Rent Facebook Ads Account For Revenue Maximization

Facebook agency account for rent can create campaigns for any product/service

facebook ads account for rent

Highly Reputable Agency Ad Account

Agency Ad Account is the best solution to scale your budget without limits and bans.

The most reasonable rental price

GDT Agency's Agency Ad Account Rental fee from 0.5%. This is the best price on the market today.

Simple and quick operation

The process of depositing money and registering an account is quick, simple, and convenient, helping customers save time.

Why You Should Rent Facebook Agency Ad Account?


Regular account (via, BM,…)

Facebook Agency Ads Account

Account reputation

Regular advertising accounts are issued by Facebook to anyone using Facebook Ads. Free and no service fee, reputation is low.

Facebook Agency Ads Account is the most advanced type of account that Facebook grants to businesses for advertising. Meets many conditions, high reputation.


Limit budget by day. Having difficulty advertising with a large budget.

Facebook Agency Account For Rent have large spending caps, unlimited advertising budget.

Number of campaign

Limit the number of campaigns and ad groups.

Feel free to combine ad sets and ad campaigns with unlimited numbers.

Account stability

Accounts are easily suspended due to many errors (eg: card/card fraud, website, etc.)

Facebook Agency Ad Account always has high stability. Get support to handle problems quickly when the account is suspended.


Use bank cards or credit cards to pay. Easily encounter errors during the ad bill payment process.

You can using Facebook Agency Account For Rent without additional bank cards. Transparent and fast deposit and refund fees, saving a lot of time.

Ability to review ads

Ad review takes a long time. Time-consuming.

Browse ads quickly. Time saving.

Facebook Agency Account Rental Fee - No Deposit

Service Fees Based On Budget

$0 – $25.000 /Month3%
From $25.000 – $50.000 /Month2%
From $50.000 – $100.000 /Month1.5%
From $100.000 – $250.000 /Month1%
> $250.000 /Month0.5%

Feedback Of Customers


Facebook Agency Account Rental Process

Step 1

Customers provide some information for the account registration process: Domain Link (Website Link), Fanpage, BM350. Customers need to prepare the above information according to the requirements of the support staff to receive the account when granted.

Step 2

GDT Agency supports customers in editing Website/Page information following Facebook's policies.

Step 3

Customer pays the account opening fee ($50/5 accounts) + Budget deposit into the account (Minimum $200/1 account) + Service fees corresponding to the registration budget.

Step 4

After 1-3 days Facebook grants the account, customers proceed to receive Facebook Agency Ads Account in the BM prepared in advance.

FAQs About Facebook Ads Agency Account

  • Facebook Agency Ad Account is an advertising account that the platform grants to businesses and agencies that meet special conditions.
  • An advertising agency account receives special priority from Facebook, giving it an advantage over individual advertising accounts when compared.
  • This type of account contains many outstanding features related to advertising and budget optimization.
  • Additionally, it also demonstrates convenience and time-saving benefits due to its fast ad review time, avoiding delays in handling serious issues like regular accounts.

Facebook Agency Account For Rent is an account rental service provided by GDT Agency. This type of advertising account has extremely high reputation, which is why Facebook prioritizes it in various aspects such as budget allocation and campaign approval.

This agency ad account does not use cards and only uses dolar to run advertising campaigns and pay advertising costs.

Compared to regular accounts, customers have high reputation and security from Facebook. Especially sustainable, with priority from Facebook and the ability to sell – up large budgets.

To get a Facebook Agency Account For Rent, I recommend that you can using account rental service from GDT Agency. Currently, we are providing Agency Ad Account For Rent with the best price on the market, service fee from only 0.5%.

For each newly created ad account, you need to pay $50/account. In case the account is locked and the issue is not due to the customer’s fault, we will support the customer in opening a new account and you won’t incur any additional fees.

This is a must-pay fee to open 5 accounts for one customer (customer opening 1 account still incurs $50 fee). For the first time customers open one account, customer will pay us $50. After that, if the customer wants to open 4 additional accounts, customer won’t have to pay an extra fee. This fee will not be refunded after the contract ends.

Only websites, Landing pages, and Fanpages that have been approved and registered can run ads on our Facebook Agency Account For Rent. Later, if customers want to register a new information, customer must register a new account.

In case the account is suspended/lost not due to policy violation, not due to the customer’s fault. First, we will initiate a protest against this advertising account. If the appeal process is unsuccessful, we will issue a new account and transfer all the money in the old account to the new account. Customers will not incur any costs.

GDT Agency requires customers to spend a minimum of $5,000 during the entire process of using the service until the end. If this case occurs, we will charge an additional account management fee of $200.

To set up a Facebook Agency Ad Account, in addition to renting from us, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a Meta Business Manager

Step 2: Create Fanpage, Ads account

Step 3: Maintain the minimum spending level required by the Meta Agency Partner program, and at the same time satisfy other conditions over a long period of time such as: conditions on Fanpage, region, and not violating advertising terms.

Step 4: Send an email to the Facebook Support Team to ask them to grant Agency Ad Account.

In my opinion, choosing to Rent Facebook Ads Account or Rent Google Ads Account depends on the properties of the product/service as well as the budget you want to run ads with. Currently, GDT Agency provides both of these services, so please review the information carefully to make the best decision.

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