Google Ads Account Recovery: Explain Some Easy Steps

Are you struggling to regain access to your Google Ads account? Look no further! My expert guide on “Google Ads Account Recovery” is here to help. Discover simple and effective steps to recover your account and resume your advertising journey easily.

Google Ads account recovery

Google Ads account recovery

Easy Steps For Google Ads Account Recovery

In the first part of this article, I will share with you the Google Ads account recovery guide. You just need to follow each step to make it happen. Along with that are some notes during the account recovery process. 

Easy Steps For Google Ads Account Recovery

Step 1: Check your email. When you violate one of Google’s policies. Google will send you content that you have violated, from which you will know the reason so that you can learn from it for the next ad campaign.

step 1 Check your email

Check your email

The content of the email that Google sends you also likely doesn’t tell you which policy you’ve violated. Or just leave 1 link. You can also follow that link to know the link which violates policy.

Step 2: Check your account information again. This is certainly an important step in detecting policy violations. We recommend using the tool to scan web pages, making sure they match the Google Ads content you’re using. At the same time, you should also check both website content and advertising content, compare them again and revise them to comply with Google’s terms.

Step 3: After you check the information and recent advertising content, you can send an email to Google to proceed to get your account back. Or you can contact the Google support team, and provide information about the ad account, to receive the earliest support.

Successful recovery

Successful recovery

Note when do the Google Ads account recovery steps

There are things you must remember or find documents that you have saved, information from your Google Ads account:

  • Google Ads Account Number: also known as Google Ads ID, this is a sequence of numbers that you need to have if you want to be taken care of by the support team from Google.
  • Payment information: including invoices paid with Google Ads, personal information of bank card account holders including account number, full name,…
  • Login information: you will also need to provide your login, Gmail aka Google account, what is your most recent password?
  • If you Rent Google Ads Account from GDT Agency, you will no longer encounter problems such as suspended accounts, suspended accounts, no-spend ads,…

Just stay calm and find the information you need. Losing time and money is possible, but just follow the steps and follow our tips and you have a perfect chance to recover your Google Ads account.

Why Do You Need Google Ads Account Recovery?

One day, you will get a message saying: “Google Ads account has been disabled”. You go crazy and panic. Because that waste a lot of time and money. Here are some reasons that you need Google Ads Account recovery.

Your product is not suitable for Google Ads

In this section, there will be 2 possible cases. The first is that your product violated the advertising policy. Your product or service is subject to Google’s prohibited content. It may involve illegal items or prohibited services. So this makes perfect sense.

Product is not suitable for Google Ads

Product is not suitable for Google Ads

Second, maybe your product is not suitable for advertising. For some industries related to health care, medical, and finance. Google’s stricter control is something you should be concerned about. If the item does not have the certificates, business licenses, has not been identified by high-level authorities. Then your Google Ads account will be suspended.

These could be big updates from Google regarding the terms when users advertise on the platform. Your satisfaction with the old terms does not mean that all of the new terms have been met. Make sure you stay focused and understand the latest advertising terms.

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Do not pay for advertising

Some rare cases when you advertise on Google will happen, for example when you advertise CPC (cost-per-click) competitors using fake click-increasing software. And Google can make you pay for things you don’t want. You know it and don’t want to pay this fee. At that time, Google will suspend your account. In this case, it is best to try to pay and report the case to Google.

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