Creative Ideas For Home Improvement Facebook Ads In 2024

Today, home improvement services are promoting online advertising for revenue growth, Home Improvement Facebook Ads is no exception. Facebook Ads has been one of the most successful advertising platforms since its launch. It is suitable for many types of products and services. So how to advertise home improvements most effectively? Follow this article from me to find the most accurate answer.

Home Improvement Facebook Ads

Home Improvement Facebook Ads

Creative Ideas For Home Improvement Facebook Ads

In the first part of today’s article, I will talk about creative, groundbreaking ideas for home improvement Facebook Ads. These ideas are for a variety of campaign goals. These can be campaigns to increase brand awareness, or they can also be campaigns that create direct conversion orders. Let’s find out.

Seasonal advertising campaign

At first glance, it seems that seasonal advertising campaigns are campaigns for clothing products, household appliances, etc. However, home improvement services are extremely suitable for such advertising. They are concerned that during periods of the year, how to improve home components to suit the weather of that season.

Seasonal advertising campaign

Seasonal advertising campaign

If you can take advantage of advertising content to highlight weather-appropriate home content, you have the key to gaining great interest from customers in the area. When winter comes, if you can improve the kitchen and living room to make it more cozy. Why don’t you put it into a Facebook advertising campaign, I think it will be very feasible. Please research carefully and choose the appropriate advertising type.

Provide information in the style of an expert

Viewers will always feel like they have learned a lot of knowledge if you share some important things related to home protection. Use the exclusive knowledge only you know and the style of an industry expert to attract customers and increase brand awareness.

You can build a specific strategy to have many ads of this type. It will be divided into episodes and parts. The important thing is that the usefulness of each video increases with each section. This is especially important because it will bring credibility and gain trust from people who see the ad. You will have more loyal customers if you build trust in them.

Before and after ads

This type of advertising was shared by me in the article….. But it is always effective because customers will have a more intuitive view of your service. They can understand how well you are doing and choose to use this service.

Before and after ads

Before and after ads

The important thing here is that you must know how to make the after image stand out completely from the before image. Investing in images with a good camera will always be a good thing. Customers do not need to imagine what the results of this service will be, they can see and contact you to make an appointment immediately. It’s extremely simple, isn’t it?

Personalized advertising

If you have experience with advertising and targeting, or have test campaigns to get important information about your target customers. You should use ads with personalization. It will be an advertisement to customers in the area and age group that you have previously obtained information about. And in the advertising elements, you must also show that information.

The goal is to let customers feel that it is an ad specifically for them. They feel that your brand understands them very well, and feel a strong connection with the brand. From there they will feel close and take action on your ad.

Promotion is about to end

Long-term promotions will rarely create a boom compared to promotions that are about to end. Customers always have the feeling that they will miss out on these promotions if they don’t quickly message the fanpage. What you need to do is build the most attractive promotional content. It should always be emphasized that this is the last time this promotion is available. Show that if customers miss this promotion, they cannot receive a bigger discount on future services. Do everything you can to show that customers will make a profit if they participate in this promotion.

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Some tips when running Home Improvement Facebook Ads

In the next part of this article, I will share some tips when advertising home improvements. You can read to get more optimal experience and improve advertising performance.

Always use high-quality media files

For Home Improvement Facebook Ads, you are required to use high-quality images and videos, at least out of respect for the viewer. Besides, beautiful, exclusive images and videos will make Facebook evaluate you more highly, making ad review time faster and distributing ads widely.

Use a premium advertising account

If you really want your ads to be optimized and improve performance. You need to use a premium ad account. What is the purpose? That’s so your ads don’t encounter unpleasant situations like regular ad accounts such as: waiting for a long review time, ads being suspended, money being held, ads being suspended, accounts being suspended,…

Immediately end those painful moments and access the premium features that Facebook offers to reputable partners. GDT Agency provides Agency Ad Account For Rent service. This is a premium account with groundbreaking features. You can advertise unlimited products and services. Set up advertising campaigns with unlimited budgets.

Use CTAs accurately and skillfully

When advertising for home improvement, you need to integrate your call to action and action button skillfully and accurately. Just enough to motivate viewers to take action on the ad and not too much to make them feel uncomfortable. The call to action needs to be short, to the point, easy to understand, and timely.

Attract more fanpage viewers

You should build a specific article line to provide valuable information to customers. These can be instructional videos, live streams of sharing, and Q&A sessions. These can be entertaining short videos posted on reels to attract viewers. The important thing here is that you must own exclusive and interesting content to attract viewers.

Attract more viewers

Attract more viewers

If you do this well, the number of followers will increase significantly and from there, advertising costs will be much cheaper. At the same time, they will feel that your brand is operating very productively and bringing great value to the community. So try to build unique content to attract interaction on the fanpage.


In summary, I hope you can achieve success when running Home Improvement Facebook Ads. If you have questions related to Facebook Ads, please contact GDT Agency experts immediately so you don’t miss out on useful features and advice about online advertising.

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