How To Get The Google Ads Account Number (Google Ads ID)?

Google Ads account number, also known as the Google Ads ID, plays a crucial role in managing and accessing your Google Ads account. Obtaining this account number is essential for various purposes, such as contacting Google Support or working with a PPC agency or freelancer. 

Google Ads Account Number

How to get the Google Ads Account Number?

In this article, we will explore the simple methods to easily retrieve your Google Ads account number, allowing you to streamline your marketing efforts and enhance collaboration with industry professionals.

What Is A Google Ads ID? How Can I Find It?

Here I will explain to you what a Google Ads account number is, and why it is necessary, important, and simple steps for you to find it. Let’s go!

What is a Google Ads account number (GG Ads ID)

This is a sequence of numbers that Google will also provide to identify your Google Ads account. The Google Ads ID is a 10-digit sequence of numbers. It is usually of the form: 


(Where X can be any number from 0 to 9)

The Google Ads ID is used to identify the account. In cases where your account has problems that need support. The Google team will ask for your ID number. What you need to do is give them the ID to get the fastest resolution of the problem.

How can I find my Google Ads account number (ID)?

To find this sequence of numbers, you just need to follow simple steps like my following guide:

Step 1: You access Google Ads via the link: 

access google ads

Access Google Ads

Step 2: Get the focus on the number like the image below:

Google Ads ID

Google Ads ID

Step 3: Write down and save this number to use in the future when you need help.

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What Is The Google Ads Account Number Used For?

In addition to the account identification. Google Ads ID has even more specific uses. Here are some key benefits and breakdowns for you to understand better.

Google Support Team

When seeking assistance from Google Support, it is important to provide your Google Ads account customer ID number. In cases like your ad has an error, is blocked, or is running ads, then your account is dead. You must contact the Support Team and provide them with the ID to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Contact Support Team

Contact Support Team

In short, this unique identifier serves as a security measure and helps ensure that the support team can accurately address your account-related inquiries.

Support from a PPC Agency or Freelancer

In certain scenarios, you may be requested to share your Google Ads ID with a PPC Google Ads consultant or freelancer. This commonly occurs when establishing a new partnership with a PPC provider, as they may require access to your account for campaign management and performance analysis purposes.

At GDT Agency, if you want us to help solve advertising account problems, you also need to know clearly about the account status as well as the Google Ads ID. If your account is in bad status, you can also refer to Google Ads Account For Rent. We will provide you with a premium advertising account with special features so you can easily surpass your competitors in the same industry.

Furthermore, agencies often utilize Google Ads MCC (My Client Centre), a centralized platform that enables efficient management of multiple client accounts. Sharing your Google Ads ID with an agency using MCC can streamline collaboration and enhance campaign optimization efforts.


Using Google Ads Account Number will be very important if you want to combine Google Ads with 3rd party tools or need support from experts and agencies in handling bad account status. If you have questions related to your Google advertising account, contact us immediately:

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