How To Run Google Ads Affiliate Program Effective In 2024?

This article, titled “How to run Google Ads Affiliate Program effectively in 2024?” will help you understand each step of running Google Ads for the Affiliate Program efficiently. It covers everything from basic steps to get started to some advanced tricks. If you’re stuck and haven’t found the optimal method for Google Ads for the Affiliate Program, follow this entire article to learn more about it.

Run Google Ads affiliate program effective

Run Google Ads affiliate program effective

Running Google Ads Affiliate Program Effectively: Getting Started 

When starting with the Google Ads Affiliate Program, thorough market research is crucial if you want to have a successful affiliate marketing campaign. Understanding the affiliate marketing market involves:

Understanding affiliate platforms

Getting a clear understanding of various affiliate platforms can help you identify reputable ones for long-term collaboration. Simply put, these platforms are just projects of some media company, and they also have failure rates, making your efforts go to waste. Therefore, make sure to thoroughly research before making decisions.

For better understanding affiliate Google Ads, you can refer my article about “5+ Valuable Google Ads Affiliate Marketing Course For You“. I have shared some valuable course for newbie or just wanna find out new knowledge about this term.

Explore high commission affiliate programs

Within a specific affiliate platform, there’s a percentage division of commission among products and industries. Therefore, focus on monitoring and running Google Ads for industries with high commission rates to offset potentially high advertising costs later on.

Explore high commission affiliate programs

Explore high commission affiliate programs

Understanding Low-Competition Products

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations – you’re not alone in exploring the Google Ads Affiliate Program. Many others (possibly even reading this article) are researching and planning to develop affiliate channels and run Google Ads for them.

What I want to convey here is: The affiliate marketing market is becoming increasingly competitive over time. Many high-commission products face significant competition from marketers in various places. Therefore, researching low-competition products is essential if you want to run a profitable Google Ads Affiliate Program.

Customer Research

When it comes to understanding customers, primarily focusing on demographics, behaviors, and preferences, the most important thing is to grasp a few basic methods to quickly query information from the audience.

Customer research

Customer research

Here, I want to guide you through specific and straightforward ways to gather such information, including:

  • Utilizing Ad Targeting: This is a method I often use because it’s simple and free (or even more effective if you pay for it).
  • Running small-scale, low-budget Google Ads Campaigns for testing: This is a trick I use when I really want to understand customer information that I need to focus on. I allocate a lifetime budget of about $8-$10 for the campaign and receive important information, then save it for future use.
  • Some available customer insight tools: These include YouTube Analytics, Google Trends, Google Analytics, etc.
  • Using third-party tools: Some third-party tools can really help you quickly and effectively see important customer information, such as HubSpot, Hunter, Right Inbox, etc.

After understanding your customers, you can move on to the next step, which is signing up for an affiliate marketing program from a reputable platform.

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Signing Up For A Trusted Affiliate Marketing Platform

The next step is to register with a reputable affiliate platform. You’ll need to verify your identity and add a payment method to receive money when running the affiliate program. For specific information, you can refer my article about Google Affiliate Program Sign Up for deeply understanding how to sign up for trusted affiliate platform.

Most affiliate marketing platforms nowadays require you to make contracts with authentic information. While it may sound a bit time-consuming, in reality, it’s not. It’s extremely fast and crucial for you to establish long-term cooperation with that platform for future campaigns.

Creating A Google Ads MCC

The next crucial step to effectively run the Google Ads Affiliate Program is to create an MCC (My Client Center) account. Why not a personal Google Ads account? Simply put, with MCC, you can manage multiple Google Ads accounts simultaneously, and it’s also incredibly fast in terms of invoice processing. Of course, if you plan to increase your budget and expand advertising in the future, MCC will be the key to doing so.

Create a Google Ads MCC

Create a Google Ads MCC

Another equally high-quality account type is the Google Agency Ads Account. Currently, this account type is not publicly available. The simple way to use it is through renting an account service from GDT Agency. We provide this service to help customers have the most comfortable experience when running Google Ads. You no longer have to worry about ads being suspended, rejected, or stuck in the review process.

Creating Batch Google Ad Copies

Typically, affiliate marketers only use a few specific ad templates, which isn’t very effective. If you truly want to excel in this realm, I recommend using several content, image, and video creation tools like Canva, Midjourney, ChatGPT, Bard, etc.

Creating batch google ad copies

Creating batch google ad copies

Why so many? The answer lies in the more ad resources you prepare, the easier it is to find high-performing ad templates. And when multiple high-performing ad templates are displayed, that’s when you generate significant profits, isn’t it?

Creating Google Ads For Affiliate Program

Actually, managing and running Google Ads for Affiliate Program requires many things to consider. It is a process and many different ways to approach and do it effectively. Basically, you need to do the steps below:

  • Build a website or advertising channel: Create a quality website/blog/Youtube channel/fanpage to introduce products and attract potential customers.
  • Determine objective: Choose appropriate campaign objectives, for example: attract website visits, increase conversion rates, maximize clicks, etc.
  • Choose your campaign type/ad format: Google Ads offers a variety of campaign types, choose the one that suits your goals and products.
  • Set up a campaign: Choose keywords, write engaging ad copy, set a budget, and track campaign performance.
  • Track and optimize: Use Google Ads tools to track campaign effectiveness, click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate (CR), etc.
  • Optimize the campaign after the ad is approved: Align budget, adjust advertising content, remove ineffective keywords to optimize campaign effectiveness.

Creating Google Ads for affiliate program

Creating Google Ads for affiliate program

If you want everything to be clear and easy to understand, I have shared very specifically about this content in the article “Guide On How To Create Google Ads For Affiliate Marketing“. You can refer to it to gain more valuable knowledge.

Some Notes During Running Google Ads Affiliate Program

In the next section of the article, I will provide some specific notes and advice during the process of running the Google Ads Affiliate Program. If you’re truly stuck or haven’t been able to optimize your Google Ads affiliate program, make sure to read it carefully.

Stay cool with Google Ads Policy compliance

Don’t get on Google’s bad side! You must stick to their rules and play nice with Google Ads Policy For Affiliate Marketing. Trust me, it’s not worth the headache.

Stay cool with Google Ads Policy compliance

Stay cool with Google Ads Policy compliance

Get friendly with your audience

Know your customer crowd like the back of your hand. Craft ads that speak their language and tickle their interests. 

There truly isn’t a specific method to instantly create friendliness or earn trust from customers. However, the most effective way is to dedicate time to experimenting with different ad formats, as I mentioned earlier in this article.

Keyword treasure hunt

Dive deep into keyword research to unearth those golden nuggets. Focus on ones that light up the screens of audiences. You should focus on selecting keywords that meet the following criteria:

  • Low difficulty
  • Low competition with competitors
  • Conversion-focused keywords
  • Keywords with high volume

Diverse affiliate marketing methods

Choosing a variety of affiliate marketing platforms and a variety of different affiliate marketing methods can also be a direction. When you participate in many affiliate marketing methods to advertise, you will have a lot of diverse knowledge and will also help your marketing channels not be boring.
I want to suggest you something cool here. Nowadays, Amazon Affiliate Google Ads can also be an excellent choice. With special incentives and very attractive terms for affiliate marketers on Amazon, you can refer to how Amazon Affiliate Google Ads works in my previous article.

Ad Copy Charm

Your ad copy needs to be like a smooth talker at a party – captivating and irresistible. You can reel ’em in with words that make them nod and click.

About Website/Landing Page 

Roll out the red carpet for your website/landing page visitors. Your landing pages should be the VIP lounge of the internet – welcoming, enticing, and easy to navigate.

About Website Landing page

About Website/Landing page

Performance tracking 101

Keep your finger on the pulse of your campaigns. Track metrics like a hawk and pivot when needed. It’s like a dance, but with numbers.

It’s best to monitor your ads regularly to detect any anomalies. You’ll be able to optimize advertising costs significantly by diligently tracking ad performance.

Budgeting like a boss

Money talks, but overspending walks. You should set your budget that won’t break the bank and be ready to shuffle funds around like a pro poker player. 

Budgeting like a boss

Budgeting like a boss

In this section, I have a piece of advice for you: try to optimize your budget whenever possible. If you find this too challenging, you can also directly contact GDT Agency to seek assistance from paid advertising experts.

Spying on the competition

Keep your competitors close. Watch what they’re up to in the market and make your move with finesse. I advise you to invest in third-party tools to track your competitors effectively. You also need to understand their strategies and how they deploy advertising content to find the best methods to surpass them.


Above is the entire content I wanted to share with you for a clear understanding of how to effectively run the Google Ads Affiliate Program, saving costs, and achieving high profits. If you have any questions related to Google Ads or Google Ads Account, please contact GDT Agency. Our team of pay-per-click advertising experts is always ready to assist you 24/7 whenever you encounter any issues.

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