Find Out Best TikTok Ads Inspiration For Brand Awareness

In this article, I focus on analyzing for you the outstanding case studies and the most important things about TikTok Ads Inspiration. What is this? Is it effective in terms of sales and conversions for the brand? Join me to learn about TikTok Ads inspiration and gain more experience to advertise more effectively.

tiktok ads inspiration

TikTok Ads Inspiration

What Is TikTok Ads Inspiration?

TikTok Ads Inspiration is a program organized by TikTok aimed at supporting businesses in creating effective TikTok advertising campaigns. Essentially, this program provides businesses with the necessary resources and tools to:

  • Better understand the TikTok platform: TikTok Ads Inspiration provides businesses with information about how TikTok works, the different types of TikTok ads, and how to target your target audience.
  • Create engaging promotional content: TikTok Ads Inspiration provides businesses with tips and strategies to create TikTok promotional videos that attract users’ attention.
  • Measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns: TikTok Ads Inspiration provides businesses with tools to track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and optimize campaigns accordingly.
  • Available case studies to learn: This tool also has great case studies available for you to learn and draw lessons for yourself.

To start learning about Inspiration TikTok Ads, you can access TikTok Creative Center via the link: Then you need to access the “Inspiration” section as shown below:

click inspiration

Click Inspiration

Then you can get specific about important metrics and information. For example, when I access the “Top products” section, I will learn about featured products and important related information such as “Creative insight”, “Related videos”, “Related hashtags”. Everything is very valuable for you to learn, so pay attention in this section.

4 TikTok Ads Inspiration For You To Learn

TikTok Ads Inspiration examples are the next thing I want you to learn and draw your own lessons from. It will be really valuable if you want to use TikTok Ads Inspiration to increase brand awareness. It is imperative that you increase your brand awareness before you start using TikTok Ads for your products/services, so keep reading.

Elf cosmetics 

If you don’t know, this is the fastest Tiktok Campaign ever to reach 1 billion views in just 6 days. This is the first piece of branded content to ever reach #1 trending. Besides, more than 5 million user-created videos with #eyeslipsface have been posted on Tiktok and is the campaign with the most interest from users on Tiktok. 

elf cosmetics

E.l.f cosmetics

In my opinion, the main contents of this campaign that impress me include:

  • E.l.f. Cosmetics has collaborated with famous TikTokers to create short, fun, catchy videos with the theme song #eyeslipsface.
  • Makeup tutorial videos are simple, easy to follow, suitable for all ages and styles.
  • Encourage users to participate in the #eyeslipsface challenge by posting their own makeup videos.
  • Use UGC (user-generated content) to drive more engagement and create intimacy between your audience and your brand.

In short, e.l.f.’s TikTok Ads campaign. Cosmetics is a successful example of using the TikTok platform to spread a message and promote a business. The campaign has attracted the attention of many TikTok users, especially young people. Videos with fun, creative content are constantly published and are very suitable for the tastes of TikTok users. The brand’s campaign on TikTok helped e.l.f. Cosmetics increases brand awareness and drives sales.


Zoomerang is truly a suitable platform for advertising on TikTok. For those who don’t know, this is a photo and video editing platform available on mobile devices. In the context of TikTok users increasing in large numbers, Zoomerang was launched like a beverage for people who are seriously dehydrated.



Basically, Zoomerang has done a great job of using the advertising strengths on TikTok to create content that spreads messages to the audience. They professionally produced promotional videos and showed the audience the best features this application has to offer.

Analyzing more closely, the special effects and continuous transition effects in Zoomerang’s advertisement make the audience find it attractive. I actually analyzed their advertisement for 2 days and learned how to make this interesting promotional video.

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza is a convenience food chain whose main product is Pizza. They encountered some difficulties in trying to get their message across and raise customer awareness in Mexico for their new product called “Rosca de Sartén”. Especially for a new product launch campaign on a holiday in Mexico. So they used TikTok Ads Inspiration and ran a customer awareness campaign.

domino pizza

Domino’s pizza

Domino’s Pizza has really made a difference and been highly effective in running their advertising campaign. They focus on using Top View Ads, and combine it with other forms of complementary advertising (mainly with Branded Mission). This campaign has 2 important parts:

  • Stage 1- Announcement (December 26th): A Top View ad was deployed to announce the upcoming arrival of the “Rosca de Sartén”.This ad likely featured eye-catching visuals and messaging to capture user attention and encourage them to anticipate its release. It might have even prompted users to request the “Rosca de Sartén” from the Three Kings for the holiday.
  • Stage 2 – Driving Product Awareness and Engagement (January 4th): Another Top View ad was used to remind users that the “Rosca de Sartén” was finally available for purchase. To further boost engagement, a Branded Mission was implemented. This likely involved some interactive element or challenge that encouraged users to participate in a conversation about the product, potentially creating a viral trend.

And the result was engagement through the #QuieroMiRoscaDominos hashtag, reaching over 25 million views and even surpassing the brand’s #dominospizza hashtag and over 17.4k app conversions. The campaign has exceeded the sales target initially set by this brand. Even more surprisingly, it achieved a sevenfold increase in total units sold compared to expectations and exceeded store-level unit targets by 71%. Really great.


Light’f is a night light business brand. To know specifically about the success of this brand’s night light advertising campaign on TikTok, you can look at the illustration below:



As you can see, Light’f doesn’t need to be too picky in creating Ad captions or trending music clips. They do everything elaborately, specifically, gently, to introduce night light products that are extremely suitable for young people who want to decorate their bedrooms and offices.

What’s special about this ad is that they created a lot of UGC. User-generated content earned them 16,000 shares and more than 300,000 interactions. That’s just the number of 1 UGC video they created out of 41 other promotional and UGC videos. In short, a great and successful TikTok Ads Inspiration.

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What Makes TikTok Ads Inspiration Special?

After you have understood all of TikTok Ads Inspiration at the beginning of the article, I want you to better understand the most special things about TikTok Ads Inspiration. The next section of content is like a summary table and notes the important things to create valuable TikTok Ads Inspiration versions. Let’s follow along.

Increase brand awareness

As you may know, Brand Awareness is an Ad Objective available on TikTok Ads. And using it for TikTok Ads Inspiration makes it possible for you to make your customers understand your brand, its latest products and programs.

increase brand awareness

Increase brand awareness

Not only that, when using TikTok Ads Inspiration, TikTok’s support team will help you edit your ads so that the most special elements will stand out and attract potential audiences. This will also help you understand how to create high-quality brand content.

Spreading the message

The spread of advertising messages is something that not all advertising can do. When using TikTok Ads Inspiration, you can receive suggestions to optimize content, optimize brand hashtags, optimize CTAs, etc.

spreading the message

Spreading the message

The most important part in this section is how TikTok Ads Inspiration can help you understand some ways to implement brand ideas and make it attractive in promotional videos on TikTok. Content from brands with similar successful campaigns also helps you understand this better.

Budget optimization

For big brands that need to run large campaigns to raise customer awareness or increase conversion orders. They must pay attention to TikTok Ads Inspiration. Why is that? Simply put, it will help you quickly find out what your audience is interested in, thereby helping you create valuable content to increase conversions and optimize your advertising budget.

budget optimization

Budget optimization

If you really want to solve the advertising budget problem, you need to pay special attention to TikTok Agency Account Rent from GDT Agency. This type of account has many features and advantages to help you optimize your budget effectively.

You will definitely no longer encounter unpleasant situations or bans from TikTok that can cost you money. You can also advertise with unlimited budgets and many related extensions.

Not only that, when using our account rental service, you do not need to pay advertising tax, deposit fees, or account opening fees like other agencies. We also always apply the latest promotions for businesses/advertisers who want to expand their online business model.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content (UGC) is extremely special and I am often interested in this type of content on TikTok. It’s simple, easy to implement, and of course extremely effective. This content is engaged by users and you will definitely receive quality interactions.

user generated content

User-generated content

UGC basically eliminates the gap between the brand and the audience on TikTok, it is also one of the great methods to make the audience really interested in the advertising campaign. Using UGC with hashtags will also help your brand receive more organic conversions and optimize advertising costs.

Trending Hashtag

For Hashtags, you need to ensure a few important things if you want TikTok Ads Inspiration campaigns to be truly effective. First is about trending hashtags, they are hashtags that are prominent on TikTok and receive a lot of attention from users. It also attracts large numbers of engaged and converting users.

trending hashtag

Trending hashtag

The next purpose of Hashtag is to help TikTok quickly identify the genre of your video, promotional video and suggest it to people who need it. TikTok distributes video topics to people who want to watch them, not randomly, so adding Hashtags to videos is very important.

Music and sound effects

music and sound effects

Music and sound effects

This is always an important part when talking about videos on TikTok. or advertise on TikTok. If you really don’t care about it, you can’t effectively advertise with engaging videos. In this section, I want you to clearly understand the following important things:

  • Trending music: You can find and use trending copyrighted music on TikTok Creative Center. This tool provides you with a specific ranking of popular music on TikTok in many different countries for you to choose from.
  • Sound effects: Sound effects often appear at the beginning of the video, the end of the video or featured content of an advertising video. Not only does it help the video make a point, it also makes your audience remember the key messages in the video. I regularly use special sound effects for Intros and CTAs in videos to ensure high conversion performance and good click-through rates.
  • Background music for videos: For TikTok Ads Inspiration campaigns to advertise products, you must insert background music if you don’t want your audience to skip it immediately because it’s too boring. Background music plays an important role in videos introducing product features. Popular background music that brands are using is mainly lofi, piano, light type beat, etc.


In short, using TikTok Ads Inspiration to spread advertising messages as well as improve revenue quickly is something you need to understand. In this article, I have shared the best case studies about inspiration for TikTok Ads. You can also read about it carefully and learn optimal advertising experiences for yourself. If during the process of running TikTok Ads, you encounter serious problems related to advertising optimization and cost optimization, you can immediately contact GDT Agency. We are always ready to help you.

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