Why Is My TikTok Ads Account In Review? How To Get Out?

This article focuses on explaining and resolving the situation of the TikTok Ads Account in review. This problem occurs due to many different issues, which can be subjective or objective. Regardless of why, you need to have experience dealing with it and understand a few important knowledge that I will cover in this article. So stay tuned till the end.

TikTok Ads Account in review

TikTok Ads Account in review

Why Is My TikTok Ads Account In Review? 

There are several reasons why your TikTok Ads account may be under review. These reasons can be subjective or objective. Even so, I advise you to calmly read it carefully:

New account or ad

When you first create a TikTok Ads account or submit a new ad campaign, it will go through a review process to ensure compliance with TikTok’s Advertising Policies. This is normal and usually takes about 24 hours.

New account or ad

New account or ad

For new TikTok Ads accounts, TikTok will need time to verify the information. Besides, they also need more time to confirm and store advertising account information. So when you first create a new TikTok Ads account, you should patiently wait for approval.

Changes made

Even if you’ve previously had accounts or ads approved, making any changes to them may trigger a new review. This includes edits to:

  • Targeting: Any adjustments to your targeting criteria (except age) will prompt a review.
  • Creative: This means editing the video itself, ad text, images, or landing page links.

Information is incomplete

In some cases, your app or ad may be missing the necessary details. This may be due to a lack of information or an unclear description.

Information is incomplete

Information is incomplete

In this case, the TikTok Ads account may be reviewed. You will need to review your account and of course add any necessary information.

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How To Get Out TikTok Ads Account In Review Status?

Obviously, you will need to resolve the TikTok Ads Account in review issue as quickly as possible in order to continue advertising. The important thing here is that for dealing with this problem, it always takes you time. So please calmly read my content below carefully:

Waiting for review

In most cases, your account will be reviewed within 24 hours. If you’re really patient and can wait, it’s quite okay. But if you don’t have time and want to work with your TikTok ad account right away, please refer to the solution I shared below.

Rent a premium advertising account

Rent TikTok Agency Ad Account can be an extremely useful solution for you. Why? This type of account receives special priority from TikTok and of course, you can both save time and save a lot of advertising money. The special advantages of this account are:

  • Fast ad review time: You don’t have to wait too long for TikTok to review your ad. And I promise there is no stuck-in-review situation.
  • Cost optimization: Advertising indicators such as CPM, CPC, and bid prices will be lower due to receiving special priority.
  • Budget optimization: You can advertise with an unlimited budget. The special feature of this account is that the more you spend, the higher your profit, so increased ROI helps you optimize your advertising budget.
  • No annoying restrictions or bans: It’s clear that having your account suspended will cost you a lot of time, effort, and even money. Forget about that and come to a completely different new experience.

Rent a premium advertising account

Rent a premium advertising account

Besides, there are great features and incentives for you to explore. Contact GDT Agency immediately to rent an account.

Check the status

You can check the status of your ad or ad group directly in TikTok Ads Manager in the “Status” column.

In this section, you can very specifically monitor the status of your advertising account. If it has a status with a yellow icon, then your account is “In review”. If the status appears with a blue icon, then everything is ready

Avoid making changes

While your account or ad is under review, avoid making any further edits to avoid additional delays. This is mostly up to you, but if you still want to edit the ad, I recommend duplicating the ad and then making other edits.

Avoid making changes

Avoid making changes

Contact the support team from TikTok

If the review process seems to be taking unusually long, you can try contacting TikTok Ads support for further assistance. They can provide more specific information about the reason for the delay so you can clearly understand why. However, contacting the support team still takes your time.

If possible, you should submit support as soon as possible after the problem occurs. Simply because the number of advertisers on TikTok is currently very large, resolving issues will take quite a bit of time to wait.

Wrap Up

In general, handling the situation of TikTok Ads in review will always be urgent. If this situation goes on for too long, you will not only waste time and effort, but sometimes you will also lose money. Equipping yourself with a premium advertising account will be necessary so that this situation does not happen often. If you are interested in opening a new TikTok Agency advertising account, you need to immediately contact GDT Agency through the following contact:

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