How To Use Inspect Tool Facebook Ads Properly In 2024?

Through updates from Facebook, inspect tool Facebook Ads is currently only available for certain advertising objectives. So how to use inspect tools Facebook Ads properly? Please follow this article from me to understand this tool and gain more knowledge to use it most effectively. 

Inspect Tool Facebook Ads

Inspect Tool Facebook Ads

Inspect Tool Facebook Ads Overview

At the beginning of today’s article, we will explain things about this tool. Some of its basic features will also be mentioned.

What is inspect tool Facebook Ads?

For those who don’t know, the inspect tool Facebook Ads has been available since 2017. This tool provides data to help advertisers understand the factors that contribute to the performance of their ad groups. Information about ad elements is displayed directly on the Inspect Tool, which makes this tool very valuable for advertising. It is part of optimizing advertising components, helping your advertising campaigns perform well.

Some features of this tool

Some features of this tool

Some features of this tool

Currently, the inspect tool Facebook Ads can only be used for certain advertising goals. Those are traffic, app downloads, lead ads, and conversions. It will help you overcome problems related to advertising bid competition, audience overlap, etc. This tool will show you several charts and tables to analyze CPA, from which you can check and control advertising groups. You can know when to turn ad campaigns on and off at specific times. To be able to use it properly, follow the next part of this article.

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Use Inspect Tool Facebook Ads Properly

In the next part of today’s article, I will show you some of the basic features of this tool. Some ways to optimize advertising campaigns.

Control when to turn off/on ads

Inspect Facebook Ads tool will tell when your ads become outdated or ineffective. Then you can turn off ads to not waste the advertising budget.

Control when to turn on off ads

Control when to turn on/off ads

Visit this tool to see the chart. If the chart shows a high audience reach rate and other indicators are also very good, you can continue to maintain or spend more advertising budget. Some of the indicators in the chart can tell you the period when advertising competition will be very high, the indicators, the costs will all increase. You can consider creating ads with higher-quality content to compete with other brands.

This is one of the great features and requires you to take the time to research. Besides that, you can also combine this tool with some advice from agency’s experts, to do that, refer this article: Guide On How To Add Agency To Facebook Ad Account In 2024

Combine ad sets

This tool will tell you when you should combine your ad sets to optimize your campaign. You always try to avoid duplicate advertising objects, many ads have the same object. In the Auction overlap section of the inspect tool Facebook Ads, if you see the auction overlap rate is too high, higher than 5%, then combine ad groups to improve campaign performance.

You can also select “Show additional insights” so you can see which ad groups are competing and have overlapping audiences. If you find that some ad groups are duplicates but are spending too much money and are ineffective, you can also turn them off.

Win in competitive ad bids

As you know, the ads you are running on Facebook will have to compete with bids. The price you pay may vary and depends on the competition depending on the advertising audience and advertising period.

If you use the inspect tool, you can see the level of competition and the cost you pay per action. From there you can consider whether to continue advertising or not.

The high level of competition makes the cost of reaching your target higher, but you also need to research your competitors’ advertising. Look at the terms and conditions to conclude the cost per action that makes this ad effective.


That is all the content that GDT Agency wants to share with you today. Hopefully, the experience and knowledge of Inspect Tool Facebook Ads will help you optimize your ads better. If you have questions related to Facebook Ads, don’t hesitate to contact our experts:

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