What Is PPC Google Ads? Definition And Distinction With CPC

PPC Google Ads is a highly effective online advertising model that allows businesses to display their ads on the Google search engine results page and partner websites. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the concept of PPC Google Ads, distinguish it from CPC. Some key features, and how it works. 

PPC Google Ads

PPC Google Ads

What Is PPC Google Ads?

At the beginning of the article, I will specifically share the definition and effects of PPC Google Ads. If you need to understand this concept to learn to run Google ads, read the content below carefully.


PPC Google Ads or also known as PAY-PER-CLICK, this is a term in advertising, it is a form of digital marketing where the advertiser has to pay for each user’s click. Of course, this type of advertising appears in many advertising platforms, but in this article, I only share the knowledge surrounding PPC Google Ads.


Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC. The Google search engine allows advertisers to set bids so that ads appear in the first position every time a user searches.

Function of PPC

Function of PPC

Is running Google Ads expensive?

At this point, many people doubt the ability and high fees of PPC Google Ads. But in fact, you only need to pay a very small price to conduct advertising, and it also brings great value to marketing. The most important thing is that when it shows up on Google search results, users will be very easily attracted and click to generate a conversion order.

More specifically, if you Rent Google Agency Account, saving money on paid advertising will be even more feasible. Simply because this type of account has many special features to help you optimize your advertising budget. During use, you also have the opportunity to receive code $383 to help you have more budget for advertising.

Continue reading below to learn more about how PPC Google Ads works and how to optimize it.

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Distinguish two concepts: PPC and CPC

Although PPC and CPC are two completely different concepts. But reality shows that many people who use advertising platforms do not distinguish these two concepts. Or sometimes confuse the two concepts above. I will distinguish and analyze clearly for you to understand the difference between these two concepts.

A basic comparison of 2 concepts

To explain more thoroughly to you about Google Ads PPC, I will give a different comparison between PPC and CPC so that you can easily understand.

PPC serves as a paid advertising method where advertisers pay when their ads are clicked by users, while CPC serves as a metric to measure the overall cost of each visit. click the ad for the campaign. CPC is just a metric, a small element of PPC.

How to use PPC?

Like Marketing, PPC covers a multitude of different advertising platforms.

The most popular platform is Google Ads. In Google Ads, there are different ad formats: Search Ads, Video Ads, Shopping Ads, Gmail Ads, etc.

Choosing which advertising platform to use PPC depends on the orientation of the business as well as the products that the business does business. Regardless of the ad platform or format, the process for this PPC promotion is pretty much the same.

For example, when choosing PPC Google Ads, when a web user searches on Google, an auction will start determining which ads will appear in the SERP and how much each click will cost per ad is displayed.

Many factors affect the auction process.

  • A big factor is the Quality Score, which is a special metric that combines an ad’s predicted click-through rate (CTR), the ad’s relevance to the search query, and the experience of the website it’s on. fox brings.
  • Followed by the maximum CPC set by the advertiser in their Google Ads account. This is the maximum amount they are willing to pay per click per keyword/ad group.

From here, we continue to learn and differentiate the concept of CPC in the next section.



How is CPC used?

Once you’ve got your Google Ads PPC campaign up and running, you’ll use Cost-per-click to measure and maintain the effectiveness and relevance of the ads in your campaign.

After a period of advertising, you do not want to continue using ineffective ads. The more clicks that come to your ad, the more Cost-per-click will start to decrease. This is ultimately a sign that your ad campaign has been successful.

One factor that plays an important role in determining how much you’ll pay per click is the ad’s rank. In addition to the ad’s rank, the keyword’s competition, the keyword’s search volume, and the click-through rate are also factors that will be considered.

However, each platform will also have its standards that it uses. This means they will have different CPC prices for different keywords

So even though you might pay 10k per click on Google Ads, you can pay double that on TikTok Ads. Also, the more desirable a keyword is, the higher the cost-per-click for that keyword.


To be able to clearly understand and start running Google Ads for your product or service, you should carefully read the content I share about PPC Google Ads and the Google Ads Blog. At the same time, combine the use of Google Ads and optimize advertising over a period of time. If you have questions related to your Google advertising account, contact GDT Agency immediately:

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