Boost Crowdfunding With Kickstarter Facebook Ads Campaign

If you are interested in startup investment models or are using them, learn about Kickstarter and want more investors interested in your project. You will need a robust advertising platform that makes you known to the community, attracting new investors. In today’s article, I will share experiences about running a Kickstarter Facebook Ads campaign.

Kickstarter Facebook Ads

Kickstarter Facebook Ads

Kickstarter Facebook Ads Overview

In the first part of the article, I will share the basics related to Kickstarter Facebook Ads for those who do not understand this platform well. Besides, that’s why you should use Facebook Ads to advertise for Kickstarter.

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform, with participants including everyone, but most notably global investors and entrepreneurs. They use this platform as a form of capital raising. If you have watched Shark Tank on television, you will no longer be unfamiliar with the form of calling for capital from investors. But Kickstarter has made it a lot simpler with an online platform that allows people to post posts and business information to call for online investment.

Kickstarter homepage

Kickstarter homepage

In short, compared to traditional forms of fundraising, Kickstarter is different and has advantages such as convenience, speed, and efficiency. Currently, many people have learned and are interested in this platform. You can visit the Kickstarter homepage to start learning about this platform as shown below:

How does Kickstarter work?

How Kickstarter works is always something that many people are interested in, especially for startup businesses. Before jumping into Kickstarter to find funding, founders need to take a few important steps. First, they need to determine the required capital level and plan the project implementation time.

How does Kickstarter work

How does Kickstarter work?

The operating time on Kickstarter usually lasts from 30 to 40 days, and for the project to be successful, the amount of money the founder receives from investors needs to meet or exceed the initial target capital.

To attract the interest of investors, startups need to present unique and compelling ideas, while demonstrating the potential and strengths of the product or service they are attempting. raise capital. During the capital raising process, they may have to change details to respond to feedback from the community and also need to consider sending rewards to thank investors.

When the project is successful and reaches its funding goal, 5% of the investment amount will be returned to Kickstarter as a service fee. The remaining portion, i.e. 95%, will be transferred to the project founders, and they are responsible for dividing profits or paying rewards to investors according to the initial commitment. Kickstarter offers strict rules and terms to protect both founders and investors from the risk of fraud.

Why Choose Facebook Ads for Kickstarter?

There are many platforms where you can advertise and attract businesses and investors. Because this is a form of crowdfunding, all marketing efforts will be effective. As for Kickstarter Facebook Ads, it has been one of the most popular advertising platforms since it launched.

Why choose Facebook Ads for kickstarter

Why choose Facebook Ads for kickstarter?

Choosing Facebook Ads for Kickstarter is extremely reasonable because it possesses many tools and features that help you find new target audiences interested in your startup idea and project.

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Build A Kickstarter Facebook Ads Campaign Effectively

So how to have an effective Facebook advertising campaign? How can we target those interested in investing and contributing capital to startup projects? Learn how to build an effective Facebook ad campaign for Kickstarter below.

Create a suitable advertising strategy

I don’t care if you have startup ideas or how well your project is going. What you need to do before running online advertising campaigns is to create a suitable advertising strategy to attract your target audience.

Create a suitable advertising strategy

Create a suitable advertising strategy

You can divide the strategy into many steps, it will be a long-term advertising roadmap. But you need to break it down and set appropriate goals for each stage in this advertising roadmap. For example, at the stage before launching a campaign, you can use Facebook Ads with a low budget to learn about some customer information that is interested in your Kickstarter campaign.

At important stages when advertising, you will need different advertising goals such as Facebook ads to increase interaction and increase brand awareness. It’s important to attract your target audience to your Kickstarter campaign. The more people reach and interact, the more attention your campaign will receive from the community and investors. For better advertising, you should refer this content.

Use retargeting campaign

Retargeting campaigns are only effective if your audience has a certain interest in your project but for certain reasons, they have not taken action and created conversions. If you have ads with groundbreaking new ideas or new values that you can clearly explain to them in the ad, you should use a retargeting campaign.

You can build a selective advertising campaign that targets website visitors who have not yet registered, and people who have registered and chosen to invest in previous campaigns. This depends on your strategy. But don’t miss out on the retargeting campaign because it will definitely create unexpected effects.

If you want optimal, effective retargeting advertising that attracts your target audience, you need to use a premium account to advertise. Facebook will grant agency accounts to reputable partners in the advertising field, partners who need to spend large amounts on advertising each month, do not violate policies and terms, and pass the capacity test.

GDT Agency is one of Facebook’s prestigious partners. We are providing premium Facebook Agency Account For Rent service for advertising. Facebook Ads Agency Account from GDT Agency has many outstanding features such as unlimited advertising budget, products, services, durable advertising, fast review time,… If you choose to rent an account with us, you can create new breakthroughs to compete and surpass competitors in the same segment. 

Track conversions and optimize ads

Facebook Ads provides you with a great set of tools and features so you can track conversions and optimize your ads. If you want to measure conversions from the website, you can use Google Analytics or 3rd party tools and software. But the important thing I want to say here is that you need to track conversions regularly to be able to Optimize advertising components.

Track conversions and optimize ads

Track conversions and optimize ads

Advertising optimization is an important part if you want long-term development. You need to know which elements of your ad are working well, and which are not working well and need to be removed. Advertising optimization includes optimizing CTA, text content, images, budget,… Many components that you need to pay attention to and take the time to learn.

Experience When Running Kickstarter Facebook Ads 

As an advertising expert with many years of experience in this field, I will share with you some experiences when using Facebook Ads so you can run Kickstarter Facebook Ads effectively and cost-effectively.

Experience when running Kickstarter Facebook Ads

Experience when running Kickstarter Facebook Ads

You need to test different ad formats with different campaign goals. A/B testing tool that can help you understand which type of ad will work better for you. It’s like a test for ads to compete with each other. You can test many ad samples with the same budget and then compare and contrast them to conclude effectiveness.

Next, you need to create a lot of new advertising content. This makes customers feel that your project is invested in all aspects. They will not feel bored with your advertising. At the same time, in images and videos, you must fully show information related to the Kickstarter project. Try to incorporate appropriate content along with a reasonable CTA so they don’t feel uncomfortable with the ad.


That’s all the content I want to share with you about Kickstarter Facebook Ads. If you have questions related to advertising, contact GDT Agency immediately:

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