How To 100% Successful Google Ads Account Verification?

Google Ads account verification is an advertiser verification process and is required by Google AdWords. This process applies to all advertising accounts on Google, whether new or old, belonging to an individual or a business entity.

Google Ads account verification

Google Ads account verification 100% Successful

If you do not perform Google AdWords account identity verification, there is a risk that your ad account will be locked. The following article will show you how to verify your Google Ads identity in the most detail, stay tuned.

When you’re running ads on Google Ads, you’ll receive an email requesting identify Google Ads account verification (sent to an account manager). Specific information is as follows:

In April 2020, we announced that we would verify the identity of every advertiser using Google Ads.

Now it’s your turn to contribute to a more transparent web:

For your ads to continue running, a Google agency account administrator must initiate advertiser identity verification for the following accounts:

Day/month/year for Account Name – CID.

Identity verification on Google Ads has been regulated for a long time. Regardless of whether your ad account is new or old, you must go through this verification process only once.

What Happens Without Google ADS Account Identity Verification?

In the email, Google also informs you that:

Within 30 days (time mentioned), you must verify your Google Ads identity if you do not want your account to be locked.

Let’s clarify the seriousness of this requirement:

  • Your ad account will be suspended and suspended.
  • Unable to resume ad delivery.
  • Affect your business.
  • Advertising money may be suspended.

In this case, the trouble around the account problem will occur. What you need to do is Rent Google Ads Account from us. You will be supported from A-Z with difficult issues related to Google Ads accounts.

Who Needs Google Ads Identity Verification

Every Google Ads account must be uniquely verified. This applies to:

  • Both the old unverified account and the new account.
  • Account verification requests must be received via notification.
  • Apply to MCC (Multi-Account Management) account or personal account.
  • Applies to businesses or individuals using Google Ads.

I wants to emphasize that identity verification on Google Ads is required for every account, only once. Any new account you create will be subject to this rule.

What To Prepare For Google ADS Account Verification?

Google Ads identity verification requirements apply to both individuals and businesses across all ad accounts. To prepare for this process, you will need:

Prepare your consistent information and contact:

  • If you are an individual running an unregistered ad (not a company), you need to prepare a Citizen Identity Card image.
  • For businesses, you need to prepare certificates, business registration licenses, and additional documents depending on your industry.

Account verification required

Account verification required

Example: If you are an accounting firm, in addition to personal information and identity, you need to prove the relationship and provide the relevant license. Specifically, for an accounting firm, a business license is a requirement, but an additional license is not required because it is the type of support for the business.

In case you are a business company with a business that requires a mandatory license, you need to add the most accurate information.

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Identity verification in Google Ads is the process by which Google requires verification of information about the legal name and location of an individual or an advertiser organization (depending on the account type you choose).

Google will determine whether you are an advertiser or an organization based on the account type you choose.

Declare business information

Here, you will declare whether you are a Google Agency Ads Account or an organization running your brand.

Next, based on the previous answer, if you choose to be an advertising agency, Google will ask you about verifying “Advertiser” or “customer”, and if you choose to be a private brand, you will choose who pays for the ad.

Then you will declare information about your business line and click Continue.

The next step is to verify the information about the organization (must match the account type you declared).

Many people will wonder about the account type (or payments profile type). This is related to the payments profile you created from scratch. You can go to the account interface, click on Settings Tools, select the Payments Column, then you will see the corresponding payment profile.

For each type of account, you need separate documents. Stay with me to learn more details.

Identity Verification in Google Ads for Personal Account Type

For the Personal account type, advertisers need to upload one of the following four documents:

  • Passport
  • Citizen Identity Card
  • Driving license
  • Residence permit

It is required that the NAME and ADDRESS on the document match the payment record. During this process, the information on the original payments profile must not be changed. So make sure that the name and address in the payments profile match the actual information on the paper.

Identity verification

Identity verification

You will then follow the steps required by Google.

Sometimes, if your photo ID is blurry, out of focus, or the document is too old, Google will send an email about this. In this case, you can take another, clear image and send it back.

Once you have filled in the information and are accepted, you will receive a confirmation email. The verification process will complete like this.

Identity Verification in Google Ads for the Organization Account Type

For the Foundation account type, you need to upload one of the following three documents:

  • Certificate of business registration
  • Investment registration certificate
  • Certificate of DUNS

Similar to personal account verification, the documents you submit must be photographed, as Google staff will conduct in-person checks.

Please note that the above is only a summary, and you need to follow specific instructions from Google to complete the identity verification process successfully.

Points to note when verifying the Organization account type

Use a legal name for verification: You must use the legal name of the organization for verification because many companies often have a different legal name than the registered domain name or brand name. This is especially important when multiple people may have their brand names.

Brand visibility: Keep in mind that your verification information may later show up on a brand page in a certain pattern.

Business address: The address needs to match the information on the organization’s business license, not an office or other address.

In Conclude

Above is content I wanna share about the process of Google Ads advertiser verification and business verification. Hope this information will be useful to you. If you have any questions or want to discuss any issues, do not hesitate to contact GDT Agency immediately for the fastest support.

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