Solution To Remove Fake Leads From Facebook Ads In 2024

Sometimes you use Facebook Lead Ads to find new leads in your area. But you only receive fake leads from Facebook Ads. The information you receive back is meaningless, it does not provide you with real customer information and also consumes a lot of your advertising costs. In today’s article, GDT Agency will share with you the solution to end this situation, please pay attention.

Remove fake leads Facebook Ads

Remove fake leads Facebook Ads

Reasons You Have Fake Leads From Facebook Ads

First, you need to clearly understand the reasons why you have to receive fake leads from Facebook Ads. It has many causes, so it is necessary for you to learn to find solutions for specific cases.

Your competitors

This is one of the biggest reasons you might spend a lot of money. If your brand has potential and major developments. Some ad campaigns are performing better than their competitors’ campaigns. You have become a target for your competitors.

Competitors are unpredictable and there are many ways to waste your advertising resources and money. They can hire hackers or large numbers of fake accounts to fill out lead ads forms. This can happen so suddenly, it’s like a lightning attack on your Facebook Ads and takes away all the money you spent on that advertising campaign.

Facebook Ads Bot

To talk about Facebook Ads Bot, this is not just one of each individual’s problems. Even Mark Zuckerberg – CEO of Facebook is still spending millions of dollars every month to fight bad bots on his platform. This is actually a common problem for Facebook users and advertisers operating on this platform. And this is also one of the reasons can create fake leads from Facebook Ads, and this can harmful effect your ads.

To learn more, please refer to my content about Facebook Ads Bot.

Destructive users

We call these destructive users. They really don’t care about the services and products you are advertising but still fill out the Facebook lead ads form. Why do they do that? Sometimes they have nothing to do but sabotage others. Or sometimes they have already taken action on your ad but they still fill out the ad form because they don’t know that it is a waste.

Detructive users

Detructive users

One of the reasons that seem more reasonable is that they have used other brands’ products and services, but are curious to find out what your brand is doing, advertising and consulting. How are the customers? This is obviously not sabotage, but it does damage the budget you are spending on online advertising.

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Solution To Remove Fake Leads From Facebook Ads

Next, I will share simple ways to remove fake leads from Facebook Ads. If you are encountering problems related to fake leads ads, please pay attention to the next content.

Remove duplicate leads

Have you run a lead ad on Facebook and received many duplicate leads filling out the form? It’s annoying when the same person responds to multiple ads, which will definitely waste your budget if you don’t have the right solution. To stop this, follow the instructions below.

Remove duplicate leads

Remove duplicate leads

Besides that, duplicate leads can make you have trouble in optimizing ad costs, One of the most effective ways to optimize costs and maximize profits is to use the Facebook Agency Account For Rent service from us. You can refer that to better optimization.

Create custom audiences

To exclude these Fake Leads from Facebook Ads, you need to create a custom audience. Go to Facebook Audiences and click Create Audience then Custom Audience. Build a custom audience based on your lead form, select those who opened and submitted the form so Facebook Ads scans all of them.

Exclude custom audiences

Now that you have a custom audience of accounts that took action on your ads, you can create a new lead generation ad. In the targeting section, instead of selecting a regular audience, select the custom audience you created. But most importantly in this section, select the Exclude option to exclude people who have submitted the lead form. This ensures that your ad is only shown to new leads and not to people who have already filled out a form.

That’s a way to exclude people who have filled out the Facebook lead ads form. You can then continue advertising to generate new leads, and they won’t be able to see your ad. If you feel that remove fake leads is too hard for you, you can learn how to add agency to Facebook Ad account. This guide can show you how to upgrade your ad account.

All of my above sharing about the Solution To Remove Fake Leads From Facebook Ads is extremely specific and detailed. Hope you will understand and eliminate fake leads from Facebook Ads that waste a lot of advertising budget. This is a premium account that Facebook provides to its partners. It has groundbreaking features that help you easily achieve success when advertising a variety of products and services on Facebook. Contact GDT Agency now:

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