How Long Does TikTok Take To Review Ads And Ad Account?

Running targeted ads on TikTok can be a powerful way for you to reach your target audience and increase brand awareness. But before your ad starts attracting viewers, it needs to go through TikTok’s review process. How long does TikTok take TikTok to review ads and ad account?

How long does TikTok take to review ads and ad account

How long does TikTok take to review ads and ad account?

How Long Does TikTok Take To Review Ads?

In most cases, TikTok tries to review your ad within 24 hours of submission. This ensures a smooth and efficient process for you. However, it’s important to remember that these are only estimates and certain circumstances may cause slight delays. Below is a breakdown of a typical review process:

  • Ad submission: You submit your ad for review through the TikTok Ads Manager platform.
  • Automated testing: Your ads go through automated testing to ensure compliance with TikTok’s advertising policies.
  • Manual review: If the ad passes the automated checks, a team of human reviewers evaluates the ad for content, quality, and policy compliance.
  • Approval or Notification: Once reviewed, you’ll receive notification of approval or any revisions needed before your ad can run.

How long does TikTok take to review ads

How long does TikTok take to review ads?

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What Situations Make You Wait For A Review?

While 24 hours is the target response time, some factors can lengthen your ad’s review time. These factors include:

  • Ad complexity: Ads with complex elements, like special effects or influencer involvement, may require more careful review.
  • High ad volume: During periods of increased ad submissions, review times may increase slightly.
  • Policy violations: If your ad raises any potential policy concerns, it will undergo a more rigorous review to ensure compliance.
  • Incomplete information: Make sure your ad submission includes all necessary details and avoid ambiguity to speed up the review process.

What situations make you wait for a review

What situations make you wait for a review?

How Long Do TikTok Take To Review An Ad Account?

Reviewing your ad account is usually faster than reviewing individual ads. In most cases, your ad account will be reviewed and approved within 24 hours. However, the same factors that affect ad review times can also affect account reviews.

How long does TikTok take to review an ad account

How long does TikTok take to review an ad account?

Here, I will give you some advice to help you pass the account review step. Here are some tips to speed up your ad account review process:

  • Provide accurate information: Make sure your account details are accurate and complete during setup.
  • Policy compliance: Be familiar with and understand TikTok’s advertising policies to avoid any possible violations that could cause you to waste time waiting for TikTok to review your ad account.
  • Communicate clearly: Maintain clear communication with TikTok support if you encounter any issues during the review process.

Methods To Improve Ad Review Time On TikTok

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Methods to improve ad review time on TikTok

Methods to improve ad review time on TikTok

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That’s all the content I want to share with you about “How Long Does TikTok Take To Review Ads And Ad Account?“. By understanding typical review times and the factors that can affect them, you can better plan your TikTok ad campaigns and avoid unwanted delays. Remember, a little preparation can dramatically improve your ad review time in TikTok Ads. If you have problems about TikTok Ad Account, please immediately contact the team of advertising experts from GDT Agency.

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