Anzalyze Some Best TikTok Ads Examples For You In 2024

This content focuses on analyzing effective, high-performing TikTok Ads Examples from famous brands. Why do you need to understand it? Simply put, every successful campaign has some special points that you can learn from. It could be how to target, how to build advertising content, how to include CTAs in TikTok Ads, etc. In short, you should follow the article below to learn about success effective examples of TikTok Ads.

TikTok Ads Examples

TikTok Ads Examples

First Of TikTok Ads Examples List: TikTok In-feed Ads Example

The first part of the TikTok Ads Examples list will be a fairly prominent brand. Frank’s Red Hot is a famous chili sauce brand in America. To increase brand awareness and attract young customers in the United Kingdom, Frank’s Red Hot launched an in-feed advertising campaign on TikTok. In my opinion, this is one of the extremely successful campaigns.

TikTok In-feed Ads example

TikTok In-feed Ads example

  • Objective: This brand wants to increase Frank’s Red Hot brand awareness among young people.
  • Attract potential customers and increase sales.
  • Campaign content: Frank’s Red Hot cooperates with famous TikTokers to create in-feed promotional videos. They use videos showcasing creative recipes using Frank’s Red Hot chili sauce and videos using the hashtag #FranksRedHotChallenge to encourage users to participate in cooking challenges.
  • Results: The campaign achieved more than 100 million views and 1 million interactions. Besides, more than 10,000 TikTok users have participated in the #FranksRedHotChallenge. Not only that, sales of Frank’s Red Hot increased by 20% after the campaign.

TikTok Spark Ads Examples

About Spark Ads TikTok examples, in October 2023, Amika partnered with TikToker Seolahh for a Spark Ads campaign for the new product “The Kure Bond Repair Shampoo & Conditioner”.

TikTok Spark Ads examples

TikTok Spark Ads examples

  • Content: The content of this campaign focuses on using famous TikToker Seolahh with her hair care tutorial videos and “lazy girl hair hacks”. For this type of video, it is easy to stand out and become a trend with interest from young women.
  • Results: The video reached more than 1 million views and 200,000 interactions. More than 3,000 users participated in sharing product experiences with the hashtag #AmikaKure. Not only that, sales of “The Kure Bond Repair Shampoo & Conditioner” increased by 10% compared to when the campaign was not running. Is that enough for you to understand the success of the campaign?

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TikTok Top View Ad Example

A globally famous brand will be the highlight of TikTok Ads Examples. In July 2023, Balenciaga, a high-end fashion brand from Spain, launched a TopView Ads campaign on TikTok to promote “The Hacker Project” collection in collaboration with famous fashion brand Gucci. And here is the content that I analyze specifically for you to have a closer look:

TikTok Top View Ad example

TikTok Top View Ad example

Campaign content

Ads appear as soon as users open the TikTok app. It really created a surprising effect with beautiful images, and was even more impressive with its groundbreaking combination with Gucci, making the world’s top fashion designers and models overwhelmed.

The promotional video introduces products in “The Hacker Project” collection and uses vibrant music and eye-catching images to attract viewers.


After the campaign was launched, it reached more than 10 million views and 500,000 interactions. Not only that, advertising also helped this brand increase Balenciaga’s website traffic by 20% and sales of “The Hacker Project” collection by 15%.

Effective analysis

Basically, Balenciaga’s TopView Ads campaign succeeded in:

  • Increase brand awareness: Ads appear as soon as users open the TikTok app to help attract their attention. It is also great for creating an effect of surprise and curiosity among the audience on TikTok.
  • Attract potential customers: Promotional videos introduce products in an engaging way, encouraging users to learn more about the collection.
  • Increase sales: Collection sales increased very strongly after the campaign was implemented. This is what every advertiser or marketer wants.

In short, TopView Ads on TikTok is an extremely effective type of advertising for advertising highly branded products. It is especially surprising and attracts the audience at first sight if the advertising content is good enough and truly special to them. However, this type of advertising is quite expensive and will annoy users who are not really interested in advertising.

TikTok Video Shopping Ads Example

In this list of TikTok Ads Examples, TikTok Video Shopping Ads cannot be missing. Gymshark, a popular fitness clothing brand, wanted to promote their new line of high-performance leggings. This product is quite basic for bodybuilders and health-conscious people. However, it has a few unique advantages. Gymshark is also very flexible in turning those advantages into the content of TikTok Shopping Ads.

Gymshark used the In-Feed Video Shopping Ads with Carousel ad format and targeted Gen Z people aged 18-25 who are interested in fitness and fashion.

TikTok Video Shopping Ads example

TikTok Video Shopping Ads example

Video content

The video opens with a group of friends working out at the gym and they’re all wearing different styles from Gymshark’s new legging line.

Next, the Video introduces the features and benefits of leggings, such as sweat-wicking fabric and figure-flattering fit. Besides, they also use energetic background music and quick cuts to make the video engaging.

Throughout the promotional video, text overlays highlight key product features. This is a pretty good point that you should learn.


The carousel below the video showcases the different styles and colors of the new legging line. Gymshark is also flexible in having each image include a clear call to action (CTA) like “Buy now” or “See more colors.” This is great because it directly increases CTR.

By clicking on the image, TikTok audiences will be taken to the Gymshark website where they can learn more and purchase the leggings.

Why does this example work?

Analyzing the highlights of this advertisement, I will make the following observations:

Attractive videos: Gymshark’s promotional videos are visually appealing, use trendy music and introduce the product in action as well as being very clever in introducing the features of newly launched products.

  • Highlights Benefits: The video focuses on the benefits of leggings, such as comfort and performance.
  • Shoppable Carousel: The carousel allows users to browse through different styles and colors with ease.
  • Clear CTA: The CTA is clear and encourages users to learn more or buy the product right in the ad, increasing CTR.

In short, Gymshark has been very successful in using TikTok Shopping Ads to advertise leggings products with flexibility and skill in handling promotional video content and advertising carousels. You can carefully study this case study to gain more valuable experience.

TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads Example

About Dynamic Showcase Ads TikTok example, let me break down for you a great example of a Unilever campaign. Unilever is the world’s leading multinational corporation producing consumer goods. In 2022, Unilever used the Dynamic Showcase Ads campaign on TikTok to promote hair care products under the Dove brand.

TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads example

TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads example

With the main goal of increasing brand awareness for Dove hair care products. Besides, they also want to attract potential customers and increase sales.

Unilever used Dynamic Showcase Ads to create promotional videos personalized to each user. They focus on introducing Dove hair care products that suit users’ needs. Through promotional videos that use eye-catching images and music to attract viewers, what they receive is:

The campaign achieved more than 10 million views and 500,000 interactions.

  • Increase Unilever’s website traffic by 20%.
  • Sales of Dove hair care products increased 15%.

Using Dynamic Showcase Ads is really effective in many different situations. The saddest thing is that TikTok will stop providing and creating new Dynamic Showcase Ads from April 3, 2024. For Dynamic Showcase Ads campaigns, you can continue to manage it. Please wait for the latest announcement from TikTok to see if this is a permanent shutdown or a temporary suspension to update new features.


In short, TikTok Ads Examples are just free resources for you to learn and gain experience for your future advertising. But it’s clear that running TikTok Ads effectively and efficiently requires more than that. To be able to run TikTok Ads with optimal costs and good performance, you should refer to TikTok Agency Account Rent from GDT Agency. We have a service that optimizes everything you are having difficulty with when using TikTok Ads. Besides, GDT Agency is also ready to support advertisers at any time as long as you request.

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