Tiktok Trend Discovery Ads: Best Way To Get More Idea

If you don’t know about TikTok Trend Discovery Ads, you’ve missed out on a lot of valuable resources and useful information for your ads and videos on TikTok. Join me to learn about this tool through the content below. I will specifically analyze this tool and how to use it.

Tiktok Trend Discovery Ads

Tiktok Trend Discovery Ads

What Is TikTok Trend Discovery Ads?

TikTok Trend Discovery Ads (also known as Trend Discovery) refers to an extremely useful tool for advertisers using TikTok Ads. This tool helps you search and learn specifically about hashtags, content, trending music, popular products, etc. of TikTok Ads.

What is TikTok Trend Discovery Ads

What is TikTok Trend Discovery Ads?

How To Use TikTok Ad Discovery?

To use TikTok Ad Discovery, you need to visit TikTok Creative Center and focus on the Trends section as shown below:

How to use TikTok Ad Discovery

How to use TikTok Ad Discovery?

Next, I will analyze each specific component of TikTok Trend Discovery Ads for you to understand clearly.


For section 1, this is also a menu with location options. As here I choose United States, the returned results will be the popular and popular things of the US TikTok server.

For different countries, the returned results will be different so you need to pay attention to this. It’s also extremely useful if you want to place ads for different countries. If you want to learn about ads, hashtags, and music that are popular in many countries, this will be an advantage for you.


TikTok Trend Discovery’s resources include Hashtags, Songs, Creators, TikTok Videos. For different item, the returned results will be different, it includes:


Includes trending country-specific Hashtags. The filter of this section helps you see Industry, the latest time (7 days, 30 days, 120 days). Next, you can see rankings, posts & views, trend graphs (indicating the trend development of that hashtag), featured creators who have used that hashtag.



If you want to know more specific things, you can click on “See analytics” and learn specifically about the main parameters and reports on Hashtag popularity.


For “Songs”, you can see songs that are trending on TikTok in the country you’re researching. The “Popular” section is popular songs used by many people. The “Breakout” category is songs whose usage has increased significantly during the time period you choose.




In the Creators section, you can find the most prominent creators on TikTok. The “Creators” filter allows you to search for creators in different countries. Besides, you can also filter out creators with the number of followers you want.



Next, you can click “Creator videos” to see the specific content of the videos those creators have posted. This tool recommends three creators’ most popular videos for you to explore.

TikTok Videos

For the “TikTok Videos” section, you can see trending videos on TikTok here. Including popular promotional videos. The filter of “TikTok Videos” helps you find popular videos by time and level of interaction (hot, Likes, Comments, Shares).

TikTok Videos

TikTok Videos


As I shared above, filters are something you need to understand. For each different resource, the way to use the filter will also be different. It provides you with a full range of diverse options so you can use TikTok Trend Discovery specifically and effectively.

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Notes When Using TikTok Trend Discovery

In the next content of TikTok Trend Discovery Ads article, I want you to understand a few important things about TikTok Trend Discovery. Mainly knowledge related to Trends. It includes:

  • Time of trending video: It can be long term or short term, but it is important for you to know when your promotional video is trending, and it is important how to maximize Profit when it trends is what you need to pay attention to.
  • Featured Ideas: Taking the featured ideas on TikTok and making it yours is what I want to talk about here. For videos that are formulaic to create, you can create them yourself with your own unique ideas and appropriate calls to action. This helps you attract audiences who are interested in that trend.
  • Only use suitable Trends: For certain products/services, you should consider the suitability of the Trend on TikTok for the brand. Not every Trend will be suitable for your brand, so consider its suitability before using that Trend.


In short, using TikTok Trend Discovery Ads is extremely useful for advertisers in finding ideas and trends on TikTok to create attractive ads. What’s even better is, if you clearly understand this important knowledge combined with using account rental services from GDT Agency, it will create high efficiency and performance. If you really want your TikTok ads to maximize conversions and earn big profits, contact GDT Agency immediately to receive advice:

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