How To Create Facebook Ads Bot For Messenger Ad In 2024?

Facebook Ads Bot for messenger chatting with customer is something you cannot ignore if you want the process of running message ads on Facebook effectively. Imagine that, in the process of running text message ads, if there was no Facebook Ads Bot, how disappointed would your customers feel? Will you have to make your customers wait? Surely you don’t want that to happen, right? Read this entire article to learn how to create a Facebook Ads Bot for Messenger Ad.

Facebook Ads Bot For Messenger

How to create Facebook Ads Bot?

Create Facebook Ads Bot For Messenger Ad

At the beginning of the article, I will show you how to create a Facebook Ads Bot for automatic chatting with potential customers. This is extremely important if you want to use Facebook Ads Bot to replace you in creating an open dialogue with customers when running Messenger Ads. So, let’s get started.

Step 1: Access Meta Ads Manager and Create New Campaign

First, you need to access Meta Ads Manager, click on the green “+ Create” button. Next, select “Engagement” -> Click “Continue”:

Step 1 Access Ads Manager

Step 1: Access Ads Manager

Step 2: Choose a campaign setup

Next, you choose “Manual engagement campaign” -> Click “Continue”. After the above operation, you must name the campaign and choose Ad Categories, then you click “Next”

Step 2 Campaign setup

Step 2: Campaign setup

Step 3: Start setting the Ad Set

Name your Ad Set -> Choose Conversion location: “Messaging apps” -> Choose Ad type: “Sponsored Message” or “Click to message”.

Step 3 Start setting the Ad Set

Step 3: Start setting the Ad Set

Next, you must custom your “Budget & schedule”. About the “Budget” section, you can choose “Daily Budget” or “Lifetime Budget”. Next, you must edit the campaign start date and end date for Facebook to calculate and balance the budget. If you want to set an unlimited budget, refer to Rent Facebook Agency Ad Account service.

Step 4: Custom your Ad Placements

This is the step for you to edit the ad display position, I have shared it very clearly in the previous article How To Post Babysitting Ad On Facebook, please refer to it to understand better.

Step 4 Custom your Ad placements

Step 4: Custom your Ad placements

In my opinion, when advertising messages on Facebook, I always prioritize locations such as Newsfeed, Story and Reels, Messenger App so that the audience can see the ads more easily.

Step 5: Custom Ad Creative

For the next step, you need to upload images or videos to serve ads, and choose some Text Content to suit your advertising goals. To learn more about the criteria for creating these components for maximum performance, please refer to the Anatomy of a Facebook Ad.

Step 5 Custom Ad creative

Step 5: Custom Ad creative

Step 6: Create Facebook Ads Bot for automatic chatting

This is the most important step for you to customize the dialogue between Facebook Ads Bot and customers. Please tick the box “Automated chat” -> “Edit”. A menu of options will appear so you can edit questions and information in the conversation with the customer.

Step 6 Create Facebook Ads Bot

Step 6: Create Facebook Ads Bot

After creating a set of questions and hypothetical situations for Facebook Ads Bot, check again by viewing “Messenger Preview”. When you are sure everything is ready, select “Save and finish”.

To clearly understand the set of questions and hypothetical situations of Facebook Ads Bot, follow the next part of this article.

Step 7: Preview and Publish

After creating the set of questions, you continue to the ad review section. You can review all of your ads in the “Feeds” section.

Step 7 Preview and publish

Step 7: Preview and publish

When you are sure that your ad is complete, click “Publish” to start creating the Facebook Ads campaign. Make sure that when customers click on the CTA button, they will be taken to the message section and can start a conversation with the Facebook Ads Bot.

Notice When Using Facebook Ads Bot For Automatic Chatting 

In the next part of the article, as I shared above, I will carefully explain a few options in the process of creating Facebook Ads Bot for automatic chatting. These notes will help you create an effective Facebook Ads Bot and create a complete dialogue that helps your customers feel comfortable when communicating with your Facebook Ads Bot.

Click to message/Sponsored message

For the 2 Ad type options during the Messenger Ad campaign setup process, there will be a difference in these 2 options. When selecting “Click to message”, this option will deliver ads to relevant audiences who have never interacted with your brand. You can call it new audiences. Therefore, you should build a dialogue for Facebook Ads Bot that prioritizes information gathering and basic questions to help customers clearly understand the product/service you are selling.

Click to message

Click to message/Sponsored message

As for the “Sponsored Message” option, this option helps your ad reach people who have messaged your Fanpage. Therefore, you should pay attention to building appropriate and more specialized advertising templates and question sets. Or you can also use the “Promo code” sending strategy to attract customers and create conversions.

Options when creating Facebook Ads Bot 

A closer look at the options for creating questions and hypothetical answer scenarios for Facebook Ads Bot. First, in the “Welcome message” section, you can add emojis, add personal pronouns in a polite way, add images or videos (if necessary). This option makes perfect sense when you want to start an open dialogue with your target customers.

Options when creating Facebook Ads Bot

Options when creating Facebook Ads Bot

Next in the “Questions” section, you can add questions for the purpose of collecting customer information. Select “+ Add question”, the menu will display a series of options such as asking customers to provide “User information”, “Address”, “National ID Number”, “Work information”, “Demographic questions”. Choose a reasonable question so that customers feel comfortable and not uncomfortable when providing you with information. You can also use Yes/No questions to ensure that the customer is comfortable with providing information.

For “Completion message”, this option helps Facebook Ads Bot become a “Polite Robot” where you can adjust the thank you message after the conversation with the customer. For the “Privacy Policy” section, you need to make sure you agree to Meta’s Lead Ads Terms before completing editing the Facebook Ads Automatic Chatting Bot.

Choose appropriate words for your customers

To be able to do this, you need to determine who you are, what age they are, and what pronouns you should address your customers with. Why is that? Simply because when using Facebook Ads Bot, this will make customers feel close to the bot and promote purchasing behavior.

Choose appropriate words for your customers

Choose appropriate words for your customers

Imagine, when customers want information about your products/services, Facebook Ads Bot will immediately provide that information and create a new open conversation with customers. It also uses language that makes your customers feel comfortable that you created. That really attracts potential customers, right? And it’s extremely convenient, too. Therefore, you should try to choose words that attract attention and gain sympathy from customers, making them feel comfortable in conversation with Facebook Ads Bot and providing you with information.

Learn About Other Facebook Ads Bot 

No matter how much money you’re spending on Facebook Ads, it’s likely that a portion of the traffic won’t be a good audience. Every time an ad is shown, you spend money, which is a major way in which the negative impact arises. But beyond that, bots and bad actors have other effects on your ads.

Facebook Ads Bot Traffic 

Facebook Ads bot traffic today is often understood for the purpose of increasing interaction with ads or posts on Facebook. This type of Facebook Ads Bot is the clone accounts that the black market often uses to sell interaction and profit from it. In my opinion, using Facebook Ads bot traffic is not bad, but in the long run it will affect your advertising.

Facebook Ads Bot traffic

Facebook Ads Bot traffic

Normally, ads with too much interaction from bot traffic, if detected by Facebook, will cause your ads to be suspended, sometimes making it impossible for you to properly optimize bids and advertising costs. way. In worse cases, it can cause your ads to be paused without you understanding the reason. In short, Facebook Ads Bot Traffic has both benefits and harmful effects depending on the purpose of the person using it.

Bad target audience bot

If your ad only targets a bad audience once, this is still acceptable. But what if you retarget your ads to automated accounts and bad audiences? In fact, you’ll have to spend twice (or more) on ad impressions and potential clicks.

Bad target audience bot

Bad target audience bot

If this happens over and over again, it will cost you a large and pointless expense. In addition, it causes a misleading phenomenon in targeting advertising. This still means that your ads won’t be optimized and waste your budget unnecessarily.

Fake Potential Customers Bot

Over time, bots have become more and more capable of interacting with the link like a human. This includes filling out forms or generating downloads, as well as falsifying analytics. This can lead to the appearance of fake leads.

Fake customers bot

Fake customers bot

These fake leads go to waste in retargeting, marketing, and even direct sales. Shopping sites also face high cart abandonment rates due to bot traffic. This leads to increased advertising costs and reduced ROI.

In some bad cases, these Bots will massively access your ads, making a few fake payments, and causing you to lose a lot of advertising costs. In case your account is permanently restricted. If you still have money in your ad account, it will take a big toll on your ad budget. You can get your account back by sending Facebook emails for them to consider, but getting your account back is also very difficult and has a failure rate.


Above is the article which I showed you how to create Facebook Ads Bot for automatic chatting with potential customers when running Messenger Ads. If you want to learn more about other articles related to advertising, refer here. During the process of using Facebook Ads, account problems may occur. If you unfortunately encounter such situations, contact GDT Agency

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