Rent Google Ads Account - Get A $383 Promo Code

If you are having problems with your Google Advertising Account such as:

  • Account being suspended
  • Ad reviews taking a long time
  • Limited daily spending
  • Cannot advertise with a large budget
  • Cannot optimize campaign costs
  • Inconvenience in combining ad groups
  • Not spending ads,…


Why don’t you try to Rent Google Ads Agency Account from GDT Agency?


google agency ad account for rent

Google Ads Agency Account From GDT Agency

various products and services

Run various products and services

Unlike regular accounts, Google Ads Agency Account can advertise much more diverse, including restricted products and services.

high spending history and-quality score account

High spending history and quality score account

Normal accounts will put you in situations that make you want to be angry and frustrated. Stop that now when using the Google Ads Agency Account. If you’re still encountering ad account issues, you’ll get dedicated support from our expert team.

optimizing advertising budget

Optimizing advertising budget

Using GDT Agency’s Google Ads Agency Account For Rent with an unlimited budget makes advertising campaigns more effective. Especially when using the $383 promo code will help optimize your advertising budget.

Regular Google Ads Account Vs. Google Agency Ad Account

Regular Googe Ads Account

  • Unreliable account
  • Interrupted advertising
  • Rejected domain
  • Ad not approved
  • Ad review takes a long time
  • Difficult to optimize ads
  • Account suspended for unknown reason
  • Error when paying advertising bill

Google Ads Agency Account For Rent

  • Reliable account
  • Uninterrupted advertising
  • No ad spend limits
  • Run ads with large budget
  • Optimize campaign costs
  • Faster review times
  • High spending history account
  • High-quality score account
  • Chance to get a $383 promo code

Chance To Get $383.23 Google Ads Promo Code

Get a $383 promo code from Google today. As a partner of Google in the region, the exclusive $383 promotional code from Google is a valuable gift for you if you use the advertising account rental service from GDT Agency. This special opportunity is reserved for customers who meet certain specific conditions while using Google Agency Ad Account.

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383 promo code

Google Ads Account Rental Policy


  • We’ll make sure Google Agency Ad Account is safe and confidential. If there are any confidential problems, we will resolve them quickly and professionally.
  • GDT Agency commits that the Google Ads Agency Account For Rent will be thoroughly tested and work well on Google Ads.
  • If there is a situation where the agency ad account is inactive or invalid, we will refund the customer.



Products allowed to advertise:

  • Household appliances, furniture and home decoration.
  • Food, beverages and functional foods.
  • Electronic devices, computers and mobile phones.
  • Sportswear and fitness equipment.
  • Pet toys and accessories.

Products that are not allowed to be advertised:

  • Counterfeit goods, products related to violence, sexual content, religious or political issues, harassment and fraud.
  • Devices to support drug use.
  • Explosives and fireworks, as well as instructions on how to make explosives and other harmful products.
  • Financial services must comply with national laws.
  • Be especially careful not to show ads to children under 13 in certain industries such as combat sports.


  • Account opening fee: 10$/account.
  • Minimum deposit: $200/account for the first time right after creating an account.
  • Minimum deposit: 500$/account for each deposit.
  • Deposit time: 24/7
  • Entry time: 2-4 hours.
  • Share the agency ad account to customer email

Google Ads Account Rental Fee

Non-policy Violations Products Fashion, Electronics, Household,...

5000$ – 25.000$ /Month7%
From 25.000$ – 50.000$ /Month6.5%
From 50.000$ – 100.000$ /Month6%
From 100.000$ – 250.000$ /Month5.5%
Budget >250.000$ /Month5%

Policy Violations Products Game, Cosmetics, Food Supplements

10.000$ – 25.000$ /Month9%
From 25.000$ – 50.000$ /Month8%
From 50.000$ – 100.000$ /Month7.5%
From 100.000$ – 250.000$ /Month7%
Budget >250.000$ /Month6.5%
Budget >500.000 /Month6%

Frequently Asked Questions About Google Agency Accounts

This is a type of premium advertising account granted by Google to businesses/agencies that satisfy the following conditions: Have a Google Ads account in good standing, maintain a large advertising budget each month, and have registered as a business for at least 1 year.

This type of Agency Ad Account does not use ATM cards and only uses Dollar($) to run advertising campaigns and pay expenses.

Compared to a regular account, the Google Ads Agency Account For Rent has a high reputation from Google. Especially sustainable and can run ads with a large budget.

The account opening fee of $10/account is a fixed fee you must pay for each new Google Ads Agency Account For Rent created. In case the account is suspended through no fault of the customer, GDT Agency will assist the customer in opening a new account at no additional cost.

You can top up your Google Ads Agency Account just like a regular account, but pay attention to the minimum monthly budget so you don’t have to pay additional fees.

You just need to provide us with full information about your business, and we will support you from A-Z, from the initial setup to the ad campaigns. All you need to do is top-up the account and start advertising.

The answer is yes. If you have various domains and you want to create many Google Ads Agency Accounts, our experts can support you to do that.

In the unfortunate case of your account being suspended, we will promptly give you a new account and seamlessly transfer the unspent balance to make sure you can continue advertising.

In my view, deciding between renting a Google Ads Account and a TikTok Ads Account relies on your product or service characteristics and the advertising budget you have in mind. GDT Agency offers both options, so take a close look at the details to make the most informed choice.

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