How To Scale TikTok Ads Boosting Conversions In 2024?

This guide on “How to scale Tikok Ads boosting conversions in 2024?” will help you understand the most important things to scale TikTok Ads effectively. Besides specific instructions, I will also provide you with quite interesting tips that you can apply to scale TikTok Ads effectively, with quality, revenue growth and profits. So please pay attention until the end.

how to scale TikTok Ads

How to scale TikTok Ads?

Initial Knowledge For You Before Scale TikTok Ads

The first part of content focuses on explaining to those who do not really have experience optimizing TikTok Ads. Basically, I will explain to you the concept of scale ads, some prerequisites before you learn about the guide on how to scale TikTok Ads.

What are scale TikTok Ads?

If you want to run TikTok Ads with large revenue and profits, or at least want TikTok ads to operate with high performance and increase conversions, then understanding the guide on how to scale TikTok Ads is essential. must know.

What are scale TikTok Ads

What are scale TikTok Ads?

Basically, scaling TikTok Ads is about improving your advertising results at the best cost and maximum profit per order.

Understand winning Audience

Winning audiences are potential audiences that directly generate revenue for you. Once you find this audience, you have a potential opportunity to scale TikTok Ads. Simply because these are extremely suitable audiences for advertising at a cheap cost.

The most important thing about winning audience is that they are giving you very low cost per click (CPC). In my opinion, it’s better to identify a few audience groups with CPCs under $1 (but of course the lower the better). This is a great cost to move on to the next big thing.

Understand winning Audience

Understand winning Audience/Ad

Understand winning Ad 

Winning Ads are ads with good indicators, of course it must also come with a cheap cost compared to the value of an order. This depends on your product, Ad Objective and Ad Format. It is also related to the winning audience because the audience is important and prerequisite to creating a winning ad.

Currently, I consider my ads with a click-through rate higher than 1.5 (higher, of course, better) to be winners. With high click-through rates, you can boost and focus your budget on them to generate large numbers of conversions and direct revenue growth.

How To Scale TikTok Ads Properly?

After you have clearly understood the basics that I shared above. You can start with the steps below. The following is a specific guide on scaling TikTok Ads.

Increase advertising budget

This is one of the basic tips to scale TikTok Ads. It sounds simple, but the reality is that it requires you to understand some techniques and how TikTok works.

First, technically, you can increase your daily budget by about 40% to 50% if your ad group is already spending about 70-80% of its budget. But pay attention, it is necessary to increase the budget gradually and not increase the budget too much because it will affect TikTok’s algorithm.

Increase advertising budget

Increase advertising budget

Besides, you can also use TikTok’s Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) feature. Basically, how to set up CBO will be as follows:

Step 1: Create a new campaign.

Step 2: Choose an advertising goal.

Step 3: Turn on CBO.

Step 4: Enter daily budget.

Step 5: Choose the lowest cost bid strategy.

Step 6: Choose standard as the distribution type.

Step 7: Configure ad group settings.

Step 8: Turn on ads.

Make sure your daily budget is spent within your CPA, and better yet, monitor your ad status diligently to handle any unexpected problems that may arise.

Take advantage of similar audiences

When you leverage lookalike audiences, you can reach more people interested in your brand and products. First, you need a winning custom audience. Next, you can clone or customize similar audiences to that winning audience to focus your advertising with a large budget from the start.\

Take advantage of similar audiences

Take advantage of similar audiences

To master this technique, you need to have a good understanding of how to set up your audience. And you also need some related tools to track ad delivery to those audiences.

Use TikTok’s ACO

This is TikTok’s Automatic Creative Optimization (ACO) tool used by many advertisers. Essentially, ACO helps you manage your ads better and identify high-performing ad combinations.

The important thing in this part is that you need to find the best combination and share it with your target audience. It also requires you to understand how to use the Split Test tool to find good performing versions of ads that can be scaled up.

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Some Tips For Guide On How To Scale TikTok Ads Properly

Below are tips for guide on how to scale TikTok Ads. These tips will give you some new things so you can scale TikTok Ads with specific methods. So stay tuned.

Proficient in tools for scaling TikTok Ads

After understanding the guide on how to scale TikTok Ads, you must be familiar with the necessary tools to do this. Basically, the tools available on TikTok Ads such as Creative Center and Analytics can help you a lot in the process of scaling TikTok Ads.

Proficient in tools for scaling TikTok Ads

Proficient in ad tools

Besides, you can also refer to third-party tools related to measuring and optimizing TikTok Ads. Sometimes those tools will cost money to use all the features. However, if it is really necessary, you should also consider signing up for a long-term service package.

Try using the premium account rental service

Sometimes your advertising efforts will not bring you adequate results. Even if you have tried many different ways, everything is still too difficult. Bans and restrictions from TikTok make it impossible to scale ads. And that’s when you should check out TikTok Agency Account Rent from us.

Currently, GDT Agency is providing Agency TikTok account rental service with good fees, without having to pay advertising tax. And all these unlimited features will help you scale your ads effectively. Not only that, we always launch new promotions to help customers who have not scaled effectively improve their revenue results.

Improve content, create trending content

Content is important with TikTok Ads. And trending content is even more important when scaling TikTok Ads. Trending content will always make running TikTok Ads easy with good costs and high profits. Just like winning audiences and winning ads, trending content is winning content.

Improve content create trending content

Improve content, create trending content

Try to create exclusive trending content for your TikTok channel. You can then consider using Spark Ads for that content and scale it up. You also need to refer to the content and topics that are trending on TikTok through TikTok Creative Center. Trending content, music, and hashtags in different countries are always available on that tool.

Collaborate with influencers

Partnering with influencers is always something I recommend for businesses/organizations using TikTok Ads. TikTok today is truly exploding with unbelievable power. Influencers therefore also receive increased awareness from the audience. They have become more vocal and gained trust from the audience on TikTok.

When combining with an influencer, you need to pay attention to the cost and the person’s suitability for the brand. First is about cost, collaborating with high-priced celebrities is sometimes not as effective as low-cost influencers. Consider negotiating costs when you start working with them.

Next, you need to pay attention to how suitable those people are for your products, services, and brand. Try to understand that influencer’s audience and followers and analyze whether those people will actually convert or be interested in your brand and products. Once you are sure about those things, you can cooperate with influencers to scale TikTok Ads.

Wrap Up

In short, understanding the guide on how to scale TikTok Ads and a few related tips will really help you increase profits when running TikTok Ads. During the process of scaling TikTok Ads, if you encounter serious problems that cause you to lose money or lose your account, please contact GDT Agency immediately. We have a team of paid advertising experts who are always ready to help businesses that want to expand their business models with the most specific methods to optimize advertising performance. For specific information, please contact:

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