Advantage Of Using Amazon Attribution Google Ads In 2024

If you’re using Google Ads to advertise interesting products on Amazon, you definitely can’t miss out on Amazon Attribution Google Ads. What is it and why is it so useful for advertisers? Let’s explore the content of this article. I will analyze this tool specifically so you can understand everything from the basics like concepts, advantages to how to use it.

Amazon Attribution Google Ads

Amazon Attribution Google Ads

What Is Amazon Attribution Google Ads?

For those who don’t know, Amazon Attribution Google Ads is a feature that allows advertisers to track the performance of their Google Ads campaigns concerning sales and other metrics on Amazon. Essentially, it provides insights into how Google Ads campaigns drive traffic and conversions on Amazon’s platform.

How Does It’s Work?

If you are running Google Ads for products on Amazon, you need it to aggregate and provide insights, it’s really great for optimizing advertising campaigns. Here’s how it works:

Tracking links

Advertisers create unique tracking links within Amazon Attribution that they then use in their Google Ads campaigns. These links help Amazon track the traffic and conversions generated from the ads.

Measurement: Amazon Attribution measures various metrics such as clicks, conversions, sales, and other engagement metrics that result from users clicking on the Google Ads and making purchases or taking actions on Amazon.


By using Amazon Attribution, advertisers gain insights into the effectiveness of their Google Ads campaigns in driving traffic and sales on Amazon. They can see which ads, keywords, or targeting strategies are most successful in driving conversions.

How does it work

How does it work?


Armed with these insights, advertisers can optimize their Google Ads for Amazon campaigns to improve performance and maximize ROI (Return on Investment) by focusing on the most effective strategies and eliminating underperforming ones.

Amazon Attribution Google Ads can helps advertisers bridge the gap between their Google Ads campaigns and sales on Amazon, providing valuable data and insights to optimize advertising efforts across platforms. 

How To Use Google Ads Amazon Attribution?

To start using Google Ads Amazon Attribution, you need to visit the Amazon Ads page where you’ll be prompted to log in or sign up for Amazon Ads.

Amazon Attribution

Amazon Attribution

Next, you’ll need to access Google Ads to edit or create a new Google Ads campaign.

Once you’ve set up a new Google Ads campaign, including basic settings like campaign name and description, proceed to creating an Ad Group. Especially in this section, input the link you want to measure into the “Click-through URL” field.

Create ad group

Create ad group

The next aspect to consider at this stage is the keywords you use for advertising. You need to be careful in planning your keywords, try to utilize tools like Google Keyword Planner or to select keywords that are conversion-focused, have high volume, and low difficulty.

Enter keyword

Enter keyword

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Why You Should Run Google Ads Amazon Attribution?

Currently, using Amazon Attribution Google Ads is becoming increasingly popular among retailers on Amazon. There are many reasons to explain this trend. However, I will summarize the main reasons for you to understand why: 

Google Search Ads are truly effective right now

In my opinion and experience, as well as that of most advertisers using Google Ads today, Google Search Ads prove to be extremely effective if you spend time building a conversion-focused keyword set.

Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads

And of course, Amazon Attribution is also highly effective when used in conjunction with Google Search Ads. It provides you with important metrics to analyze and optimize your advertising campaigns conveniently and effectively.

Extremely effective when combined with Agency Account

If you want to run Google Ads effectively, with high profits, without encountering the limitations of Google related to features, ad review speed, ad distribution capabilities, then you should consider the Rent Google Agency Account service from GDT Agency.

This service is specifically designed for advertisers stuck with serious Google Ads issues or simply looking to scale ads with a large number of Ad Groups, Ad Campaigns, high budgets. It also proves to be extremely valuable when combined with Amazon Attribution. If you’re interested in this service, contact GDT Agency now to not miss out on the latest offers.

It’s completely free

Compared to many third-party measurement tools, the need to pay a certain amount each month for these tools can sometimes be challenging and make you reconsider long-term usage. However, this is not a barrier because using the Amazon Attribution tool is entirely free. You won’t incur any fees or additional charges when using this tool. Long-term usage of this tool, if used effectively, will help you save a lot of costs compared to using expensive paid measurement tools nowadays.

It is free

It is free

Diverse measurement channels

Currently, in addition to measuring Google Ads, Amazon Attribution can also measure other advertising campaigns across various social media platforms. Additionally, it shows surprising effectiveness by measuring important metrics in email marketing campaigns.

Wrap Up

To summarize, I want to emphasize that if you want your Google ads for products on the Amazon e-commerce platform to be optimized, you should use Amazon Attribution Google Ads. Its features are simply suitable for measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, and it’s free. Moreover, if you encounter serious issues while running Google Ads, you should immediately contact GDT Agency to rent a premium account or simply seek assistance from our experienced paid advertising experts. I will leave the contact information below for your convenience in following up:

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