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Use TikTok Ads effectively and optimize ad metrics when Rent TikTok Agency Ads Account from GDT Agency. You don’t need to worry about harmful problems from a regular ad account that can waste your time and money. Choose TikTok Agency Ad Account For Rent to get the latest deals and features.

Great Benefits Of Rent TikTok Agency Ads Account

Tiktok Agency Account Rental Fee

Service Fees Based On Budget

0$ – 25.000$ /Month2 %
From 25.000$ – 50.000$ /Month1,5 %
From 50.000$ – 100.000$ /Month1 %
From 100.000$ – 250.000$ /Month0,5 %
From 250.000$ – 500.000$ /Month0.5%
tiktok agency ad account for rent

GDT Agency - TikTok Agency Ad Account Policy

TikTok Agency Ad Account APPROVAL PROCESS

Step 1

Customer must share the information about monthly ad budget.

Step 2

Customers register the link of the website/Landing page /Page that need to run ads

Step 3

GDT Agency will review customer's information, Website/Landing Page/Page before creating an agency ad account.

Step 4

GDT Agency sends customers the criteria to correct and supplement, adjust the Website / Landing Page/Page in accordance with the policy.

Step 5

GDT Agency supports customers to create accounts.

Step 6

After 2-3 days, customer will receive Tiktok Agency Ad Account and start using it.

FAQs About Rent TikTok Agency Ads Account

TikTok Agency Ads Account is a premium TikTok ad account, available to customers who meet certain requirements. Conditions for this account include: having a support representative from TikTok, spending a minimum of 10,000 USD/month in the last 3 months, and maintaining a minimum spending level of 5,000 USD/month.

But it is clear that if you choose GDT Agency TikTok Ads Account, You will not be charged an account opening fee, and will certainly receive support in all steps of opening an account. You only pay a rental fee based on the budget you plan to run ads on TikTok.

If the advertising account is suspended, GDT Agency will prioritize the process of disputing this account. If the account appeal is unsuccessful, GDT Agency will provide a new account to the customer.

If your account gets suspended and the appeal is unsuccessful, GDT Agency will move the entire amount from the old account to the new one for you. This way, you won’t have to pay anything extra.

Opening and deposit fees for GDT Agency are currently free. For the first time, you only need to deposit a minimum of $200 per account, and for later deposits, a minimum of $200.

Absolutely YES! The TikTok Agency Ads Accounts provided by GDT Agency can be used to run ads in many countries worldwide.

Account issuance takes 24 hours (excluding Saturday and Sunday) from the time you prepare the domain.

NO NEED TO WAIT! You can run any advertising content you want without having to send it to anyone for approval.

If you are considering between these two types of rental services, you should understand one thing clearly: the decision to Rent TikTok Ads Account or Facebook Agency Account For Rent depends on your product or service features and the budget allocated for running ads. Right now, we also provide both services, so carefully examine the details to make the right choice.

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