Best Guide: How To Target Christians On Facebook Ads In 2024

As for Christianity, you’ll want to know how to target Christians on Facebook Ads, but now you’ve discover that religion targeting is no longer available on Facebook Ads. Your ads have been performing well and now they are all affected. If you don’t know what to do and how you can handle the situation to keep the ads smooth, read this entire article. In this article, I’ll show you how to target Christians on Facebook Ads, along with effective targeting methods in 2024.

How To Target Christians On Facebook Ads In 2024

How To Target Christians On Facebook Ads In 2024?

Update On Facebook Advertising Policies

Facebook’s recent policy update completely removed the ability to directly target religious groups in Detailed Targeting. Since January 15, 2024, advertisers can no longer use keywords related to Christianity for targeting. Then how to target Christians on Facebook Ads from now on? Don’t worry because I’ve got alternative marketing strategies for you as follows.

Effective Guide On How To Target Christians On Facebook Ads In 2024

While restricting religion targeting, in Facebook’s words, aims to minimize negative psychological impact, you can still identify your potential audiences by alternatives. Here are some methods to build your customer base and target Christians on Facebook Ads.

Use Keywords To Research Christian Insights

Christians are interested in music and their community activities. Instead of limiting keywords to “Church” or “Bible,” expand your potential audience by modifying search keywords.

Use Keywords To Research Christian Insights

Use Keywords To Research Christian Insights

You can find a lot of Facebook groups related to Christian interests such as “Integrity Music”, “Hillsong Worship”, “Christian Music Festivals”, “Christian Community Events” and “Religious Conferences” to reach Christians.

Conducting surveys or questions in Facebook groups is another way to gather data. Interacting with them through Christian community groups and events is crucial for insights and effective targeting in ads.

Craft Engaging Christian Content

After that, make sure you craft content aligned with their insights to attract organic Christians, emphasizing spiritual values and beliefs. Authenticity is key to building a genuine connection with followers.

Craft Engaging Christian Content

Craft Engaging Christian Content

My advice is to follow most reputated Christian pages on Facebook (for example: Jesus Daily, Digital Bible and You Version) to learn their content strategy, then build your page or website by upload valuable posts daily. If you manage the content strategy well, your posts will be more visible to Christians and show that you’re active in the community. These actions build trust and interest among potential followers, creating a stronger and longer-lasting bond with your audience.

Retarget Christians With Custom Audience Feature

With the current limitations on how to target Christians on Facebook Ads, many advertisers turn to new customer files to gather data. However, targeting too broadly might consume your budget without generating conversions. On the contrary, retargeting directly from your own data is preferable. In my opinion targeting your own data directly is the best option but not everyone knows this trick. If your previous ads have generated leads, you can completely choose that data as your target customer file. Here is how you do it.

  • Step 1: In Ad Manager, select “Create New Custom Audience”.
  • Step 2: Choose “Meta Sources” then “Lead Form”.

Retarget Christians Step 1 2

Retarget Christians Step 1-2

  • Step 3: In the “Events” section, select “Anyone who opened this form or who opened and submitted the form” if you want higher-quality data.
  • Step 4: Select your Facebook Page and Interaction Range.
  • Step 5: Name your audience file and click “Create“.

Retarget Christians Step 3 4 5

Retarget Christians Step 3-4-5

Besides Lead Form, you can also target Christians who have interacted with your Facebook page, your videos on Facebook, or your website, using similar steps. Utilize retargeting potential with the Facebook Pixel installed on your Christianity organization’s website.

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Leverage Lookalike Audience Feature

This helps expand the effectiveness of targeting Christians to those who showed interest in your content. Simply select the Audience source from the created Custom files, choose “Location“, and select “Audience Size” by adjusting the size bar from 1% to 10%.

Leverage Lookalike Audience Feature

Leverage Lookalike Audience Feature

In case you are still confused, a 1% lookalike includes people who are most similar to your Lookalike Audience source. Increasing the percentage generates a bigger, broader audience but a bit less similar. This is an extremely effective method to precisely target potential Christians beyond your data.

Utilize Facebook Agency Account

When using a personal account for advertising on Facebook, you encounter many issues, especially with recent restrictions on Christianity advertising. You may face difficulties with limited advertising budgets, rejected ads, and an inability to reach the right target audience.

Utilize Facebook Agency Account

Utilize Facebook Agency Account

Don’t let such problems prevent your advertising. Facebook Agency Ad Account Rent helps optimize budget and advertising strategy, expanding your reach and interaction opportunities with a broader Christian community. Accurate targeting and lookalike audiences ensure efficiency.

Secret Tip: Use Advantage+ Audience Feature

Advantage+ Audience is a new Facebook feature using AI to determine your audience. It continually learns from your pixel and data files to target Christians. You can let Facebook automatically target, but providing some information for AI suggestions, such as previous Custom and Lookalike Audience files, is recommended for more accuracy.

Use Advantage Audience Feature

Use Advantage+ Audience Feature

At this point, Facebook prioritizes reaching these people and expanding to related audiences. Statistics from Facebook Ads show that:

  • 7% lower median cost per website conversion.
  • 28% lower average cost per click (CPC), cost per lead (CPL), or landing page view.

This means you can save significant costs when using the Advantage+ Audience feature.


Leveraging tools and groups on how to target Christians on Facebook Ads requires a carefully thought-out strategy. By employing alternative methods for direct targeting, understanding Christians remains crucial for engagement without limitations. Always prioritize the potential of interests, page interactions, and community building. Then continue refining your strategy, ensuring suitable content, and staying updated on advertising policies.

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