How To Run Google Ads Combined Audiences Effective 2024?

How to run Google Ads Combined Audiences effectively in 2024? This article will focus on answering this question from various perspectives. It also includes basic information for newcomers to quickly understand Google Ads. The last part of this article includes some tricks for you to use Combined Audience Google Ads effectively, so stay tuned if you don’t want to miss out on one of the important ways to outperform your competitors.

Run Google Ads Combined Audiences

Run Google Ads Combined Audiences

What Are Google Ads Combined Audience?

Google Ads Combined Audiences (or Combined Audience Google Ads) is a feature that allows you to combine multiple targeting segments to create a specific persona representing your target audience.

What are Google Ads Combined Audience

What are Google Ads Combined Audience?

If this definition still seems vague to you, here is how Google Ads Combined Audiences work for better understanding:

  • You can combine segments based on interests, behaviors, demographics, geographic locations, etc. (In the “Combined Segments” section that I will share later). This creates an audience file with corresponding interests or intentions. It’s similar to combining Ad Groups, but here it’s Combined Audience.
  • For example, you can combine the segment “Travel Enthusiasts” with segments like “High Income” and “Age 25-45” to create the persona of “Affluent Travelers.”
  • When you select a Combined Audience, your ads will be displayed to people who belong to all the segments you’ve chosen.

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How To Create Combined Audiences Google Ads?

To create Combined Audiences in Google Ads, you can follow these simple steps below. Let’s begin by accessing your Google Ads account:

Access your Google Ads account

If you already have a Google Ads account, you can access the Ads Manager to get started. If not, you’ll need to create or use your Google account (or Gmail) to set up your ad manager.

Access Google Ads Manager

Access Google Ads Manager

Access Audience Manager

Follow these steps: Click on ‘Traffic‘ -> ‘Shared library‘ -> ‘Audience manager‘.

Access Audience Manager

Access Audience Manager

Create Combined Segments

Next, click on ‘Combined Segments‘ -> The blue plus sign on the left. The steps to perform this are clearly illustrated in the image below:

Access Combined Segments

Create Combined Segments

A window titled ‘New combined audience segment‘ will appear. You can begin adding new segments:

Name your segment then Add Segments

Name your segment then “Add Segments”

You can add additional segments by clicking on ‘Narrow your segment (AND)‘ and selecting options like age, gender, location from the dropdown menu:

Click Narrow your segment

Click “Narrow your segment”

Or you can exclude certain segments by clicking on ‘Exclude segments (NOT)‘:

Or click Exclude Segments

Or click “Exclude Segments”

When you’re done, you can click on ‘Create‘ to create Combined Audiences Google Ads.

How To Run Google Ads Combined Audiences Effectively?

To run Google Ads Combined Audiences effectively, you always need to remain calm. Nowadays, customer needs or purchase intentions are becoming very diverse. So how do you get it right? Let’s follow the content below.

It requires you to dedicate time

Combined Audiences may be more complex than other targeting options. It requires you to dedicate time to carefully study the behavior, interests, and demographics of customers. Simply put, for different demographics, interests, and intentions may vary.

It requires you to dedicate time

It requires you to dedicate time

Pause for a moment here, Combined Audience requires you to synthesize all of that into one (or a few audience groups). So if you don’t dedicate time to it, you may miss out on specific interests or intentions that could potentially generate high profits for you.

It requires careful research

You need to ensure that the segments you choose are relevant to each other to create an effective target audience. If you don’t do well in this aspect, such as selecting two unrelated interests, it won’t be effective or generate a large number of conversions.

It requires careful research

It requires careful research

When researching to create Google Ads Combined Audiences, you need to pay attention to specific customer needs or purchase intentions.

For example, when using Google Ads Audience for an energy drink product, you need to thoroughly understand some related interests and behaviors such as “lemon-flavored energy drinks” or “sugar-free energy drinks”. Next, you also need to carefully consider whether your product truly fits the new Combined Audience you have created before making decisions about building appropriate ads.

It requires diligent monitoring, optimization

You should monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns and adjust segments when necessary. For some campaigns using Google Ads Combined Audiences, you also need to monitor regularly and filter out ineffective ads. For such ads, you may need to reduce the budget, continue monitoring, or if it performs poorly, turn it off.

It requires diligent monitoring optimization

It requires diligent monitoring, optimization

Conversely, if it’s performing well, with good performance indicators and increasing ROI, then you should consider increasing the budget, spending more to maximize profits.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, I want you to understand that Google Ads Combined Audiences will be truly effective if you take the time to research. Combined with diligent monitoring and optimization of ads, or even using Google Agency Account Rent from us to achieve the best results. Any inquiries or serious issues related to Google Ads Account will be addressed if you contact GDT Agency through the information below:

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