Why You Must Use Google Ads For Amazon Listings In 2024?

Why should you run Google Ads for Amazon Listings? The answer to this question will be analyzed very specifically in this article. Running Amazon Ads is quite decent, but if you combine it with other platforms like Google Ads, it can sometimes create surprising results. Especially in the context of Amazon, about 32% of business owners are using Google Ads for their products. Pay attention and read the entire article to not miss out on important information about Google Ads to Amazon Listing.

Google Ads for Amazon Listings

Google Ads for Amazon Listings

Why Is Google Ads For Amazon Listings? 

In the beginning part of the article, I will analyze the main reasons for you to understand why it is necessary to run Google Ads for Amazon Listings. To be able to run Google Ads for Amazon Listings, you need to understand some advantages of Google Ads for Amazon Listings as follows:

Expanded Reach

While Amazon Ads is a significant platform, utilizing Google Ads allows you to reach potential customers who may not actively search on Amazon but are using Google to find products.

Expanded reach

Expanded reach

Typically, products available on Amazon, may not display prominently to users searching on this platform. User behavior often involves seeking important information about the product, such as reviews and quality assessments, on Google. So why not use Google Ads for Amazon Listings?

Targeted Advertising

Google Ads allows you to target specific keywords and demographics, enabling you to reach users actively searching for products similar to yours. Targeting users with purchasing intent can be highly effective in increasing conversion rates.

Increasing visibility

As I shared in the content above, by appearing in both Google search results and Amazon listings, you increase the visibility of your product, potentially leading to higher sales volume and brand visibility.

Campaign control

With Google Ads, you have full control over your advertising campaigns, including budget, targeting, and ad content, allowing you the flexibility to optimize and adjust your strategies as needed.

Campaign control

Campaign control

Comparing to Amazon Ads, Google Ads proves to be significantly efficient in managing multiple ad groups and campaigns, especially when you create an MCC (My Client Center). It’s also convenient for data extraction and managing metrics of bulk ad copies.

Diversification of traffic sources

Relying solely on Amazon for sales can pose risks. By using Google Ads for Amazon Listings, you diversify your traffic sources, reducing dependency on any single platform and minimizing potential risks associated with changes in Amazon’s algorithms or policies.

Furthermore, when using Google Ads, you can reach a diverse audience from various platforms because Google Display Ads’ network is extensive. To understand this better, continue reading the following content below.

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What Type Of Google Ads Should You Use For Amazon Listings?

If you’re just starting with Google Ads for Amazon Listings, it can be challenging to choose the right type of advertising. Currently, Google Ads offers a variety of ad types for you to choose from: Search, Display, Shopping, Video, Smart, and Discovery. In this article, I will focus on analyzing the 3 most suitable types of ads for Amazon Listings, which are: Google Display Ads, Google Search Ads, and Google Video Ads.

Google Video Ads for Amazon Listing

Google video ads allow you to reach people using YouTube. Currently, YouTube Shorts and short-form content that includes product reviews are becoming increasingly popular. If you miss out on them, you’re missing out on a large number of potential customers.

Google Video Ads for Amazon listing

Google Video Ads for Amazon listing

Creating simple videos for advertising purposes has become extremely easy. What you need to do is identify the pain points of your customers, create content in the video that highlights the benefits and value of your product. Try to seamlessly integrate them. Additionally, creating quality CTAs in your video is also something you should focus on.

Google Search Ads for Amazon Listing

Search ads appear on the first page when users search for a particular keyword. They are highly prominent and can easily lead to conversions if done correctly. Although it may sound simple, the most important aspect of creating Google Search Ads is spending time and effort to build a converting keyword set.

Google Search Ads for Amazon listing

Google Ads for Amazon listings: Search Ads

So, what exactly is a converting keyword set? It’s the set of keywords you choose when creating your Google Ads for Amazon campaign. Why is it necessary? The converting keyword set helps you target customers with higher purchasing intent. How do you get an appropriate converting keyword set? You need to search and use tools such as Keyword Planner or and ensure 4 conditions are met:

  • Keywords or keyword phrases must contain purchasing intent keywords: For example, if you’re advertising toothbrushes, you need to search and select additional converting keywords like: buy toothbrush, buy affordable toothbrush, where to buy cheap toothbrushes, etc.
  • Keywords should have low competition: Keywords with low difficulty won’t face competition from other advertisers.
  • Keywords shouldn’t have too low search volume: Keywords with very low search volume (less than 10) won’t be effective due to limited visibility.
  • Keywords should have low cost: Metrics like bid prices, CPC, CPM, need to be low for you to compete easily and save advertising costs.

Google Display Ads for Amazon Listing

Google Display Ads utilize Google’s display network, distributing your ads to apps and websites provided by Google. This can include platforms like YouTube, Gmail, etc. The key point here is that Google’s display network is extensive and uses AI to distribute ads that align with user information.

Google Display Ads for Amazon listing

Google Display Ads for Amazon listing

For Google Display Ads, AI works to optimize performance and gradually distribute ads to suitable audiences. Therefore, you need to maintain and use content focused on the product you’re advertising.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, using Google Ads for Amazon Listings is highly suitable. To make it effective and optimize performance, you can consider renting a Google Agency Ad Account from us. We provide you with excellent services to optimize ads and scale them without encountering frustrating limitations from Google. If you have any issues related to paid advertising, don’t hesitate to contact GDT Agency. We’re ready to address your concerns and provide support whenever you need.

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