ads

Definition Of Fake Google Ads. The Result Of It

At the beginning of the article, I will talk about the definition of fake Google Ads. It also includes some of the consequences that fake Google Ads cause for ads and advertisers, stay tuned.

Definition of fake Google Ads

FGAs are ads on Google but not produced by the brand owner. Some of these fake ads, and deceptive advertising services generate profits for scammers. The dangerous consequences of fake advertising are dire. But Google has always had a hard time controlling them unless they are detected and reported.

Consequences of fake Google Ads

Currently, fake Google Ads are not only fake brand ads, but also several fraudulent organizations with fraudulent advertising packages and advertising services.

Brands and individuals who do not have a deep understanding of the Google advertising field will easily give away their trust, time, and money. That seriously harms them. Detecting and reporting fake and scam acts of advertising is important to do.

Consequences of fake Google Ads compressed

Consequences of fake Google Ads

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Detect and report fake Google Ads

In the next section, I will share some important information about the detection and tricks of today’s Google Ads fraudsters and scammers.

Detect unusual signs

The first part will be a few unusual symptoms during your use of Google Ads. This usually does not happen that often, but if you encounter this situation, it is likely that you have been spoofed.

Geo-restricted advertising

This is a form of geographically restricted advertising. This geo-advertising is aimed at customers who live and work in a specific region. For example, if you sell “furniture” products and have your main base in Manila, you want to advertise to some neighboring provinces as well. Advertisers can set up your ads to show only within a radius around the Manila area, limit Clicks and optimize for potential customers.

Limited-time ads

Timeframe ads: Advertisers only allow your ads to show for a certain period, not continuously. For example, your ad only shows for 30 minutes, then stops for 30 minutes; or has keywords that don’t show up at the same time, while your ads are still showing at all times of the day.

Fake report

Giving fake reports: This is one of the ways to deceive customers when companies do not allow customers to receive reports directly from Google, but download and edit the data themselves for the benefit of customers. before sending it to the customer.

Some scam tricks currently

Website owners can check the authenticity by entering the keyword “Google Search Partner” to see a list of partners on Google’s website or clicking the “Certified Partner” icon directly on the provider company’s website. advertising services. If the icon redirects to the company’s listing on Google, it’s an official Google partner.

Another common scam in Google Ads is buying and selling pirated vouchers. Recently, some websites of domestic enterprises were not allowed to advertise through the AdWords system because of the use of invalid discount codes. Google often runs promotions by giving promotional vouchers to new accounts, but it is strictly prohibited to buy, sell or use promotional codes for multiple accounts.

In addition, many speculators have created many AdWords accounts to get vouchers and resell or use them to advertise to customers, this has caused many websites to be blacklisted by Google, seriously affecting online business.

The third trick most businesses encounter is that Google advertising companies generate fake reports of ad clicks and impressions on Google.

Where do I report?

To report fraudulent acts, fake Google Ads, you visit the following link:

Where do I report

Where do I report?

You fill in all the information and submit the application. Application processing time can be from 24-48 hours. Please ensure that the information you enter is completely correct so that Google can take the most accurate measures.


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