What Is Google Ads? Why You Cannot Ignore This Ad Platform?

Nowadays, in the era of explosive information technology, Google is one of the most popular search engines. Because this tool page increases opportunities to reach customers in large numbers for businesses on digital platforms. Google Ads, also known as Google Adword, takes a great advantage to reach customers quickly, creating favorable conditions for businesses.

What Is Google Advertising?

Google Ads, also known as Google Adwords, is one of the products that provide paid advertising services on search engines (Google Adword) and display advertising (Google Adsense). This advertising channel is considered to bring about very high results with optimized costs.

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This ad platform help individuals, organizations or businesses reach targeted customers most effectively. Google Ads allows engine tool find customers according to certain needs and criteria.

In addition, you can create advertising campaigns in many different forms to find customers, increase conversions along with revenue to bring profit. Also, there’s retargeting using GDN or the latest favorite Google Shopping trend.

The Cost Of Google Ads?

When you run Google Ads ads, you need to bid to get specific action. Google Ads has the advantage of not being charged if a customer sees it but doesn’t click to view it. There are many specific bidding goals such as: Each click on the web, 1000 ads, each video View, each App install, etc.

Beside fixed costs, Google charges based on a number of factors:

Landing page quality: If the website is better optimized and puts users first, the cost will be cheaper.

Bid: For higher paying ads, Google will give preference.

Fields, industries: Highly competitive fields such as real estate, beauty, tourism, etc. will have higher costs in general.

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The Effectiveness Google Ads Bring?

With the Google Advertising ecosystem, you can completely cover everywhere a potential audience appears. Besides, Google owns a huge data collection of information and user behavior. Therefore, the ads show more effectively to the audience related to the keywords that you have set up earlier. For better advertising optimization, you should Rent Google Ads Account from us.

Google Ads is the platform that knows best about the customers needs today. Thanks to that, it will bring the best results because you will target people who search with specific keywords. So that Google understands customers through search and other product usage behavior such as Youtube, Gmail, Chrome, etc.

The Relationship Between Google Ads And SEO?

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Benefits of Google Ads

Google Advertising gives quick results and generates instant profits. Therefore, if you optimize ads on Google, the ability to expand with great profits. After only about 5 minutes from setting up the ad, the Website was displayed right on Google’s search results at the ad group. However, Google Ads need a budget to rotate capital. Besides, you have to bear the risk of heavy loss if you do not know how to run or are poorly optimized.

Benefits of SEO? 

Good website SEO helps you to achieve high rankings on Google search results in the long run without paying Google. Not only that, it also brings an abundant source of access. If optimized well, you will not only have a high conversion rate, but also gain great benefits without spending a lot of money.

However, the risk of this method is to waste time and effort in vain if you do not know the strategy or optimize it in the wrong way. But if you have excellent SEO skills, it might take 6 months – 1 year for the Website to show up on the top of Google Search results.

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In short, each method has its own advantages and depending on the financial potential, skills, human resources, etc., you can choose the method that suits you most. You can also combine both of these methods to deliver breakthrough business growth.

Google Adwords are suitable for all organizations and businesses. You can take advantage of this form of advertising proactively, depending on finance or human resources, geography, etc. Even more, it is the perfect choice to achieve the high efficiency in a quick time. If you have any questions or need detailed information about google ads, please contact GDT Agency right away!

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