Terms You Must Know About Google Ads Account Limits In 2024

In this article, we’ll guide you through the essential terms you must know about Google Ads account limits. Make sure that the ads work the way you want them to, and don’t let the limitations get in the way of a potential advertising campaign through this content.

Google Ads account limits

Google Ads account limits

For the normal account type, some functions related to advertising, ad groups, and advertising keywords are Google Ads Account limites. As follows:

Campaign and ad group limits

Although the below indicators are very large, but try to pay attention to ads and ad groups so that they do not exceed the above indicators if advertising with a large budget.

  • 10,000 campaigns per account (including active and paused campaigns).
  • Up to 20,000 ad groups in one campaign.
  • 20,000 targeting items per ad group.
  • 300 image ads/carousel ads per ad group.
  • 50 active text ads and non-image/collection ads per ad group.

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Campaign and ad group limits

Campaign and ad group limits

Negative keyword limits

  • 20 shared negative keyword lists per account.
  • Up to 5,000 negative keywords per negative keyword list.
  • Maximum about 10,000 negative keywords per campaign.
  • A review of up to 5,000 negative keywords for campaigns on Display Network and Video.

Please pay attention to the indicators related to negative keywords so that when using Google Ads, you do not exceed the above indicators.

Unlimited Google Ads Account

If the limitations I shared above make you feel uncomfortable and your business needs an account with unlimited features, then you should choose the service from GDT Agency. Currently, we are providing Google Ads Account For Rent service at good prices, this type of account has unlimited features and the ability to handle unlimited ad groups. It is definitely one of the methods that you should not ignore when advertising on Google. The key value is this account have so much unlimited features.

Learn About Google Ads Account Budget Limits

There are the type of restrictions, and their impact on advertisers will be shared below.

What are budget limits?

In Google Ads account limits, monthly budget limits offer you the flexibility to set an account-level cap on your monthly spending, in addition to your daily budgets.

As per Google’s definition, a monthly spend limit represents the “maximum amount you can pay for a campaign over a month.” This feature allows you to override your campaign’s daily budget, ensuring that your spending stops once it reaches the specified threshold. With monthly budget limits, you can maintain better control over your advertising expenses and optimize your budget allocation effectively.

Budget limits 2024

Budget limits

How budget limits affect ad campaigns

When advertisers start allocating budgets for advertising campaigns on Google Ads. They desperately want to limit their budgets because there are so many ad sets to take care of. Setting a maximum ad budget limit for a certain time makes it easier to control your average budget.

If you control the ad groups with a reasonable budget, you can easily adjust the budget, reduce the budget of ineffective ads, and increase the budget of the ads that have good metrics. In short, this is a special and very noticeable feature.


I hope my article “Terms You Must Know About Google Ads Account Limits In 2024” will help you understand some terms and you can use that to run Google Ads effective. If you still have questions about Google Ads, you can refer our Google Ads Blog to learn more knowledge about this paid advertising platform. Or you can also contact GDT Agency Experts right here:

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