How To Start A Google Ads Agency Account? Why You Must Do It?

Agency accounts are now a new trend for advertisers. With breakthrough features that every business needs to promote network marketing. If you are still wondering “How To Start A Google Ads Agency Account?“, then immediately read the article of me to learn about it right away.

How to start a Google Ads Agency Account

How to start a Google Ads Agency Account?

How To Start A Google Ads Agency Account?

So how to start a Google Ads Agency account? To be able to use the Google Ads Agency Account, you must register to become a Google Partner. If you can do better, you can become a Google Premier Partner. For each type of partner, Google will provide different and special features for the respective Google Ads account.

Criteria and conditions to become a Google Partner

To become a Google Partner, you must meet 3 criteria: Performance, budget, and certification. Google Ads will evaluate these criteria on your ads every day. As follows:

  • Performance: Optimization score of 70% or higher, optimizing your bids, keywords, and targeting will help your optimization score go up.
  • About budget: over a 90-day period, the total Google Ads MCC spend must be $10,000 or more. Additionally, at least one campaign must spend $500 or more.
  • About Certification: Must have at least 50% of accounts in the MCC have a Google Ads certification, and at least one certificate from Google for spending $500 on an ad campaign.

Criteria and conditions

Criteria and conditions

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Course and test to become a Google Partner

In addition, to officially become a Google Partner, you must study and pass the “Adwords Fundamental” test, which has 3 options:

  • Search Advertising Advanced Exam: Google Search Advertising Skills.
  • Google Display Advertising Exam: Google Display Advertising Skills.
  • Reporting & Analysis Advanced Exam: Analytical skills to optimize the effectiveness of Google ads.

Course and test

Course and test

This Google test has many options, so you just need to focus on studying and taking the exam, it won’t be too difficult to pass. Besides, the course and test will give you a lot of experience and knowledge related to marketing majors, and Google Ads knowledge, you can’t miss it.

Rent Google Ads Account 

If you want to promote Google ads, but the process of opening an Agency account is too difficult. Still wondering “How to start a Google Ads Agency Account?” Please refer to the Rent Google Ads Account service of GDT Agency. With just a few simple steps, it only takes you 1 morning, our service will definitely bring you efficiency and convenience. Don’t miss out on offers and optimize your ads with an Agency account from GDT Agency RIGHT NOW.

The Reason You Must Own A Agency Account

After you read about how to start a Google Ads Agency, you must know about the reason why you do it. In my Google advertising experience, you are required to own a Google Ads Agency Account for the following reasons.

Ads are approved quickly with high stability

For a regular account, the time that you set up the campaign until the ad is active will be a long time. Waiting time will bring a certain stagnation to advertising activities.

High stability

High stability

When you own an Agency account, your ads will be approved extremely quickly, in addition, it is very difficult for ads to be suspended, because it is much more stable. This is an advantage that no advertiser wants to miss.

Budget optimization

When you own a Google Ads Agency account, optimizing your budget is easy to understand. This account can run at large budgets, with no ad budget minimums applied. More specifically, when using a Google Agency account from GDT Agency, you also receive a promotional code worth $383. With such special features, it is easy to understand how to optimize your advertising budget.

Budget optimization 1

Budget optimization

For a regular account, your Google ads will be restricted to certain items. Coming to the Google Ads Agency account, that no longer affects the advertising campaign. You can use Google Ads in many different industries, many different products and services, extremely comfortable.


Above is how to start a Google Ads Agency Account. I hope that after read this content about “How To Start A Google Ads Agency? Why You Must Do It?“, you can understand almost neccessary information of this concept. If you still have questions. Please contact us, we have a team of experts who are always ready to answer your questions quickly and promptly.

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