What Is Google Ads Account? Important Things You Must Know

Are you new to digital marketing, online ads? Still wondering “What is a Google Ads account?” In this guide, we’ll demystify Google Ads and introduce you to key terms, including campaigns, CPC, and more. Get ready to navigate the world of Google Ads and enhance your marketing skills. Let’s dive in!

What is a Google Ads account

What is a Google Ads account

What Is Google Ads Account? Why Does Everyone Care About It?

Here, I will share the contant of “What is Google Ads account?”, and the reason why a Google Ads account is always the choice of businesses that build brands and do long-term business.

What is Google Ads account?

Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) is a paid advertising platform distributed by Google. On this advertising platform, individuals, businesses, organizations, and agencies, can freely advertise their products and services, to generate conversion orders or enhance brand image.

Currently, Google Ads provides a lot of advertising support tools, as well as different types of ads and advertising objectives for users to choose from. This diversity brings more and more potential and advertising resources that users can exploit to develop their online advertising ideas.

The reason everyone cares about Google Ads

After you know what is Google Ads account, Google Ads is an extremely reputable platform for advertising metrics control. Once you have mastered the tricks and basics of using the platform. You will find it extremely easy to use and control metrics. This is extremely good at measuring ad return. As well as serving to optimize ads in the next campaigns.

The reason everyone cares about Google Ads

The reason everyone cares about Google Ads

Next, Google Ads helps you gain brand image. Compared to other advertising platforms, Google Ads has always shown that it is a platform with solid moves for brand promotion, enhancing the brand image in the eyes of users. When you see display ads, or search ads, you will be more attracted than seeing junk ads appearing on other social media channels.

Finally, Google ads bring optimal advertising budget. The reason people are increasingly interested in Google Ads is this: they will receive a lot of advertising promotional codes from Google. Low to high-value ad codes make running ads cheap and budget-optimized. And receiving these promotional codes, as well as hunting for the winning lottery, is very exciting.

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Advertising Metrics That Newbies Must Understand

After you read above content about what is Google Ads account. Here are some of the Google Ads metrics you need to know when advertising.

Basic advertising metrics of Google Ads

When you run ads on Google, you have to bid on the cost to take a specific action. Specifically, there are the following ways to calculate the cost of running Google Ads:

  • CPC (Cost per Click) or PPC (Pay per Click): The cost per user click.
  • CPM (Cost per 1000 Impressions): The cost per 1000 ad impressions.
  • CPA (Cost per Acquisition): Cost per customer action.
  • CPV (Cost per Video View): Cost per Video View.
  • CPI (Cost per Install): Cost per app install.

Depending on the type of ad, different charges apply. Normally, Google Search, GDN, and Shopping Ads ads will be calculated according to CPC, CPA; Youtube ads are calculated by CPM, CPV, and app ads are CPI.

Basic advertising metrics of Google Ads

Basic advertising metrics of Google Ads

Quality Score is a Google evaluation tool that shows the quality of your ads to users. This score ranges from 1-10. A High-Quality Score means your ad is high quality too. It is evaluated based on 3 criteria:

  • CTR: click-through rate, a metric of how likely customers are to click on your ad.
  • Ad relevance: the relevance of the ads to the user’s intent (shown most by keywords).
  • Landing page: usefulness and relevance to ad visitors.

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Some Google Ads Experiences

After learn about what is Google Ads Account and Google Ads metrics. Here are some experiences related to Google Ads such as targeting customer files, managing ads, and optimizing ads that you need to know.

Target the right target audience

Because the results will be displayed in the first positions when customers search for keywords or display them at the websites that customers visit every day, the probability of reaching the right target audience interested in the product is very high. In addition, retargeting also follows customers through their daily web surfing journey to help customers remember brands and products longer.

Manage ads properly

If your product doesn’t violate anything in Google’s advertising policies, your ad will appear as soon as 5 minutes after successful ad installation. You can adjust product information, add or change keywords, change targeting methods, advertising budget, etc., at any time. In addition, Google also allows you to place ads in any language, in any market you want to target.

Optimizing advertising budget

By targeting the exact target audience, Google Ads helps increase order conversion rates, bringing in revenue for businesses. Besides, with the CPC paid form, you only need to pay for the clicks on ads from really interested customers. Google also allows advertisers to adjust budgets and spend by day, making it easy for you to effectively manage your ads and make appropriate adjustments to optimize costs in the best way.


Above content are my knowledge I wanna share with you about “What Is Google Ads Account? Important Things You Must Know“. I hope this article will help you understand what is Google Ads Account and some neccessary information you must know to start thinking about run Google Ads for your product/service. If you have some questions or problems about Google Ads, contact GDT Agency right away:

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