Classify: Google Ads Account Type & Google Ads Type Detailed

When it comes to Google Ads account type, understanding the different account types is crucial for effective campaign management. In this article, we will explore the classification of Google Ads accounts and delve into the most detailed advertising features they offer. Whether you’re an advertiser, agency, or business owner, this comprehensive guide will provide valuable insights to optimize your advertising efforts. Get ready to navigate the world of Google Ads and unlock its full potential.

Google Ads Account Type

Google Ads Account Type

Classify: Google Ads Account Types

Currently, this paid advertising platform provides 3 Google Ads account type of accounts for users. That is:

Personal account

For personal Google Ads account type, Gmail registers with your name. Payments are sent in your real name. Payment of invoices from Google Ads is under your control.

Business account

For business Google Ads account type, the company will own its own Gmail for business. It can communicate with partners and customers. Named after the tail structure is the private domain name of the business website. Payment is sent to the company name of that business.

Rate 2 types of Google Ads accounts above, there isn’t much of a difference in the Google Ads account service. Any account type can be used to advertise and pay as usual. And we come to the third and most distinct account type: Google Ads agency account

Agency account

For the agency Google Ads account type. This is a premium account that only premium Google partners in the Google Partners program can own. This account type, when used to set up an advertising campaign, will have certain incentives, promotions, and outstanding features.

Agency account

Agency account

The first is the ability to run ads with an unlimited number of campaigns, with no budget minimum. Next, this account has a high reputation and security from Google, so it is very difficult to die when using this account, and some outstanding advantages such as receiving a promotional code of $ 383. The above are all advantages points that the normal account does not have.

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Classification Of The Most Popular Google Ads Types

There are many types of Google ads, but in this article, I only focus on sharing the knowledge around the 5 most common and most used types of advertising. At the same time, in my personal opinion, they are also the types of ads that you should take the time to learn because they bring the highest marketing effectiveness.

Google Search Ads

These text-based ads appear on the Google search engine results pages, either at the top or bottom. By targeting keywords with buyer intent, you can reach potential customers who are actively searching for your product or service, improving visibility and driving conversions.

Google search ads

Google search ads

The advantage of Google Search Ads is that it is effective quickly, you just need to create an advertising campaign on Google Ads and make a deposit, and your ads will appear in front of thousands of potential customers. If your ad is really engaging, it generates conversions and instant revenue.

Currently, Google uses Machine Learning technology to support Google Ads users. Understanding new mechanisms and optimizing ads for machine learning needs you to always learn, absorb, improve, and fight with Google ads every day.

Google Display Ads

Image-based ads are shown on websites, Gmail, apps, and videos. They allow you to target an audience that might be interested in your services, increase brand awareness, and reach potential customers early in the buying cycle.

Display network example

Display network example

Google’s display network is very wide, so Google’s display advertising option is very reasonable for advertising campaigns where you want to cover images, and brand content widely and quickly.

When combining Machine Learning with a smart bidding strategy. You can achieve success with Google Display Ads.

Google Video Ads

With over 2 billion YouTube users, YouTube video ads can effectively target audiences based on their viewing interests. By using demographic targeting, you can reach your ideal audience by age, gender, and interests, maximizing engagement and messaging.

Video ads 1

Video ads

Using Google Video Ads is now the right choice. In the cyber environment where users are watching more videos. Especially for short video formats, it is very reasonable to choose Google Video Ads to put advertising messages on the Youtube platform.

If you are smart, skillful in combining content and advertising messages you want to convey in the first 5 seconds of the promotional video. Keeping viewers of your ads and generating conversions is bound to happen. And the fact that they capture the advertising information on the video always remembers it longer than reading regular text content.

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Google Shopping Ads

Product-based ads are shown specifically for product searches on Google. These ads include product images, titles, prices, store names, and reviews, providing shoppers with essential information before visiting an online store. Ideal for driving traffic and increasing sales for e-commerce businesses.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads

Using Google Shopping Ads will make users feel secure with your brand’s products. They are provided with preliminary information, especially the price. If your brand has a more competitive price, information, product origin is clear, prevail over competitor products. It is natural for buyers to close purchase orders right on the website through Shopping Ads.

Google Discovery Ads

A new advertising service introduces products/services to potential customers. These ads leverage machine learning to optimize campaigns across YouTube, Gmail, and Google Discovery feeds, ensuring relevant and personalized content reaches their target audience.

Google Discovery Ads

Google Discovery Ads

Discovery Ads are a new form of advertising, but new forms of advertising always receive the attention of marketers. Since this type of advertising has the same advantages as display advertising, it is easy to reach customers with similar interests.

Make the most of Google’s advertising options to effectively enhance your online presence, drive conversions, and achieve your business goals.


As I said above, the Google Ads agency account offers a lot of advantages for advertisers. Owning your advertising agency account will help your advertising campaign achieve the highest efficiency in terms of reach and budget optimization. I also hope my content about “Classify: Google Ads Account Type & Google Ads Type Detailed“. Immediately contact GDT Agency to receive this optimal advertising solution.

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