How To Use Google Ads Lookalike Audience Effective 2024?

This article focuses on answering the question “How to use Google Ads Lookalike Audience effectively?“. If you are focusing on paid advertising on Google and want to learn how to use Lookalike Audience in Google Ads to increase conversions and maximize performance, then this article is definitely for you. Please read the entire article to learn specifically about Google Ads Lookalike Audience.

Google Ads Lookalike Audience

Google Ads Lookalike Audience

What Is Google Ads Lookalike Audience?

Google Ads Lookalike Audience is a feature that helps you reach new customers who are likely to convert, based on your existing customer list. In other words, Google will analyze data about your current leads and find people with similar behavior and interests on the internet. In my own opinion, this is the most effective tool for finding new audiences with the need to convert to your product/service in the fastest way.

What is Google Ads Lookalike Audience

What is Google Ads Lookalike Audience?

How Does Google Ads Lookalike Audiences Work?

In the next section, I will explain how Google Ads Lookalike Audience works. If you really need this feature for your remarketing campaign on Google Ads, you need to understand this part. Here’s how Google Ads lookalike audience works:

  • Provide a customer list: Start by providing Google Ads with your existing customer list, such as an email list or phone numbers.
  • Google analyzes the data: Google will analyze data about the behavior, interests, and demographics of the customers in your list.
  • Find new audiences: Google will use the information collected to find new people who have similar behavior and interests as your current customers.
  • Target your ads: Once you’ve identified your lookalike audience, you can target your ads to them on Google Ads.

How does Google Ads Lookalike Audiences work

How does Google Ads Lookalike Audiences work?

Note: Google Ads Lookalike Audiences primarily focuses on new audiences with similar information to those who have converted or interacted with your ads on Google. If you really want to control or upload existing user information before you start using this feature, you should refer to my article on Google Ads Custom Audience.

How To Use Lookalike Audience In Google Ads?

In the next section, I will guide you specifically on how to use Google Ads Lookalike Audience effectively. If you don’t want to miss out on the interesting things and specific ways to optimize Google Ads Lookalike Audience, keep reading.

Choose a Lookalike audience type

Google Ads Audience offers two types of lookalike audiences for you to use:

  • Customer list-based lookalike audience: This audience type uses your existing customer list to find new people with similar behavior and interests.
  • Website-based lookalike audience: This type uses data from your website to find new people who are likely to be interested in your product or service.

Choose a location

You can choose to target your lookalike audience in a specific location or worldwide. This depends on the scale of your business and the potential of your product. If you have a business model with the ability to ship globally, you can use this feature to find customers who are looking to buy products worldwide.

Choose a location

Choose a location

Choose a budget

You need to set a budget for your Lookalike Audience campaign. Based on my personal experience with Google Ads, you should start with a small budget to experiment and measure. Then, you can gradually filter out the appropriate Lookalike Audience Lists.

Choose a budget

Choose a budget

Once you have Lookalike Audience Lists that match good advertising metrics and are likely to generate quality conversions, you can completely increase the budget and even scale with these Audience Lists. The next step is to track the effectiveness of the campaign.

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Track the effectiveness

Track the effectiveness of your Google Ads Lookalike Audience campaign using Google Analytics. Google Analytics now provides you with all the tools you need to analyze advertising, website metrics, or the landing page you are using to advertise.

Track the effectiveness

Track the effectiveness

In my experience, tracking the effectiveness of advertising requires you to spend a lot of time and frequency. The harder you track, the sooner you will detect problems with your Google ads, and from there you can come up with timely solutions.


In conclusion, it is clear that Google Ads Lookalike Audience will be effective if you know how to use it properly. In my opinion, you need to take the time to read and understand more Google Ads optimization tips and combine it with regular use. Your own Google Ads experience will be the most valuable experience. If you need help solving problems related to your advertising account, please contact the GDT Agency advertising expert team immediately via the information below:

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