What Is Tiktok Ads? Why Should You Run This Ads?

TikTok is a well-known short video sharing platform that is gaining popularity and a suitable platform for advertising. So what is TikTok Ads? Do you know how to run TikTok Ads? Today, let’s take a look at TikTok’s advertising service in a nutshell!

What Is TikTok Ads?

Tiktok Ads is a Tiktok advertisement that uses the TikTok social network to run marketing and advertising campaigns to spread the brand. Currently, many businesses and entrepreneurs build various types of advertising campaigns, to increase their ability to reach potential customers. Also, it promotes increasing sales and effectively promote the brand.

TikTok platform is mainly about sharing short videos with unique effects and a huge trending music store for creative users. Therefore, videos on TikTok often go viral at breakneck speed. Running TikTok ads helps product features reach viewers.

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Why Should I Run TikTok Ads?

Running TikTok ads is much lower than running Facebook ads. In addition, the potential customer segment in TikTok is usually in the range of 18-35 years old, along with the purchasing power and shopping demand of this age group is extremely high. Running product ads must be in line with the trend to ensure quality to achieve high efficiency.

Tik Tok owns a significant number of users: The truth is that the download and use of Tik Tok is increasing, with no sign of stopping.

Engage customers with user-generated content videos. The spread quickly and widely from videos from 3-15 seconds. Therefore, it has the attraction and impact on the reception of users.

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Less competition: Although TikTok is quite popular in foreign countries, there are still few brands that truly know and use Tik Tok Ads in Vietnam. You can sell and use TikTok advertising services to be less competitive than using Facebook and or Youtube ads.

Reach potential customers: The number of users is increasing day by day and viewers tend to watch, share, review and feel, then go to purchase action.

Price List Of Cheap TikTok Advertising Services

If you are interested in hiring an agency to support advertising on TikTok. However, the first thing you should consider is the price list of advertising services. You can refer to the agency’s information on TikTok’s advertising service below.

Reasons I Should Hire TikTok Advertising Service

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Ineffective self-run ads

Due to lack of experience or too few documents, leading to self-run ads will not be as effective as hiring an experienced TikTok advertising service

Ads bite money too slow

Running ads on personal accounts with unattractive advertising content and non-standard targets, users are less interested in advertising. Meanwhile, advertising costs are calculated by conversions and interactions, from which most self-run ads are very slow to make money. In short, if you fall into the above cases, you can consider using the TikTok advertising service.

Do businesses need to run TikTok ads?

Currently, with 72% of the Vietnamese population owning a smart mobile device, TikTok has quickly become one of the must-have applications for the young community. According to APPOTA, Vietnam is the fastest growing mobile application market in the world.

However, these numbers are certainly increasing as technology becomes more and more powerful in these decades. Tik Tok is the 4th highest rated app in Vietnam, so businesses will get a lot of benefits from building their audience as soon as possible.

GDT Agency Tik Tok advertising service

Immediately contact Gdt Agency’s TikTok expert to discuss in detail your business’ vision and goals for online growth to develop your brand in the most productive way. We have a team of experts who will offer TikTok Ads Account For Rent options with other Social platforms which suit your business most. Thereby, helping to increase the conversion of viewers into customers.

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Digital Marketing is a complex web and makes it difficult for many businesses nowadays. GDT Agency is always ready to support brand identity promotion for large and small businesses,  then you can reach the most potential customers at its best.

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