Life Insurance Facebook Ad Examples: 3 Case Studies To Learn

In the context of media platforms growing strongly and suitable for many advertising purposes. Facebook Ads has always shown itself to be a reliable and effective paid online advertising platform. The large number of users includes users interested in social insurance. If you want to use Facebook Ads to boost marketing for social insurance, read today’s content from me. I will analyze some life insurance Facebook ad examples, and provide comments on their effectiveness and notable conclusions.

Life insurance Facebook Ad examples

Life insurance Facebook Ad examples

3 Life Insurance Facebook Ad Examples To Learn

In the first part, I will carefully analyze the advertising components of each example. Facebook Ads for life insurance can create unexpected effects to increase revenue for your insurance company. What you need to do is optimize your ads on Facebook to increase ads performance.

1Life Insurance

General introduction to 1Life Insurance, this is a reputable insurance company headquartered in South Africa. If you refer to the homepage of 1Life Insurance, you can see many service packages such as social insurance, life insurance, and final expense insurance,… For 1Life Insurance, you will receive many incentives. when buying online. This is one of the advantages when online payment is becoming popular for everyone because of its convenience and speed.

1life Insurance

1life Insurance

The image above is the advertising campaign of 1Life Insurance, this company used Facebook ads with featured images and carousel ads. Talking about this type of advertising, these are two campaigns that look simple but can easily have surprising effects. A prominent image will make the ad appear unexpected and eye-catching on the newsfeed. Carousel ads will make customers interact with the buttons on the ad, making it easier for customers to act on this company’s ads. 

1Life Insurance is extremely diverse in using ad formats to make new advertising campaigns diverse and easily reach target customers. However, the limitation of this is that customers do not have an intuitive view of their services. They need to develop and create more video advertising campaigns to attract new customers. Especially in a context where short videos are popular.

KWI Life Insurance Facebook Ad Examples

KWI is one of the long-standing, reputable insurance companies in Thailand. The headquarters of this company is located in Bangkok. This company is currently developing and trading many types of insurance related to many different industries and fields of life, such as home insurance and personal vehicle insurance.

KWI Life Insurance

KWI Life Insurance

The images above are KWI’s recent Facebook advertising campaigns, using featured videos to advertise on the newsfeed. They use CTAs and links right in the text content of the ad. This can be one of the smart ways to advertise but is also risky if some demanding customers feel it looks like a spam advertisement.

However, it is very effective if customers already know this brand. It could be a retargeting campaign. Or campaigns targeting look-a-like audiences. Customers who are interested in this brand’s insurance packages will not need to consider the conditions and will act immediately on the advertisement if they see this insurance company’s convincing video. This will be convenient in certain situations if this insurance company wants to run an advertising campaign with the goal of conversion. 

In my personal opinion, this is also a very good way to advertise life insurance. If you have clear goals, you just need to focus on advertising for the customer base you want to target. No need to pay attention to unrelated subjects.

IndiaFirst Life Insurance Facebook Ad examples

IndiaFirst is one of the reputable insurance companies from India. Prestige is shown through the awards that the country gives to this company each year. Headquartered in Mumbai, customers can choose this company’s simple, easy-to-understand insurance packages at optimal prices without worrying about quality.

IndiaFirst Life Insurance

IndiaFirst Life Insurance

Recently, IndiaFirst ran life insurance Facebook Ads, this is one of the extremely prominent and successful campaigns. It is optimized on smartphones, the device that Indians use the most. For IndiaFirst ads, they use conversion ads. They provide important information in images and very short text content.

If you use this advertising method with inappropriate customer goals, it may not create special effects and achieve your goals. However, IndiaFirst has focused on advertising for customers who use mobile devices to advertise. This is a popular device used by Indians so it is very effective. Along with its concise message and content, it is surprisingly convenient and effective.

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Important Notice When Running Life Insurance Facebook Ads

The important thing that you need to pay attention to when running life insurance Facebook Ads is the quality of the advertising account. If you use a regular account, you can easily encounter situations that make you crazy such as suspended accounts, suspended ads, ads not spending money, and long ad review times.

Important notice

Important notice

If you use our agency advertising account, you won’t have to worry too much about campaigns because Facebook agency account for rent have exceptionally groundbreaking features. Unlimited advertising of products and services, fast review time, durable account, and few problems that cause you to lose time and money. Put an end to all the headaches you’re having with your regular account with Facebook advertising account rental service from GDT Agency today. 

Advantages Of Using Facebook Ads For Life Insurance

After learn about Life Insurance Facebook Ad examples, you must understand advantages of using this ad type. In the next part of the article, I will share with you the advantages of using Facebook Ads for life insurance along with some experiences so you can optimize advertising effectively.

Diverse ad formats

To be able to develop long-term and have new marketing campaigns, you need advertising platforms in which ad formats must be diverse to choose from. During a certain period of years, Facebook Ads will develop new ad formats to give you new options. You can test many different ad formats until you are satisfied with them. Therefore, Facebook Ads is extremely suitable for advertising at this time.

A large number of users

Large user numbers come with ad viewers whose demographics match the ad. In this case, these are users whose demographics match the insurance company’s advertising goals, and of course, they are also interested in insurance services in the area.

If you can come up with good ideas for targeted advertising, you must use Facebook Ads. Not only is the number of users large, but they also spend a lot of time every day on Facebook. There is no doubt that when you use Facebook Ads, your potential customers will see your ads. What you need to do is create new ads to attract Facebook users. 

Advantages of using Facebook Ads for life insurance

Advantages of using Facebook Ads for life insurance

The right tools and features

Unlike other online advertising platforms, Facebook Ads shows that it is extremely effective in controlling advertising campaigns. Ads will be edited arbitrarily, along with suggestions that Facebook Ads suggests to you so you can advertise more effectively.

Besides, Facebook Ads features also have their advantages such as measuring and optimizing ads. Some advertising platforms do not have good tools and features that can make your advertising ineffective. 

Measure and optimize

To be able to advertise most effectively, you need to measure and optimize. You need to know which parts are working well and which parts are not working well so you can consider removing or re-optimizing your ads. Of course, Facebook Ads does this very well.

We can mention the A/B testing feature of Facebook Ads. It allows you to post two ads and compare the effectiveness of both with the same campaign budget. The evaluation of your ad will sometimes be far different from its effect on the ad viewer. You need to pay attention to this.


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